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2001_Jan-30: Signs of a Bit-Cross Show in 64Mb/128Mb DRAM Prices
2001_Jan-29: Fines Imposed on Public Firms in Korea for Unfair Internal Transactions
2001_Jan-24: Korean Gov’t Woos More Companies to Join IMT Auction
2001_Jan-22: Hyundai Electronics to Focus on Semiconductor Business
2001_Jan-22: Korean Gov’t to Hold Open Auction for KT Shares on Feb. 6-7
2001_Jan-19: World, Korean PC Industries Faltering Due to Supply Glut
2001_Jan-19: Samsung Electronics Releases New 512Mb Flash Memory Chip
2001_Jan-18: Samsung Electronics Posts Record Profit of US$4.7 Bln.
2001_Jan-18: Gov’t to Sell 14.7 Pct. Stake in Korea Telecom
2001_Jan-17: Samsung Remains World’s Largest TFT-LCD Manufacturer for Third Year
2001_Jan-17: Internet Users in Korea Surpass 19 Million
2001_Jan-17: Orion Electric Inks Contract to Export PDP TVs to U.K.
2001_Jan-16: Carlyle to Buy Shares of Ssangyong Information & Telecom
2001_Jan-16: Demand for Large-Scale TVs Rises in Korea
2001_Jan-16: Hyundai Electronics to Separate from Parent Group by End of March
2001_Jan-16: SK Units to Sell Shares in SK Telecom
2001_Jan-15: Three Oil Refinery Companies Set Up Online B2B Firm
2001_Jan-12: Hyundai Electronics Develops High-Speed, 512Mb DDR SDRAM
2001_Jan-12: Venture Sector to Receive 1.6 Trln. Won in New Investments
2001_Jan-11: Samsung SDI Succeeds in Offering Digital Broadcasting to CBS
2001_Jan-11: Korea’s Rising Start-Up Companies Flourish in 2000
2001_Jan-11: Samsung Electronics Develops 512Mb Memory Module for Notebooks
2001_Jan-11: Qualcomm Announces Interest in Korean IMT License
2001_Jan-10: EBay to Acquire Korea’s Online Auction for US$120 Million
2001_Jan-10: Hyundai Electronics Could be Acquired by Bigger Firm
2001_Jan-9: Domestic IT Industry Exports to Expand in 2001
2001_Jan-9: Chip Prices on Continuous Fall
2001_Jan-5: Korea’s Bullish Investment Expected in Three Key Industries
2001_Jan-5: LG Develops High-Definition Video Disc Recorder
2001_Jan-4: [IT Channels] Part II: Impact of the Internet and E-Commerce in Korea
2001_Jan-2: Samsung Electronics Expects 53 Percent Share of Rambus DRAM Market
2001_Jan-2: [IT Channel] Part I: Overview of Korean IT Market


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