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2000_Apr-28: Exodus Communications Opens Tokyo Data Center
2000_Apr-28: Japan’s First Lawsuit on Software Piracy Settled in Microsoft’s Favor
2000_Apr-28: Taiwan’s Prime View to Invest US$1.7B in TFT-LCD Panels by 2004
2000_Apr-28: Yokowo Develops Antenna for IMT-2000, GSM, GPS, Bluetooth
2000_Apr-28: Murata to Deliver Bluetooth Module for Mobile Phones
2000_Apr-28: Hitachi Files First Major Environmental Account Report
2000_Apr-27: Taiwan ADT Ships More Than 100,000 Units of 13.3-in. TFT-LCDs Monthly
2000_Apr-27: Survey Reveals 16.55 Mln. Japanese Use Internet
2000_Apr-27: Nippon Foundry Plans New 300mm Wafer Lines
2000_Apr-27: DDI Pocket to Provide PHS Net Access Service Without ISP
2000_Apr-27: Astel Hokuriku to Offer Flat-Rate Wireless Net Access via PHS
2000_Apr-26: Taiwanese IC Industry Receives More Consignment IC Packaging Orders
2000_Apr-26: Oracle Japan, NEC, Other Firms to Set Up Linux Company
2000_Apr-26: Support for Parts-Manufacturing Industry Achieves Big Success, Taiwan’s MOEA Says
2000_Apr-26: Mitsubishi Electric to License Encryption Tech for W-CDMA
2000_Apr-26: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices for 128Mb DRAMs Decline for PCs, Rise for Non-PC Use
2000_Apr-26: Site Launched to Help U.S. and Japanese Venture Businesses
2000_Apr-25: Pasona, To-Shin Ichib@ to Open 401(k) Information Site
2000_Apr-25: Sony Music Adds Role-Playing Game to I-Mode Content
2000_Apr-25: Intel Aims to Enhance Pentium III’s Speed, VP Says
2000_Apr-25: Oki, NTT Data, Others to Start B-to-C Internet Payment Settlement Services
2000_Apr-25: CacheFlow Opens Japanese Unit, Adds Sales Agencies
2000_Apr-25: Hitachi to Leverage Internet-Related Business
2000_Apr-24: Small External Memory Connectable to USB Port Debuts
2000_Apr-24: IBM Japan Opens Download Site for Alpha-Version Software
2000_Apr-24: J-Phone Applies to MPT for IMT-2000 License
2000_Apr-24: NTT to Halve Price of Flat-Rate ISDN Service
2000_Apr-24: Tokyo Metallic to Raise US$48M for Infrastructure for 500,000 Circuits
2000_Apr-24: Matsushita, Oracle Japan to Develop Digital Interactive Broadcasting
2000_Apr-24: Internet Banking Services Growing More Popular, Survey Says
2000_Apr-24: Software.com to Introduce Mail Server Software for Cellular Phones
2000_Apr-24: NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode Encounters Frequent Glitches
2000_Apr-21: Japan’s Spring PC Sales Pass Peak, Decline 16 Pct.
2000_Apr-21: New ‘Mobile Internet’ Market Being Created in Japan
2000_Apr-20: Microsoft, Adobe, Apple Sue Tokyo Law School Over Bootleg Software
2000_Apr-20: Sony Unveils Half-Length Memory Stick for Mobile Phones
2000_Apr-20: Japanese VC Seeks to Forge Next Intel, Cisco Systems
2000_Apr-20: Electronic Authentication Specifications to be Unified in Japan
2000_Apr-20: [World DRAM Price]Spot Prices for 128MB DIMMs Rise
2000_Apr-19: NTT DoCoMo’s Web Sites Supporting i-mode Passes 9,000
2000_Apr-19: Subscribers of DDI-Cellular, IDO cdmaOne Mobile Phone Reach 5 Million
2000_Apr-19: Mitsubishi Electric Adopts Windows CE for Car Navigation System
2000_Apr-19: Seven-Eleven Plans for ‘Strongest Alliance’ for Consumers with IC Card
2000_Apr-19: Korean TFT-LCD Panel Shipments Rise in Q4, 1999: DisplaySearch Research
2000_Apr-19: Toshiba, Samsung to Make Color STN LCD Driver Chips for Cell Phones
2000_Apr-19: Network Security Vendors Form Industry Association
2000_Apr-18: Digital Signature Bill Reaches Diet
2000_Apr-18: IIJ, Samsung Tie Up to Operate Data Center for Mobile Internet in Korea
2000_Apr-18: Linux Programs to Run on Sharp’s Zaurus PDA
2000_Apr-18: KDD, Qualcomm to Start Ad Distribution Service on Eudora in June
2000_Apr-18: Personal Media Launches BTRON-Based Notebook PC
2000_Apr-18: McKinsey to Set Up Consulting Unit for E-Commerce in Japan
2000_Apr-17: Main Stakeholders Discuss Titus, Jupiter Merger
2000_Apr-17: NTT Claims Successful Broadband Test of Super-High Definition Movie Transmission
2000_Apr-17: NEC Mobile Energy Debuts Manganese Laminated Li-Ion Secondary Battery
2000_Apr-17: Acer Group Launches Information Appliances Exhibition
2000_Apr-17: IBM Japan to Add ‘NetVista’ PC Line for Enterprises
2000_Apr-17: PC Sales in Fourth Week of March Reach Record High
2000_Apr-17: Digital Camera Makers Pursue Picture Quality Rather than Pixels
2000_Apr-14: Excite’s FY2000 Business Plan Includes US$19 Million PR Investment
2000_Apr-14: WebTV to Form Ties with Financial Businesses by June
2000_Apr-14: Sony to Offer ‘Bit-Drive’ Broadband Service for Business Users
2000_Apr-14: Oki Electric, Cisco Systems KK Cooperate in VoIP for Enterprises
2000_Apr-14: Microsoft Buys 60 Pct. Share of Titus, Plans Broadband Business in Japan
2000_Apr-13: NTT to Offer Fiber-Optics Net Access in Fall
2000_Apr-13: Nokia Debuts First i-mode Cellular Phone
2000_Apr-13: ADSL Business Becoming More Popular in Japan
2000_Apr-13: MPT, 170 Banks March to NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode for Mobile Banking
2000_Apr-13: MPT Penalizes Oki, Fujitsu for Leap-Day ATM Glitches
2000_Apr-13: ‘I-mode Can Be Global Business Model,’ Says U.S. Organic CEO
2000_Apr-12: Fujitsu Announces Sample Java Chip, Evaluation Kit for PDAs
2000_Apr-12: Nissho Iwai, Computer Associates Join for E-Commerce Support
2000_Apr-12: NEC to Market 20.1-in. SXGA TFT-LCD Panel with Digital Interface
2000_Apr-12: KDD Boosts Capacity for Internet Backbone Network to Asia to 224Mbps
2000_Apr-12: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices of 128Mb DRAMs Fall, Those of 64Mb DRAMs Rise
2000_Apr-12: Shortage of Components May Delay Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance
2000_Apr-12: NTT DoCoMo Debuts PC Card Supporting Cellular/PHS Systems, Packet Communications
2000_Apr-11: NTT Communications Starts High-Speed, Stable Content Delivery Service
2000_Apr-11: Mobile Phones Overtake Fixed Lines in Japan Telecom Market
2000_Apr-11: Flash Memory Output to Reach US$9B in 2000: Nikkei Market Access Survey
2000_Apr-11: Handspring to Enter Japan’s PDA Market Through Direct Sales
2000_Apr-11: Hitachi Launches Free PC Business to Distribute 100,000 Units by June
2000_Apr-11: Fujitsu to Develop System for Sony’s Net Bank
2000_Apr-11: Samsung Electronics Improves Production Capacity of Large LCD Panels
2000_Apr-10: 10art-ni Becomes Sales Agent for Korean Linux Groupware
2000_Apr-10: DDI-IDO’s cdmaOne Roaming Service to Start in Korea, Hong Kong in April
2000_Apr-10: PC Sales Dip for First Time in Four Weeks as Spring Sales Slow Down
2000_Apr-10: PlayStation2 Popularity Boosts Matrix DVD Game Software Sales
2000_Apr-10: NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode a Useful Tool for Capturing Customers
2000_Apr-10: Japan to Surpass U.S. in Net Diffusion Rate in 2001, InfoCom Says
2000_Apr-10: Nikkei BP Technology Award for 2000 Goes to LSI Development for PlayStation2
2000_Apr-7: AMD Commands 24 Percent Market Share in Japan, CEO Says
2000_Apr-7: RealNames Japan Readies Japanese-Language Internet Keyword Service
2000_Apr-7: Web Links Can Be Considered Illegal, Osaka Court Judgment Says
2000_Apr-7: LCDs for Mobile Phones Expected to Surpass Those for Notebook PCs in Q4
2000_Apr-6: Oki Electric to Transfer Chipmaking Technology to Taiwan Start-Up
2000_Apr-6: Mitsui Mutual to Outsource US$1.4 Billion Enterprise Info System to IBM Japan
2000_Apr-6: JEIDA Targets 60 Percent Recycling Rate for PC Industry
2000_Apr-6: Amazon.com to Launch Japanese Operation This Summer; Country Manager Already Hired
2000_Apr-6: ValueClick Japan Ends Pay-Per-Click E-mail Ads: Pres. Hendriksen Says
2000_Apr-6: Toshiba Group to Recycle Lithium-Ion Secondary Batteries
2000_Apr-6: Japan’s ASP Market to Reach US$2.9 Billion in 2004: Dataquest
2000_Apr-6: Toshiba Develops Decomposing Technique for Underwater Dioxin
2000_Apr-5: CNN Opens Japanese-Language News Web Site
2000_Apr-5: JC ITASHO to Start Online Sales of ‘Anime’ Character Goods in U.S.
2000_Apr-5: U.S. Telecom Firm Primus Invests in Japanese ISP
2000_Apr-5: Yahoo! Japan Ranks Top Among Home, Office Users: Nikkei BP Survey
2000_Apr-5: [World DRAM Price] DRAM Prices Likely to Hold After April
2000_Apr-5: Oracle Japan to Open Support Center for Quick Bug Fixes
2000_Apr-5: Trans Cosmos to Start Design-Related Outsourcing Business in Korea
2000_Apr-5: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Next-Generation Mobile System in May 2001
2000_Apr-5: NEC Develops Proton Polymer Battery
2000_Apr-4: EBay Japan Provides Auction Info for Cell Phones
2000_Apr-4: Compaq, Japan Telecom to Join IP-VPN Service
2000_Apr-4: NTT DoCoMo Invests in Japan Net Bank, PS.com
2000_Apr-4: Hitachi, Omron Make Trial Java Microprocessor With Real-Time OS
2000_Apr-4: Japan’s Car, Parts Makers to Start Automotive Network Exchange in October
2000_Apr-3: Intel, Others Invest in Japanese Linux Venture
2000_Apr-3: Yuasa Develops High-Energy, NiMH Secondary Battery for Mobile Devices
2000_Apr-3: Internal Structure of the PlayStation2 Unveiled
2000_Apr-3: Societe Generale, NEC Ally in Internet Securities Arena
2000_Apr-3: PC Sales in 2nd Week of March See 80 Pct. Y-O-Y Rise


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