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2001_Mar-30: Samsung Electronics Ships Memory Module Sample for Servers
2001_Mar-30: Samsung Selected to Bid for CDMA Licenses in China
2001_Mar-30: Hyundai Electronics to Supply DDR SRAM Modules to HP, Compaq
2001_Mar-30: MIC to Invest US$76.8 Million to Nurture PDA Biz
2001_Mar-29: KDI Head Expects 4 Pct. Growth in 2001
2001_Mar-29: Korea-Japan to Establish High-Speed Undersea Cable
2001_Mar-29: Korean Stocks Decline on Falling Chip, Hyundai Issues
2001_Mar-28: LG Electronics Debuts 32-Inch, High-Definition Digital TV
2001_Mar-28: Samsung Electronics Expects US$760M in Q1 Profit
2001_Mar-27: Samsung Electronics Seals Order with Dell Computer
2001_Mar-23: Nokia Begins Selling Mobile Phones in Korea
2001_Mar-23: Internet Access Via Mobile Phones to Expand in China: Strategis Group
2001_Mar-22: Samsung Electronics to Strengthen Smart-Card IC Biz
2001_Mar-22: IT Industry Expected to Recover in Latter Half
2001_Mar-21: Korea Credit Releases Another Bright Outlook for Economy
2001_Mar-20: KT Freetel to Open Mobile Services in Indonesia
2001_Mar-19: Korea Gov’t Maintains Economic Recovery Forecast for Second Half
2001_Mar-19: Two LG Chinese Branches to Go Public
2001_Mar-16: SK Telecom Opens Mobile Phone Services in Mongolia
2001_Mar-16: Korea’s Software Exports to Top US$5.5B by 2005
2001_Mar-15: Saehan to Expand Chip Material Biz
2001_Mar-15: Trouble in U.S. IT Industry to Trigger Fall in Chip, PC Exports
2001_Mar-15: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Expand Output of Rambus DRAM Modules
2001_Mar-14: ETRI Develops Key Chip for 3G Networks
2001_Mar-14: Hyundai Electronics to Seek Overseas Partners, MOFE Head Says
2001_Mar-14: Korea’s KERI Expects Economy to Rebound in 3rd Quarter
2001_Mar-13: Korea Telecom Service Providers Move to Install Caller ID Services
2001_Mar-13: LG Electronics Enters Russia’s Telecom Market
2001_Mar-13: Samsung Releases Multi-Chip Package Product for 3G Handsets
2001_Mar-13: Korea’s Corporate Sector to Nurture 1 Mln. IT Specialists, FKI Says
2001_Mar-9: Hyundai Electroncs Develops 8Mb SRAM for 3G Handsets
2001_Mar-9: LG Electronics Forms Joint Telecom Company in China
2001_Mar-9: LG Electronics to Invest More Than US$785M in R&D;
2001_Mar-8: LG Optical Storage Products Gain Popularity in Europe
2001_Mar-7: Competition Heats Up in Memory Microchip Market
2001_Mar-7: SK’s IMT Unit to Launch 3G Services in May
2001_Mar-7: E-Commerce Sales Rise 40 Pct. in Fourth Quarter of 2000
2001_Mar-6: SK Telecom Joins Forces with China Unicom
2001_Mar-6: Hyundai Electronics Spins Off Customer Service Business
2001_Mar-5: Korea’s Soribada Accused of Copyright Infringement
2001_Mar-5: Dacom to Establish Venture for Undersea Cable Network
2001_Mar-2: Asian Firms Must Nurture B2B Commerce to Compete with West, BCG Says
2001_Mar-2: Gov’t to Expand Lending to Small- and Mid-Sized IT Firms
2001_Mar-1: Samsung, Intel Forge Strategic Alliance for Rambus DRAMs


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