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2000_Mar-29: Nintendo to Develop Color Mobile Phone Featuring Gameboy
2000_Mar-29: China Unicom, China Telecom Spark WAP War
2000_Mar-28: Samsung Electronics Hopes to Increase Influence in World Mobile Phone Market
2000_Mar-28: Communications Distributors Covet Fixed-Network Market
2000_Mar-27: SK Telecom Develops Network Design System for IMT-2000
2000_Mar-27: Ericsson, Sina.com to Collaborate on Mobile Web Service
2000_Mar-27: Sony Computer Aims to Develop PlayStation Industry
2000_Mar-24: Japan Telecom to Offer Concert's Communication Services in Japan
2000_Mar-24: Cellular Group, IDO to End TACS-Based Analog Cell Phone Service
2000_Mar-23: Growth of China's Telecom Industry Appears to be Slowing
2000_Mar-23: Titus Experiments on VoIP on CATV Network
2000_Mar-23: Japanese University Students Eligible for USC's Online MBA Program
2000_Mar-22: SK Telecom Quits Iridium Service, May Compensate Subscribers
2000_Mar-21: NTT Multimedia Labs to Operate World's First Commercial IPv6 IX
2000_Mar-21: Compal Electronics, Korea's Hansol Tie Knot
2000_Mar-21: Mitsubishi, NTT Develop 128-Bit Symmetric-Key Encryption Algorithm
2000_Mar-21: HK's C&T; to Build High-Speed Network Systems for Shanghai VW
2000_Mar-21: NTT DoCoMo's i-mode Subscribers Exceed 5 Million
2000_Mar-17: China's Premier Reaffirms Stand on CDMA Telecom System
2000_Mar-17: Nippon Iridium Applies to Close its Satellite Business
2000_Mar-15: Open Interface to License Bluetooth Middleware to Taiwan
2000_Mar-15: Ericsson, Panda Electronic to Promote Low-Priced Mobile Phone in China
2000_Mar-15: Probe Starts into Mobile Phone Service Providers' Internet Access Services
2000_Mar-15: Hoshin Gigamedia, Digital United to Boost Broadband Investments
2000_Mar-14: Victor Japan to Sell MP3 Voice Guidance Player
2000_Mar-14: Hyundai Awaits Approval for CDMA Kit Shipment to North Korea
2000_Mar-14: SK-Shinsegi Telecomm Deal to be Delayed Until April
2000_Mar-14: Com21 to Boost Operations in Japan, Other Parts of Asia
2000_Mar-14: Lucent Signs US$100M in Contracts with China's Telecom Service Providers
2000_Mar-14: PCCW, Legend Join to Offer Broadband Service, Content in China
2000_Mar-13: DDI Group's WAP Service Subscribers Top 1 Million
2000_Mar-13: Intellectuals Propose Policy on Digital Broadcasting
2000_Mar-13: WAP Standards to Support NTT DoCoMo's iMode Service
2000_Mar-10: NTT DoCoMo to Add 64kbps Packet Service to Satellite Portable Phone
2000_Mar-10: Nippon Iridium Stops Accepting New Subscribers
2000_Mar-10: Korea Telecom Launches World's Longest Undersea Optical Cable
2000_Mar-9: NTT's Business Plan Forecasts ISDN Subscribers to Surpass 10M in FY2000
2000_Mar-9: Chinese Telecom Experts Caution on IP Phone Development
2000_Mar-7: Takagi Industrial Debuts Palm-Sized PC with Mobile Phone Adapter
2000_Mar-7: Fee Reduction Spurs China's Telecom Industry
2000_Mar-7: Bandai to Sell Low-Priced Digital Camera Capturing Still Pictures, Video
2000_Mar-6: PlayStation2 Predicted to Become Hit Product of 2000
2000_Mar-6: Nokia to Enter iMode Business in Japan
2000_Mar-6: SK Telecom to Lower Call Charges in April
2000_Mar-3: Samsung Telecom to Launch MP3 Mobile Phone in 2000
2000_Mar-2: CeBIT: Leading Makers Demonstrate Cable, ADSL Modems
2000_Mar-2: Nintendo, Dentsu Establish Game Development Company
2000_Mar-2: Price Cuts Stimulate Spending in China's Telecom Sector
2000_Mar-1: Keidanren to Recommend Govt. Introduce New Telecom Law to Ensure Fair Competition in Internet Age


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