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2001_Apr-30: LG to Export CDMA Telecom Equipment to India, Vietnam
2001_Apr-30: SK Telecom to Start Mobile Internet Services
2001_Apr-30: Korea’s Thrunet to Spin Off Portal Site
2001_Apr-27: Dacom to Spin Off Chollian Online Service in 2002
2001_Apr-27: Joint B2B Site for Tire Makers Established
2001_Apr-26: Internet Users Grow Rapidly in Korea
2001_Apr-26: Samsung Selected as One of Six Winners in CDMA Auction in China
2001_Apr-24: Samsung Electronics Q1 Profit Falls 25 Percent
2001_Apr-24: LG Promotes Wireless Internet
2001_Apr-24: Sewon Telecom Develops CDMA-Based PDA Devices
2001_Apr-20: Korean Gov’t to Inject About US$37 Million to Expand IT
2001_Apr-18: Samsung SDI Produces Plastic ‘Tough Panels’ for New Devices
2001_Apr-17: Hynix Expects US$750 Million in Sales from Non-Memory Sector
2001_Apr-17: Korea’s 5 Shipbuilders Fail to Establish Joint B2B E-Marketplace
2001_Apr-16: Korean Economy Expected to Grow 4.3 Pct. in 2001, KIET Says
2001_Apr-16: Korean Firms to Increase IT Investments Despite Global Recession
2001_Apr-12: EU Clears Philips, LG Electronics Joint Venture
2001_Apr-11: Korea’s Telecom Industry Suffers from Overlapping Investments
2001_Apr-10: Korea to Use IMT-2000 License Fees for Investments in Domestic IT Industry
2001_Apr-10: Privatization of Korea Telecom May Cause Instability in Financial Market
2001_Apr-6: Wireless Handset Sales Plummet During First Quarter
2001_Apr-5: Samsung Electronics Posts Monthly DRAM Sales of 100 Million Units
2001_Apr-5: Hanwha Spins Off Information Biz
2001_Apr-5: Powercomm to Invest US$740M in Telecom Networks
2001_Apr-4: Hynix Wins Certification for 288Mb Rambus DRAM
2001_Apr-3: SK to Begin Venture Incubation Services in United States


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