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2002_Jul-31: Guangzhou Corporate Registration Made Easier Through Intranet
2002_Jul-31: Shanghai Economy Posts Double-Digit Growth
2002_Jul-31: China Investment Trade Fair to Open in Xiamen
2002_Jul-30: Small Businesses New Driving Force for China's Economy, Economist Says
2002_Jul-30: LG China Headquarters Launches Construction in Beijing
2002_Jul-29: Dongguan Hosts IT Manufacturing Exposition
2002_Jul-29: Taiwan Businesses Expand Investment in China
2002_Jul-26: German Software Company SAP Enters Chinese Market
2002_Jul-26: Imports of Cell Phone Parts Soar in Northeast China
2002_Jul-26: GE Industry Systems Establishes New Headquarters in Shanghai
2002_Jul-25: China's PC Industry Expects Slow Growth, CCID Consulting Says
2002_Jul-25: Japan Becomes Top Trade Partner of China's Liaoning Province
2002_Jul-24: Shanghai Attracts Eight-Inch Chip Packaging R&D; Center
2002_Jul-24: China's TCL Recruits Talent for International Expansion
2002_Jul-24: China's High-Tech Industry Lures More Investment from Taiwan
2002_Jul-23: Motorola Energy Department Establishes Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Shanghai
2002_Jul-23: Shanghai Becomes Regional Headquarters to 70 Multinational Companies
2002_Jul-23: Nokia Further Localizes to Increase Market Share in China
2002_Jul-22: China's Exports Realize Unexpected Growth
2002_Jul-22: China Portal Sohu.com Reports First Profit
2002_Jul-19: China's Mobile Phone Users Surpass 176 Million, Ministry Says
2002_Jul-19: Foreign Direct Investment in China Expected to Reach US$50 Billion in 2002

2002_Jul-18: Shenzhen Reports Double-Digit Rise in Exports
2002_Jul-18: China Mobile Records 8.53 Billion Short Messages in June
2002_Jul-17: Real Estate Development Shows Biggest Growth in Beijing
2002_Jul-17: Chinese Official Expects Faster Economic Growth in 2002
2002_Jul-16: UK Expects Closer Technology Cooperation with China
2002_Jul-16: China Becomes Second-Largest Destination for Korean Investment
2002_Jul-15: Agilent Opens Maintenance Center in Shanghai
2002_Jul-15: China Telecom Market to See Double-Digit Growth, Morgan Stanley Analyst Says
2002_Jul-12: China Unicom Uses Cisco Routers in Video-Conferencing Network
2002_Jul-12: TCL, Ericsson Collaborate to Develop New Mobile Phones
2002_Jul-11: Chinese Entrepreneurs Show Confidence in Economy
2002_Jul-11: Beijing Company Develops 'Real Name' Chinese Searching Technology
2002_Jul-10: Legend Develops Voice System to Check E-Mail by Phone
2002_Jul-10: China to Import Wireless Internet Access Technology from Hughes Network Systems
2002_Jul-9: Dell Sets Up R&D; Center in Shanghai
2002_Jul-9: Chinese Home Appliance Makers Eye Russian Market
2002_Jul-9: China, Japan Benefit from Economic and Trade Cooperation, Expert Says
2002_Jul-9: Siemens, Huatong Launch High Voltage Switch Joint Venturev
2002_Jul-8: Chinese ISPs Sign 'Self-Discipline Pact'
2002_Jul-8: LED Display Debuts in Beijing's International Airport
2002_Jul-5: Shanghai World Expo Brings Local, Overseas Business Opportunities
2002_Jul-4: Germany Becomes China's Largest European Trade Partner
2002_Jul-4: Taiwan's Investments in South China Show Profits
2002_Jul-3: Motorola Eyes Automobile Electronics Market in China
2002_Jul-2: China to Host International Digital Info-Service, Technology Show
2002_Jul-1: Shanghai Bids for 2010 World Expo
2002_Jul-1: Legend Group Enters Mobile Phone Market
2002_Jul-1: Microsoft, Chinese Commission Agree on Software Cooperation
2002_Jul-1: More Foreign Firms Become Sole Investors in China
2002_Jul-1: Shanghai Pudong's Per-Capita GDP to Surpass US$7,000 in 2002


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