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2000_Nov-30: Korea Stocks Plunge More Than 3 Pct. on Falling Spot Chip Price
2000_Nov-30: SK Telecom to Offer Wireless Services in Russia
2000_Nov-29: LG Electronics to Get US$1.6B from Philips
2000_Nov-28: LG to Induce US$2 Billion Worth of Foreign Capital
2000_Nov-27: Korea IMT 2000 Group Enters Technology Alliance with Ericsson
2000_Nov-24: Korea’s Economic Growth to Slow in 2001: Samsung Research Unit
2000_Nov-22: Hyundai Electronics to Separate Telecom Unit
2000_Nov-22: LG Electronics Releases 15.7-In. TFT-LCD Monitor
2000_Nov-21: Memory Microchip Prices Continue to Decline
2000_Nov-21: Hanaro Telecom to Make ADSL Equipment in Pyongyang
2000_Nov-20: Prices of 64Mb DRAM Microchips Plummet
2000_Nov-20: Citicorp to Acquire Telecom Network Unit of Daewoo Telecom
2000_Nov-20: Seoul’s Stock Market Weakens Despite Optimism on Hyundai
2000_Nov-17: Samsung Electronics to Mass-Produce Rambus DRAMs
2000_Nov-17: International Semiconductor Prices Stabilize
2000_Nov-17: Korea’s Economic Growth to Slow to 5.5 Percent: IMF
2000_Nov-14: Samsung Electronics Aims to Invest US$200 Million in India
2000_Nov-10: Microchip Makers Seek to Cut Dependency on DRAM Devices
2000_Nov-9: SK Global Enters Lithium Battery Business
2000_Nov-9: Korea Telecom Freetel, KT M.com to Merge in Feb. 2001
2000_Nov-8: Fairchild Korea Completes Construction of 6-In. Wafer Line
2000_Nov-8: Hyundai Electronics Names Citigroup as Financial Adviser
2000_Nov-8: Hyundai Electronics Must Repay Debts of US$3.67 Million
2000_Nov-7: Hyundai, Kia Motor to Open Car Component B2B Website
2000_Nov-6: LG Electronics Moves to Penetrate UK Digital Video Disk Player Market
2000_Nov-3: Hanaro Telecom, SK Telecom File for IMT-2000 License
2000_Nov-2: Stock Index Recovers on Government Intentions to Restructure Korean Companies
2000_Nov-1: SK Group to Tighten Belt, Focus on Stability in 2001


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