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2003_Feb-28: Bill Gates Visits Tokyo Elementary School to See Spread of IT
2003_Feb-28: Samsung Electronics Shares Send Kospi Index Lower
2003_Feb-28: Lucent, HSS Reach Wireless Outsourcing Agreement
2003_Feb-28: Macromedia Introduces Training Solutions for Enterprise
2003_Feb-27: China’s IT Services to Reach US$4.9 Billion in 2003, Says Gartner
2003_Feb-27: ANALYSIS: Unique Management Methods of Sony China Unit Bear Fruit
2003_Feb-27: Altera to Rank as Top in 2005, President Daane Says
2003_Feb-26: China a Candidate Site for Wafer Factory: Intel Senior Vice President
2003_Feb-26: ANALYSIS: Local Governments May Hold Key to Growth in Linux Use
2003_Feb-26: MIT Transfers Technologies Developed for Oxygen Alliance
2003_Feb-25: SuperMap Japan Software Gives China’s Geographical Data
2003_Feb-23: NEC, Other IT Firms Outsource More Software Development in China
2003_Feb-22: Intel in Talks to Invest 20 Billion Yen in Hitachi-NEC DRAM Maker
2003_Feb-21: India Won’t be Beaten by China in Off-Shore Development, Company Rep Claims
2003_Feb-21: NEC to Launch Mobile Phone Content Distribution in Thailand
2003_Feb-21: Building an Enthusiastic, Participatory Corporate Culture: J-Phone President
2003_Feb-20: ANALYSIS: Nintendo Seeks Inroads in Chinese Game Market
2003_Feb-20: Low-Cost Wireless Tag Will Trigger Practical Use: Research Director, Auto-ID Center
2003_Feb-19: Japan’s METI Establishes Workshop to Popularize RFID Tags
2003_Feb-19: Matsushita’s Digital Camera is a Hit After Firm Joins Hands with Leica
2003_Feb-19: Toshiba, NEC Tie Up with Chinese Firms in Latest Technology
2003_Feb-18: MGMT REFORM: Alps Electric Chief Sticks to Domestic Production
2003_Feb-17: LG CNS to Set Up Company in Japan with Intec
2003_Feb-17: Sewon Telecom Raises Export Target to 569 Bln. Won
2003_Feb-14: Game Industry Realignment Fueled by Search for Growth Models
2003_Feb-14: Memec Group Expands Distribution Agreement with IBM
2003_Feb-13: ‘E-Business on Demand’ Maximizes Efficiency Out of Investment: IBM Senior VP
2003_Feb-12: Matsushita Set for Shift to DVD Recorders
2003_Feb-12: SONY: Striving to Become World’s Leading Entertainment Firm
2003_Feb-11: Beijing City Officials Attract Japanese Software Houses
2003_Feb-11: Japanese Ring Tone Melody Firms Hit Copyright Snags Overseas
2003_Feb-10: ‘NTT’s Optical Plan Goes Over Limit of Time, Distance and Information Volume’ Says Pres.
2003_Feb-10: LG.Philips LCD Saw Sales of 3.51 Trillion Won in 2002
2003_Feb-10: PDAs for Business Use Likely to Have Semi-Transmissive LCDs
2003_Feb-7: Asia Pacific PC Shipments Outpace Worldwide Industry in 2002, Says Gartner
2003_Feb-7: Chinese Govt to Distribute 3G Cell Phone Licenses This Year
2003_Feb-6: KT Reaps 2 Trln Won in Net Profits in 2002
2003_Feb-6: Factiva Adds Japanese Interface to News Service, Plans Chinese in 2003
2003_Feb-6: Foreign Investment Funds May Spark Telecom Indusry Consolidation
2003_Feb-6: Emphasis on Coordination, Competition among A/P Regions: Governor of Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture
2003_Feb-5: Korean Gov’t. to Expand Investments in Biotech, Nanotechnology
2003_Feb-5: Japan Firms Losing LCD Market War to Korean, Taiwanese Rivals
2003_Feb-4: Shinko Research, Tsinghua University to Provide Eco Consulting
2003_Feb-2: Sega, Capcom, Taito to Offer Titles for Nokia Phone-Game Equip


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