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2000_Jan-28: LG Cable & Machinery to Invest US$58M in IT Products Over Three Years
2000_Jan-26: Korea’s Thrunet to Offer Free Internet Access Service
2000_Jan-25: Foreign Investors’ Stake in Hyundai Electronics Rises to 14 Pct.
2000_Jan-21: KT Freetel to Strengthen Wireless Internet Service Biz
2000_Jan-20: Hanaro Telecom Plans to Take in US$200M Worth of Foreign Capital
2000_Jan-20: Korea’s Software Exports Surpass US$100 Million in 1999
2000_Jan-18: Six IC Makers Team to Develop DRAM Microchip for 2003
2000_Jan-17: U.S. Qualcomm Head Says CDMA Royalties are Appropriate
2000_Jan-13: Samsung Expects US$400M in Flash Memory Revenue
2000_Jan-13: Korea’s Telecom Operators to Invest US$7.25B in Facilities
2000_Jan-12: Hyundai Electronics Receives Stock Warrant Options from Rambus Inc.
2000_Jan-12: Korea Telecom Units Form Head Office for IMT-2000
2000_Jan-11: Samsung Electronics is World’s Fourth-Largest Semicon Vendor: Dataquest
2000_Jan-11: LG Develops Enhanced Transmission Tech for Digital TVs
2000_Jan-11: Survey Shows More Foreign Investments to Come to Korea
2000_Jan-6: LG Electronics Develops Optical Disk Technology
2000_Jan-5: Top Four Chaebols to Compete in Three Lucrative Sectors
2000_Jan-5: Samsung to Launch Commercial CDMA Mobile Service in China


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