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2004_Jan-30: Infineon to Acquire Taiwanese Fabless IC Design Firm ADMtek
2004_Jan-29: UFJ Bank Constructs Extensive In-House IP Phone Network, Executive Says
2004_Jan-28: Stanley Electric to Boost Output of Light Sources for LCD TVs
2004_Jan-27: Japanese Music CDs to Be Protected in China: JASRAC, MCSC
2004_Jan-27: Japan’s DVD Players Outstrip VCRs for First Time in ’03
2004_Jan-27: WTO to Probe Duties on Hynix
2004_Jan-26: Tokyo to Construct Japan’s Largest Solar Power Generation Facility
2004_Jan-26: N American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts Dec 2003 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.20
2004_Jan-25: Dentsu Hopes to Become Leader in Crowded Chinese Ad Market
2004_Jan-23: NEC to Enter Smart Tag Business with High-Performance Chip
2004_Jan-22: Company with Its ‘Original Products’ Can Win Global Competition: Canon President Fujio Mitarai
2004_Jan-21: Kyocera to Launch Organic EL Panel Business
2004_Jan-21: Asia-Pacific Telecom Sector to See Growth in 2004, Says Gartner
2004_Jan-21: Korean LCD TV Firms Top Japanese Rivals in Q4: Estimate
2004_Jan-20: Digitalway Wins US$35 Million Order from BestBuy
2004_Jan-19: Samsung Electronics Saw Record High Quarterly Sales During Q4 2003
2004_Jan-19: Hitachi Offers Component Supplier Info in South/Central China to Japanese Manufacturers
2004_Jan-19: NTT Smart Card to Support 2 Intl Standards
2004_Jan-19: Samsung Electronics to Shut UK Facilities

2004_Jan-17: Elec Makers to Sell Higher-End White Goods in Asia
2004_Jan-16: Plasma TV Makers Enlarge Screens to Differentiate Units from LCD TVs
2004_Jan-16: Samsung’s Home Network Technology Likely to be Designated as ‘Standard’ in US
2004_Jan-15: CeBIT Asia 2004 in Shanghai to Be Held in April
2004_Jan-15: Samsung Electronics Develops System on Chip for Digital TVs
2004_Jan-15: Samsung Electronics Announces Large Investment in LCD Lines
2004_Jan-15: Nintendo Beats SCE in Worldwide Game Console Sales Growth
2004_Jan-15: Too Many Standards Must be Avoided for Next-Generation Wireless Tech, WWRF Chief Says
2004_Jan-14: KDDI Surpasses NTT DoCoMo in 2003 Cell Phone Service Subscriptions
2004_Jan-13: PC-ELECTRONICS CONVERGENCE: Sony Wary of Microsoft Monopoly
2004_Jan-13: The Internet in 2004: Challenges and Solutions in Key Areas of Concern
2004_Jan-12: ANALYSIS: Sharp Facing Tough Race in Large-LCD Market
2004_Jan-9: HP, Dell Indicate Readiness to Join Blu-Ray Optical Disc Group
2004_Jan-8: NTT Group to Focus on Broadband in 2004, President Addresses Resolution for New Year
2004_Jan-8: Cell Phone Makers Revisit Foreign Markets on High-End Demand
2004_Jan-8: ‘We Succeeded in Scaling Inorganic EL Panel from 17-In. to 34-In.,’ iFire Claims
2004_Jan-7: China Central TV, Dayan, MEI to Jointly Develop TV Broadcast Production System
2004_Jan-7: Dowa Mining to Collect Gold from PCs, Cell Phones in China
2004_Jan-6: Look and Feel: NEC’s Card-Sized Mobile Phone
2004_Jan-6: Canon, Sharp Rated Most Competitive in R&D;, Sony Falls to Fourth: Survey
2004_Jan-6: Samsung Electronics to Raise Prices on Graphic DDRs for Laptops in 2004
2004_Jan-6: Sony, Canon, NEC to Draft Green Procurement Rules
2004_Jan-6: Samsung, Ssangyong Allowed to Expand Facilities Near Seoul
2004_Jan-6: Matsushita in China Recovers from a Slump to Fight Back
2004_Jan-5: Shipments of Prerecorded DVDs Likely to Reach 250 Billion Yen in ’03
2004_Jan-4: Broadband Overtakes Dial-Up Internet Access in Japan: Survey
2004_Jan-2: Cell Phone Software by Japanese Start-Ups Goes Global


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