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2004_Feb-27: Intel Urges Release of Copy-Once Rule from Digital Homes at Tokyo Seminar
2004_Feb-27: ANALYSIS: Microsoft Miscalculates as FTC Raids Software Giant
2004_Feb-26: PC Shipments to Firms Up 12.3% to Record 7.51 Million Units in '03
2004_Feb-24: Microsoft, Toppan Forms to Promote Smart Tag Systems
2004_Feb-23: Hynix Semiconductor Enjoys Surplus for Second Straight Quarter
2004_Feb-23: Prediction of Communications Crisis Prompts Japan's Telecom Ministry to Take Action
2004_Feb-22: DoCoMo to Offer Unlimited Flat-Rate Data Communications
2004_Feb-20: Korea's PC Market Faltered by 13% in 2003, Says Gartner
2004_Feb-20: DoCoMo to Sell Nokia Handsets for 3G Service
2004_Feb-19: Dai Nippon Printing to Mass-Produce E-Money Wallet from May
2004_Feb-18: Panasonic Mobile to Introduce FOMA/GSM Dual Handset in Fall 2004
2004_Feb-18: LG Electronics Releases New Digital PDP TV
2004_Feb-18: Fujifilm to Quadruple Capacity for Digital Camera Image Sensors
2004_Feb-17: Hong Kong, Shenzhen Collaborate in IC Design
2004_Feb-17: Hitachi to File 900 Patent Applications in China in FY05
2004_Feb-16: Sony, Toshiba Join Forces to Develop 45nm Process Next-Generation System LSI
2004_Feb-16: Mobile Computing Drives China PC Sales, Says Gartner
2004_Feb-16: Sony Aims to Boost Digital Camera Sales 50% in FY04
2004_Feb-16: LG Electronics Enjoys Sales Topping 1 Trillion Won in India in 2003
2004_Feb-15: Memory Stick, SD Memory Card Step Up Fight for Dominance
2004_Feb-13: About 40% of Mobile Phone Users in Japan Want TV Function: Survey
2004_Feb-13: ANALYSIS: Yahoo! BB Boosts Target to 6mn ADSL Users
2004_Feb-13: Dacom Mulls Entry into Local Call Service
2004_Feb-12: STATS, ChipPAC Announce Merger Agreement
2004_Feb-12: Matsushita Elec Works to Expand Lighting Component Business in China
2004_Feb-12: Hard Disk Business Likely to Remain Solid for Next Decade: CEO of Hitachi Global Storage
2004_Feb-11: Cell Phones, Financial Services to Help Boost Online Shopping
2004_Feb-10: Display Maker EIZO Nanao to Branch into TV Sets
2004_Feb-10: ANALYSIS: Nintendo Shying Away from Hardware Showdown with Sony
2004_Feb-9: Four Out of 10 Japanese IT Companies Employ Foreign Engineers, 70% of Them Chinese: Survey
2004_Feb-9: Microsoft Ad Campaign to Promote Windows Advantages over Linux
2004_Feb-9: Pantech Aims to Record 500 Billion Won in Net Income
2004_Feb-9: Catch Up, Overtake Japanese Makers -- The Odds of Dell's Victory in the TV Market
2004_Feb-8: Video Game Makers to Step Up Software Development in China
2004_Feb-7: DoCoMo Sinks to 3rd in Jan Cell Phone User Increase Rankings
2004_Feb-6: Samsung Electronics Develops World's First DMB Chip for Handsets
2004_Feb-6: Korea's PDP Makers to Beat Japanese Companies as Largest Suppliers of PDPs in 2005
2004_Feb-5: Sony Decides to Invest 120 Billion Yen in 650nm Process for SoCs
2004_Feb-5: NEC Electronics to Sell IC Packaging and Testing Operation to Taiwan's ASE
2004_Feb-5: NTT-BP Expects Higher Growth in Public Wireless LAN, President Says
2004_Feb-4: COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Japan Firms Increasingly Outsource Work to China
2004_Feb-3: Mobile Broadcasting, SK Telecom to Start Service in Japan, Korea
2004_Feb-2: Korea's IT Sector to See Double-Digit Growth in 2004, Says KDB
2004_Feb-2: NTT DoCoMo's 3G FOMA Subscribers Top 2 Million
2004_Feb-2: Sumitomo Electric to Sell Broadband Gear in China
2004_Feb-1: ANALYSIS: Patent Rights Cases Expose Dated Legal Framework


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