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2000_Mar-28: Samsung Electronics Hopes to Increase Influence in World Mobile Phone Market
2000_Mar-27: SK Telecom Develops Network Design System for IMT-2000
2000_Mar-27: Hyundai Electronics Seeks Means to Bolster Share Price
2000_Mar-22: SK Telecom Quits Iridium Service, May Compensate Subscribers
2000_Mar-16: Softbank Korea Unveils Large-Scale Investment Plan
2000_Mar-14: Hyundai Awaits Approval for CDMA Kit Shipment to North Korea
2000_Mar-14: SK-Shinsegi Telecomm Deal to be Delayed Until April
2000_Mar-14: Korea’s InZen Sells 10 Pct. Share to Mirae Asset for US$16M
2000_Mar-13: Hanaro Files Application for Nasdaq Trading
2000_Mar-10: Korea Suffers US$5.2B Trade Deficit in Non-Memory Chip Sector
2000_Mar-10: Korea Telecom Launches World’s Longest Undersea Optical Cable
2000_Mar-9: Dacom Vows to Have Transparent Management, More Outside Directors
2000_Mar-9: LG Electronics Sees Rising Demand for Wall-Hanging Digital TVs
2000_Mar-8: LG Electronics to Base Global Production Hub in China
2000_Mar-8: Korea’s Kim Proposes ‘Trans-Eurasia Network’ to France’s Chirac
2000_Mar-6: SK Telecom to Lower Call Charges in April
2000_Mar-6: Samsung Aerospace Doubles Microchip Equipment Capacity
2000_Mar-3: Yahoo to Invest US$60M into Korean Operations
2000_Mar-3: LG Electronics Enjoys Lion’s Share of UK Digital TV Market
2000_Mar-1: Samsung Group to Nurture Venture Start-Up Firms in Silicon Valley


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