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2000_Jan-31: Asia Global Crossing, IRI Establish Data Center Business
2000_Jan-31: Wireless LANs, ADSL Service for Fast Net Services Viable in 2003
2000_Jan-31: Level 3's H.K.-Japan Broadband Cable to Boost Web-Based Industries
2000_Jan-28: IBM Japan, Cisco Japan Tie Up for Network Solutions
2000_Jan-27: KDD, Capcom to Kick Off High-Speed Network Service for Game Machines
2000_Jan-27: Japan to Get High-Speed ADSL Services: Pres. of Tokyo Metallic Communications
2000_Jan-27: Mitsui, Increment P to Offer iMode Map/Info Service
2000_Jan-27: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Palm-Size E-Mail Device with Digital Camera
2000_Jan-27: CSK to Use Dreamcast to Build Community Internet Infrastructure
2000_Jan-26: Japan Telecom to Scale Down Overseas Businesses
2000_Jan-26: China Telecom Reports 12 Pct. Sales Growth in 1999
2000_Jan-26: Telecom Industry in China Slows Down
2000_Jan-25: IDO Scores One Million cdmaOne Subscribers after Nine Months in Service
2000_Jan-25: Ericsson to Set Up R&D; Center in Taiwan
2000_Jan-25: China Mobile Communication Slashes Cellular Phone Fees
2000_Jan-25: Deutsche Telekom Sets Up Telecom Company in Japan
2000_Jan-24: NTT-ME to Start Full-Time, Low-Cost Net Access Via FTTH
2000_Jan-21: NTT Poised to Enter Cable Television Business
2000_Jan-21: Japan's Consumer E-Commerce Market Grows to US$3.2B in 1999 Backed by Mobile Use
2000_Jan-21: KT Freetel to Strengthen Wireless Internet Service Biz
2000_Jan-21: Guangdong Province to Bolster Telecom Sector Growth
2000_Jan-20: China's MII Sets Guidelines for Telecom Services
2000_Jan-20: Hanaro Telecom Plans to Take in US$200M Worth of Foreign Capital
2000_Jan-19: Ericsson to Train High-Level Management for China Unicom
2000_Jan-19: MPT to Lead Standardization of Cable Modem/Cable TV Receiver
2000_Jan-17: DDI Pocket to Launch Service Allowing PHS Users to Access Web Pages
2000_Jan-17: China Unicom Joins China Telecom to Expand Phone Services
2000_Jan-17: Acer Makes High-Volume Network Procurement from AT&T;
2000_Jan-17: U.S. Qualcomm Head Says CDMA Royalties are Appropriate
2000_Jan-14: MCPC Forecasts Japan's Mobile Market to Grow at Sharp Rate
2000_Jan-14: DDI Pocket Will Offer Location Navigation Services for PHS Phones
2000_Jan-14: Nokia Launches New Operation in Suzhou
2000_Jan-13: Olympus Digital Camera Allows Photos to be Sent Via Net
2000_Jan-13: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Nationwide GPS Service for Cell Phones
2000_Jan-13: Korea's Telecom Operators to Invest US$7.25B in Facilities
2000_Jan-13: U.S. Level 3 Communications to Launch Internet Service in Japan in Fall
2000_Jan-13: NTT DoCoMo Expects Steep Rise in Wireless Packet Communications Service User Base
2000_Jan-12: Korea Telecom Units Form Head Office for IMT-2000
2000_Jan-12: Sino-U.S. WTO Deal Advances China's Telecom Reform
2000_Jan-11: Japan Telecom Invites Public to Suggest IMT-2000 Apps
2000_Jan-11: NTT DoCoMo to Begin Music Distribution Service Via PHS Phones in Summer 2000
2000_Jan-11: PacketOne cdmaOne-Based Data Services Launched Nationwide
2000_Jan-7: NTT DoCoMo's iMode Service Subscribers Surpass 3 Million
2000_Jan-6: 20th-Century Concept of Information to Change Dramatically, EPA Chief Says
2000_Jan-5: Hikari Tsushin to Become Largest Owner in Golden Power
2000_Jan-5: Scandinavian Cell-Phone Giants Get Ready to Repel Competition from Japan
2000_Jan-5: Samsung to Launch Commercial CDMA Mobile Service in China
2000_Jan-5: Nokia's Project-Based, Flat Organization Realizes Swift Product Development
2000_Jan-5: Ericsson Pres. Says Homes to Get Wireless Networks


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