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2001_Mar-30: Quanta Opens Production Base in Shanghai
2001_Mar-30: Shenzhen Encourages Investment in IC Sector
2001_Mar-30: Shenzhen to Launch 43 High-Tech Industrial Projects
2001_Mar-29: Guangzhou Hosts Online Copyright Protection Forum
2001_Mar-29: Internet Not to Blame for Overheated E-Commerce, Chinese Experts Say
2001_Mar-29: Motorola to Boost Investment in Leshan-Phoenix Semiconductor
2001_Mar-28: Matsushita Expands Investment in Tianjin
2001_Mar-28: China Develops First Core Router for Telecom Use
2001_Mar-27: Tianjin Development Zone Becomes Major IT Center in China
2001_Mar-27: Dalian Reports US$110 Million in Software Output
2001_Mar-27: International Software Engineering Symposium Opens in Wuhan
2001_Mar-26: China Telecom, Alcatel Sign Preliminary Broadband Contracts
2001_Mar-26: China’s E-Commerce Firms Battle for Survival
2001_Mar-23: China Mobile Delays One-Way Charging System
2001_Mar-23: Chinese Expert Urges Better Use of Cable Network
2001_Mar-23: Shanghai Telecom to Expand Broadband Networks
2001_Mar-22: Cable TV Users in China Surpass 90 Million
2001_Mar-22: Siemens Eyes SMT Market in China
2001_Mar-22: Shanghai Hosts International Computer-Net 2001 Exhibition
2001_Mar-22: China Aims to Address Issue of Foreign Software Dominance
2001_Mar-22: Gemplus to Build IC Card Production Center in Tianjin
2001_Mar-22: Beijing Police to Use Portable Electronic Devices
2001_Mar-21: China Telecom Rents Long-Distance Circuits to China Unicom
2001_Mar-21: ICBC to Provide US$15.7 Billion in Loans for Key Projects
2001_Mar-21: Taiwan, Shanghai Seminar Proposes Web Site on Enterprise Cooperation
2001_Mar-20: Silicon Storage Technology to Invest Heavily in China
2001_Mar-19: New Technology City Established in East China
2001_Mar-19: Matsunichi, Dalian Group Join to Produce Digital Video Phones
2001_Mar-16: Hutchison, Smartone to Break Monopoly in Macau’s Telecom Market
2001_Mar-16: China’s WTO Membership Offers Opportunities for HK, Macau, Minister Says
2001_Mar-15: Chinese Researchers Develop New Solar Cell for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-15: Compaq Doubles Investment to Turn Around Sluggish China PC Sales
2001_Mar-14: China’s Foreign Trade Hits US$70B in First Two Months of 2001
2001_Mar-14: China’s 8-In. Monocrystalline Microchip Line Starts Operation
2001_Mar-13: China’s National People’s Congress Calls for Laws on Internet Safety
2001_Mar-13: Severed U.S.-China Fiber-Optic Cable Partly Restored
2001_Mar-13: CRC Branch Enters Shanghai’s Telecom Market
2001_Mar-12: Online Medical Service Available in Shanghai
2001_Mar-12: U.S. APW Builds System Integration Equipment Center in Shanghai
2001_Mar-9: China, Russia to Build High-Tech Development Zone
2001_Mar-9: China’s High-Tech Securities Board Suffers Delay
2001_Mar-9: CTM to Invest More Than US$37.5M in Macau
2001_Mar-8: China Telecom, Nortel Join Hands in New Network Development
2001_Mar-8: More Private Enterprises Target High-Tech Businesses in Zhejiang
2001_Mar-8: Matsushita to Replace Malfunctioning GD92 Mobile Phone in China
2001_Mar-7: Zhejiang University Sets Up Institute on Software and Network
2001_Mar-7: ‘Digital Project’ Prevails in Beijing
2001_Mar-6: Zhejiang Province Launches Info Network System Project
2001_Mar-6: Minister Calls for High-Tech Intellectual Property Rights Protection
2001_Mar-5: Beijing, Taiwan Seek Cooperation Opportunities in Seminar
2001_Mar-5: Asset Management Firm to Sell Assets Via U.S. Chinawe’s E-Commerce Platform
2001_Mar-5: Motorola Tops China’s Mobile Phone Market
2001_Mar-2: Siemens to Boost Investment in Western China
2001_Mar-2: China Unicom to Earmark US$193M for Tianjin Network Expansion
2001_Mar-2: Internet Users Top 110,000 in Zhuhai
2001_Mar-1: Chinese Internet Fever Cools Down
2001_Mar-1: Town in Jiangsu Province Emerges as China’s Cable Production Base


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