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2003_Jul-31: Matsushita, Picsel Tie Up to Deliver Picsel-Powered SD Memory Cards
2003_Jul-31: M-Systems, Toshiba Strengthen Relations in Flash EEPROM Devices
2003_Jul-31: UL to Help Manufacturers Meet China's New Cert Requirements
2003_Jul-31: SHARE SURVEY: Logic ICs
2003_Jul-31: Sharp Focuses on Developing New Uses for LCD Products; Cracking In-Car Market is Key to Success: Sharp GM
2003_Jul-30: DVD Player/Recorder Sales in June Rise 37.6% Over Previous Year, VCRs Fall: Survey
2003_Jul-30: HI to Provide 3D Software Solution to Motorola PCS Worldwide
2003_Jul-30: Advantest Debuts Two Network Analyzers for Mobile Communications, Wireless LANs
2003_Jul-30: GPS Cell Phones Show Combine Drivers Where to Harvest Wheat
2003_Jul-30: Toshiba Buys Patents from Honeywell to Reduce Flicker in LCDs
2003_Jul-29: Sony's Business Result in Q1 2003 Reflects Shift in Demand for TV Sets from CRTs to FPDs
2003_Jul-29: Samsung Electronics, LG.Philips Compete over Japan's LCD Market
2003_Jul-29: Chartered Semiconductor Discusses 90nm Strategy for Cooperating with IBM
2003_Jul-29: Corning Earmarks US$180 Million for Taiwan LCD Glass Capacity Expansion
2003_Jul-29: AFLAC to Conduct Interviews via FOMA Wireless Phones
2003_Jul-29: Samsung's Brand Value is the World's 25th Highest
2003_Jul-28: Samsung SDI to Supply TFT-LCDs to Samsung Electronics
2003_Jul-28: Hynix Faces 44% Duties on US Dumping Charges
2003_Jul-28: Korean Stocks Rise on Foreign Purchases
2003_Jul-28: Key Digital Camera, PC Parts in Short Supply
2003_Jul-28: Quest for Fine Digital Images to Support Japan's Economic Recovery
2003_Jul-27: Quakes in Miyagi Trouble Local Chip Plants
2003_Jul-25: Turbolinux Tops in Linux OS Market in China
2003_Jul-25: SK Telecom Shares Tumble after POSCO Stake Purchase
2003_Jul-25: Maxon Telecom Wins Order to Supply Camera Phones to Russian Company
2003_Jul-25: UMC, Barcelona Design Join to Develop Analog Synthesis Solutions
2003_Jul-25: Korea's Share Prices Close Lower on 'SK Telecom Shock'
2003_Jul-25: SHARE SURVEY: Mobile/Car Phone Services
2003_Jul-24: Intel's Earnings Announcement Shows Signs of Upturn in Asian Electronics Industry
2003_Jul-24: Japan Mobile Phone Companies Band Together to Fight Spam
2003_Jul-23: Samsung Electronics Develops Fastest CPU for Wireless Handsets
2003_Jul-23: Cybird Uses Cell Phones for Online Marketing in Korea
2003_Jul-22: IR, Sanyo Form Joint Venture to Develop Motor Drive Power Modules
2003_Jul-22: INTERVIEW: DoubleClick Japan Eyes 1st Net Profit in FY03
2003_Jul-19: Sanyo Eyes 30% Market Share for Energy-Saving Semiconductors
2003_Jul-18: NTT-ME, Agere Systems Sign Agreement for Wireless IP Telephone Development; Services to be Launched in First Half of 2004
2003_Jul-18: SHARE SURVEY: Electronics
2003_Jul-18: Samsung Electronics Posts Net Profits of 1.16 Trln. Won for Second Quarter
2003_Jul-17: Toshiba to Bolster Discrete Semiconductor Business in Asia
2003_Jul-17: Korean, Taiwanese Firms Expand IT Market Share: Survey
2003_Jul-17: Korea's Shares Down on Profit-Taking
2003_Jul-16: NEC to Supply Internet-Ready Cell Phones to AT&T; Wireless
2003_Jul-15: Korean Gov't to Lower Taxes on Cars, Electronics Products
2003_Jul-14: Matsushita Uses FeRAM as Core Technology for Digital Home Electronics LSIs
2003_Jul-14: Japanese Camera Phones Enter Korean Market
2003_Jul-14: Fujitsu, Motorola Develop Fingerprint Recognition Technology for PDAs
2003_Jul-14: Automobiles Expected to Bring Technology Breakthroughs, Market Expansion
2003_Jul-13: NEC to Supply Hutchison with Base Stations for 3G Phones
2003_Jul-12: Photo Developers Boost Services for Cell Phone Pics
2003_Jul-11: MPEG LA Aims to Establish Terms of H.264 Licensing Within 2003
2003_Jul-11: Sanyo to Centralize Appliance Parts Procurement in China
2003_Jul-11: Korea's Stocks Decline for Seven Straight Days
2003_Jul-10: Sony, Others Set Standard for High-Definition Camcorders
2003_Jul-10: Multimedia Research Institute to Emerge as Fourth Provider of 3G Mobile Phone Services
2003_Jul-9: Korea's Exports of Mobile Phones Rebound in June
2003_Jul-9: ONLINE GAME: Market Swelling with Spread of Broadband
2003_Jul-9: Korean Stocks Climb to Near Seven-Month High
2003_Jul-8: Sharp, TI Team Up to Offer GSM/GPRS Camera Phone Reference Design
2003_Jul-8: Korea's FSC Orders Dongbu Group to Sell Stake in Anam Semiconductor
2003_Jul-8: Sony to Sue China's BYD over Battery Patents
2003_Jul-8: KOTRA Forecasts Export Growth at 9-11%
2003_Jul-7: Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Others to Unify Environment Efficiency Index
2003_Jul-5: Broadband Market to Top 10 Trillion Yen in '07: Govt White Paper
2003_Jul-4: Sony, Matsushita Electric, Others Set Up Linux Forum for Digital Home Electronics
2003_Jul-4: STATS Opens Manufacturing Facility in Shanghai
2003_Jul-4: Sharp, SAP Team Up to Offer Portable Corporate Data Systems
2003_Jul-4: Korea's Trade Surplus for First Half at US$3.38 Billion
2003_Jul-4: Korea's Stocks Recover Toward 680P Level
2003_Jul-3: International Investment in China Boosts Storage Growth in 2002, Says Gartner
2003_Jul-3: Korea's Share Prices Decline Slightly
2003_Jul-3: Oki Data to Shift Printer Output to China from Thailand
2003_Jul-3: Cisco Systems to Target FTTH Market: Cisco Senior Manager
2003_Jul-2: Renesas Technology Launches Full Asian Sales
2003_Jul-2: Intel Stresses Presence in Enterprise Computing Market in Tokyo
2003_Jul-1: Fujitsu, Nokia to Provide Cellular Corporate Info Service


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