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2001_Jun-29: Olympus to Debut Digital Camera with 4.13 Million Pixels
2001_Jun-29: Mobile Phones Using Color Organic EL See Slow Start
2001_Jun-29: NTT Com, Pony Canyon to Launch Trial Streaming Distribution in July
2001_Jun-29: Wireless Ad Industry Group Drafts Standard for Mobile Devices
2001_Jun-29: NEC Announces Content Conversion Software for Mobile Phones
2001_Jun-29: Japanese Record Group Urges Napster to Suspend Swapping of Music Titles
2001_Jun-28: Casio to Launch High-End 4.13 Megapixel Digital Camera
2001_Jun-28: Infoseek Japan Begins I-Mode-Compatible Search Service for Temp Jobs
2001_Jun-28: Garnet Connections Abandons xDSL Business; Liquidation Starts
2001_Jun-28: Japan’s Internet Penetration Level is 7th in Asia: White Paper
2001_Jun-28: Access Co.’s Compact NetFront Browser Tech for L-Mode Generates Big Royalties
2001_Jun-28: Internet Advertising Expands: Co-Founder of DoubleClick
2001_Jun-28: Casio Develops Color PDA to Sell at Less Than US$300 This Fall
2001_Jun-27: Internet Spreads to 33.5 Pct. of Workplaces; Over 30 Pct. of Use is Private
2001_Jun-27: Samsung Outperforms Japan in Large LCD Display Business
2001_Jun-27: Fuji Film Axia to Market Lower Priced Digital Camera with 0.35M Pixels
2001_Jun-27: NOR Flash Memory Production Faces Negative Growth in Q2
2001_Jun-27: Matsushita Opts for Lead-Free LSIs, Electronic Components by March 2002
2001_Jun-27: [World DRAM Price] Rate of Decline Accelerates for Volume Users and Spot Prices
2001_Jun-27: May E-Commerce Transactions Decline in Volume, Value, Nikkei Market Access Says
2001_Jun-27: Seiko Epson, Transmeta to Cooperate in Crusoe Development
2001_Jun-27: JEITA Sets Unified Methods to Measure Operating Time of Notebook PC Batteries
2001_Jun-27: Japan’s Net Users Number 32.6 Million, Up 68 Percent: Survey
2001_Jun-26: Argogroup’s Server Software to Auto-Reformat I-Mode Content to Ezweb, J-Sky
2001_Jun-26: Nippon Ericsson, Handspring, Marubeni to Test Content Delivery Via Bluetooth
2001_Jun-26: Number of Accesses to Prime Minister’s Residence Site Shows Rapid Increase
2001_Jun-26: Fast Food Chain to Start In-Store Wireless LAN Networking Service Experiment
2001_Jun-26: Sony to Sell Sega’s PS2 Titles in Europe
2001_Jun-26: KDDI to Start ‘Ezplus’ Java-Compliant Mobile Internet Service
2001_Jun-25: Use of Remote Access, Mobile Computing in Japanese Companies Rises Sharply: Survey
2001_Jun-25: Toshiba Provides Built-In CD-R/RW Drive for Very Thin Notebook PCs
2001_Jun-25: Mobile Java, BREW Start to Become Popular
2001_Jun-25: Index Corp., Open Loop Develop Content Protection Tech for FOMA Phones
2001_Jun-25: New Summer PC Models Buoy Double-Digit Growth in Sales
2001_Jun-25: Linux in Possible Crisis; IBM, NEC, Two Others to Form Promotion Group
2001_Jun-25: XML Consortium Begins with 101 Companies in Japan
2001_Jun-25: Access to Set Up Publishing House
2001_Jun-25: Web Screen Display Judged to Infringe Copyright in First Case in Japan
2001_Jun-22: Hitachi Maxell to Sell 3 Mil.-Pixel Digital Camera Designed by Zero Halliburton
2001_Jun-22: Samsung Japan Reduces Price of 15-in. TFT-LCD to Around US$400
2001_Jun-22: BREW Outclasses Java in Run-Time Speed and Location Services: Qualcomm EVP
2001_Jun-22: Konami Provides Java Contents to All Three Japanese Cell Phone Carriers
2001_Jun-22: Softbank to Buy Tokyo Metallic, to Rival NTT’s ADSL Service
2001_Jun-21: Nifty, Daiichi Kosho Distribute Karaoke Songs with Moving Pictures
2001_Jun-21: Aplix to Collaborate with RSA Security
2001_Jun-21: Intel Aims for 20GHz Microchip in 2007, Executive Says
2001_Jun-21: KDDI to Open EZweb Cell Phone Service Network
2001_Jun-21: Taiwan’s Electronics Sector Sees Poorer PC Sales in May
2001_Jun-21: Yahoo Japan to Launch Low-Cost ADSL Service
2001_Jun-21: AT&T; Japan President Plans to Dig into Japanese Market by Integrating Multiple Business Operations
2001_Jun-20: [World DRAM Price] Microchip Makers in U.S., Korea Start Production Adjustment to Reflect Drops
2001_Jun-20: NTT East to Offer Web Content Conversion Service for PDAs, L-Mode
2001_Jun-20: Taiwan’s KG Telecom to Launch I-Mode Wireless Services in 2002
2001_Jun-20: Gartner Says 60 Pct. See Personal Use of Internet Necessary in the Office
2001_Jun-20: Market for E-Mail Management Software to Reach US$40M in Fiscal 2001
2001_Jun-20: Yahoo.co.jp Retains Top Position but Loses Ground in April: Web Audience Rating
2001_Jun-20: Sony to Launch Video Delivery Service for Corporate Users Using New Format
2001_Jun-19: Telecom Council Reveals Plan for 4th Generation Mobile Communications System
2001_Jun-19: DRAM Demand in 2001 Likely to Be Lowest in History: Elpida GM
2001_Jun-19: JVC to Introduce 100Mbps Optical Wireless LAN System
2001_Jun-19: NTT DoCoMo to Combat I-Mode-Only Spam E-Mail
2001_Jun-19: NTT DoCoMo, Sony, NTT Data to Start Joint Experiment on Mobile Commerce
2001_Jun-19: Japanese Software Houses Tie Up for Online Games; Target North America, Asia
2001_Jun-18: IEEE1394 Being Adopted in Automobiles
2001_Jun-18: Summer PC Launch Contributes to Sales Increase of More Than 20 Pct.
2001_Jun-18: Taiwan’s PC Peripheral Makers Leverage Production in China, Gain Competitive Edge
2001_Jun-18: ADSL Service Less Expensive in Japan Than in U.S.: InfoCom Research Report
2001_Jun-18: Toyota Ranks Top in Brand Awareness: Nikkei BP Survey
2001_Jun-18: Ministry to Form Reliability Guidelines for IMT-2000 Mobile Networks
2001_Jun-15: Unico Develops Data Compression System for Lower Packet Data Charges
2001_Jun-15: Some 840,000 Used Home Electric Appliances Collected in Two Months: METI
2001_Jun-15: LDP to Collect Donations from Individuals Using I-Mode Phones
2001_Jun-15: Virus Infections in January-May Triple from Year Ago: IPA
2001_Jun-15: Hitachi ‘Buttonless’ Information Device Prototype Only Sends, Receives
2001_Jun-15: ADSL Future Overshadowed by Short Funding, Emergence of FTTH
2001_Jun-15: Asia PKI Forum Established to Promote E-Commerce in Asia Pacific
2001_Jun-14: KDDI to Offer Flat-Rate, Best-Effort Service Using 1xEV-DO
2001_Jun-14: Access Develops Web Browser for Sharp’s Linux PDA for Overseas Markets
2001_Jun-14: NEC to Offer 3.5-Inch Reflective Color TFT-LCD Module for PDAs
2001_Jun-14: Konami, Takara Announce Wireless ‘ChoroQ’ with CPU
2001_Jun-14: Nichia to Launch Volume Production of Violet Laser in April
2001_Jun-14: Dreamcast’s Demise Hastens Independence from Sega: ISAO President
2001_Jun-13: [Bluetooth Conference 2001] Sony Wants Bluetooth to be Faster
2001_Jun-13: AOL, Legend Form Venture to Develop Internet Services in China
2001_Jun-13: At Home Japan, Two Others to Offer Linux-Based Internet Video Content Distribution System
2001_Jun-13: [Bluetooth Conference 2001] NTT DoCoMo, Mitsubishi Electric to Propose Bluetooth Spec for 3G Cell Telephony
2001_Jun-13: Softbank Will Start High-Speed Data Communications Using ‘Power Line’
2001_Jun-13: [N+I 2001 Tokyo] Nokia Shows IPv6 Mobile Communication Technology
2001_Jun-13: Sony Computer Entertainment Says PS2 to Support Java
2001_Jun-13: [World DRAM Price] Spot Prices Continue Declining Worldwide
2001_Jun-13: Transmeta to Release New Crusoe Chip on June 26
2001_Jun-12: Trend Micro, Others to Cooperate in Developing Content-Filtering Software
2001_Jun-12: [Bluetooth Conference 2001] Nokia Expects Bluetooth Mobile Phone Shipments to Hit 250 Mil. in 2003
2001_Jun-12: JCI to Provide Mobile Service for Enterprises
2001_Jun-12: AGC Slashes 60 Pct. from Trans-Pacific, Leased-Line Charges
2001_Jun-12: Toshiba, E-Frontier to Tie Up on Digital Character Development, Production
2001_Jun-12: Konami Begins Animation Movie Exclusively for Internet
2001_Jun-12: Five Taiwanese TFT-LCD Makers See Profits in 2000
2001_Jun-11: Sony Targets IPv6
2001_Jun-11: [Computex Taipei] Sampo Exhibits Stuffed Animal With Voice Recognition Function
2001_Jun-11: E-Commerce Transactions Increase 20.6 Pct. in Value in April
2001_Jun-11: InternetNode to Demonstrate Network of 100 IPv6-Enabled Temperature Sensors
2001_Jun-11: [Computex Taipei] Peripheral Devices for Mobile Phones on Display
2001_Jun-11: PC Sales in Third Week of May Level Off Ahead of New Model Launches
2001_Jun-11: Sony Seeks Dominance in Broadband Business (Second Part)
2001_Jun-11: Sega to Release ‘Shenmue II’ in September
2001_Jun-11: Windows XP Installation Slowly Penetrates Business Market
2001_Jun-11: CDMA Subscribers Reach 90 Million Worldwide
2001_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] Memory Modules Gear Up to Gigabyte Class
2001_Jun-8: Matsushita Announces Microwave Oven Equipped with SD Card for Recipes
2001_Jun-8: Mytrip Net Gets 1 Million Registered Users in Single Year
2001_Jun-8: NEC Launches Desktop PC with ADSL Modem
2001_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] Atoz Technology Exhibits Tiny PC
2001_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] CompactFlash Wireless LAN Card for PDA on Display
2001_Jun-8: NTT DoCoMo Employs Visualization Tool for Management in FOMA Network
2001_Jun-8: Toshiba Develops High-Polymer OEL Panel Displaying 260,000 Colors
2001_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] New USB 2.0-Compatible Products Appear at Show
2001_Jun-8: Toshiba Debuts Compact Digital Camera with 4.2 Million Pixels
2001_Jun-8: [Computex Taipei] Motherboard Makers with Strong Brands Likely to Survive
2001_Jun-8: Kawasaki Steel Markets W-CDMA Chipset with Small Power Dissipation
2001_Jun-8: Demo Brings Different Makers’ Devices Connected: Bluetooth Congress
2001_Jun-7: [Computex Taipei 2001] FIC’s Linux/Java-Compatible PDA Obtains ‘Best of Show’ Award
2001_Jun-7: Sharp Develops Bitmap Format Fonts for Small Color LCD Panels
2001_Jun-7: [Computex Taipei] VIA Technologies Demonstrates Pentium 4 Chipset
2001_Jun-7: Sanyo Unveils 2 Mln. Pixel Digital Camera for Taking 10 Frames/Second
2001_Jun-7: [Computex Taipei] PC Card Adapter Compatible with Smart Media, SD, MMC, Memory Stick on Display
2001_Jun-7: Matsushita Electric to Sell Bluetooth Terminal Adapter
2001_Jun-7: NEC, Sony, Others Begin Service on PC Parts Procurement System via RosettaNet
2001_Jun-7: Business Model for Data Centers to Change Soon, Pihana Pacific CEO Says
2001_Jun-7: Softbank Suffers 75 Pct. Fall in Market Value, Shifts to Broadband
2001_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] NVIDIA Debuts Chipsets with Graphics Capability
2001_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] Motherboards Designed for Next-Generation Pentium 4 on Exhibit
2001_Jun-6: Registrants of Hudson’s ‘I-Appli’ Site Exceed 400,000
2001_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] Crusoe Motherboards on Display: Demos Given of Crusoe-Powered 1U Server
2001_Jun-6: Japan Falls Below 20 Pct. in World DRAM Production: IDC Survey
2001_Jun-6: [Computex Taipei] Asustek, Giga-Byte Exhibiting High-Performance Rack-Mounted Servers
2001_Jun-6: Four Mainframe Makers Team to Apply Linux to Enterprise System
2001_Jun-6: [World DRAM Price] Asia Sees Decline in Contract, Spot Prices
2001_Jun-6: Vertex Link Releases Automatic HTML Generation Software for Mobile Terminals
2001_Jun-5: Sony to Add ROM Version of Memory Stick
2001_Jun-5: KDDI to Integrate New WAP Version in Au-Brand Cellular Phones
2001_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] Bluetooth-Compatible Products to Reach Market
2001_Jun-5: KDDI to Boost Security for Browser Phone-Enabled ‘EZweblink’ Intranet Service
2001_Jun-5: Intel Struggles to Promote Direct RDRAM of Rambus
2001_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] CF-Type HDD to Compete Against IBM’s Microdrive
2001_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] Linux-Type, Other New PDAs on Exhibit
2001_Jun-5: Cable & Wireless IDC Opens Data Center in Tokyo
2001_Jun-5: DoubleClick Japan Sees Higher Revenues from Partnering with Web Sites
2001_Jun-5: JustNet Launches Content Delivery Service Using Java Applets
2001_Jun-5: Telecom Council Begins Deliberations on New Cdma Standard
2001_Jun-4: [Computex Taipei] Motherboards Compatible with New Pentium III to be Introduced
2001_Jun-4: PC Sales in April Barely Maintain Last-Year Level
2001_Jun-4: Kyocera Communication to Open Program for Web Pages for Various Cell Phone Formats
2001_Jun-4: [Computex Taipei] Broadband Routers to Make an Uprising
2001_Jun-4: Japanese Weekly PC Sales Drop 50 Percent after Golden Week
2001_Jun-4: KDDI to Start Network Service Targeting Communication Battle Games
2001_Jun-4: Sony’s Aims to Gain Dominance Over Broadband Business (First Part)
2001_Jun-4: Melco Slashes Memory Module Prices by 70 Pct.
2001_Jun-1: Hitachi to Launch IPv6 Network Building, Operation Services
2001_Jun-1: Konami Takes Two Korean Firms to Court Over Patent Infringements
2001_Jun-1: CdmaOne Mobile Phone Handsets with ‘Hello Kitty’ Character to Debut
2001_Jun-1: J-Phone East to Conduct Research for Service to Link Cellular Phone with Wireless LAN
2001_Jun-1: PC Market to Slow Down in April in Taiwan
2001_Jun-1: Yahoo Japan Aims to Make 10-Fold Leap in Net Advertising in Four Years: President


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