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2000_Jul-31: Packet Video Establishes Japanese Company
2000_Jul-31: Nokia to Supply GSM 1800 Network to China's Zhejiang Mobile
2000_Jul-31: Motorola Japan Obtains Gov't Approval for Bluetooth PC Cards
2000_Jul-28: NTT Chief Calls for Redefinition of 'Universal Service'
2000_Jul-28: New Telecom Carriers to Use Wireless LAN, Fiber Optics, FWA for Services
2000_Jul-27: Sewon Telecom to Sell US$100M-150M GDRs in Europe
2000_Jul-27: MPT Asks Council to Advise on Tech Upgrades, Effective Use of PHS with IMT-2000
2000_Jul-27: NTT DoCoMo to Focus on Data-Com for IMT-2000 I-Mode Phones, Exec. Says
2000_Jul-27: Japan's Telecom Laws to be Revised Drastically in 2003
2000_Jul-26: China to Build Information Security Base
2000_Jul-26: Tele-Diagnostics System Put into Use in Tianjin
2000_Jul-26: AIP, ISPs Stage Trial Distribution of Motion Ads Using Satellites
2000_Jul-25: Korea Thrunet Signs Large Deal for Vendor Financing from Cisco
2000_Jul-25: DDI Cellular, IDO to Expand Roaming Service Area to U.S. Cities
2000_Jul-25: China Mobile Cuts Charges
2000_Jul-25: Shaanxi to Earmark US$265 Million for Telecom Upgrading
2000_Jul-25: IDO, DDI to Add Location-Info Service for CdmaOne Cellular Phones
2000_Jul-24: NTT Seeks to Expand ADSL Service Areas in Early 2001
2000_Jul-21: Taiwan's Electronics Firms to Enter IP Telephony Market
2000_Jul-21: Asia-Pacific Optical Cable Work Started in China
2000_Jul-20: Cellular Phone Developers Optimistic about WAP Phones in China
2000_Jul-19: Tu-Ka Group to Launch 28.8kbps Packet-Communication PDC Service Next Spring
2000_Jul-19: J-Phone Aims to Get 600,000 IMT-2000 Subscribers in Tokyo Area in First Year
2000_Jul-19: NTT DoCoMo Expects 100,000-Plus Users at IMT-2000 Introduction
2000_Jul-19: Wireless Japan 2000 Showcases Bluetooth Device Prototypes
2000_Jul-18: Shanghai to Construct GPS Application Network
2000_Jul-18: Omron Launches Remote Monitoring/Warning System Using NTT DoCoMo Service
2000_Jul-18: NTT President Wants NTT Law Revised for Scope of Business, Management
2000_Jul-17: China's IT Industry Continues to Grow Fast
2000_Jul-17: Keen Competition Ahead for Lucrative 3G Mobile Phone License
2000_Jul-17: Motorola, China Unicom Pursue GSM Multi-Contract Network Expansion
2000_Jul-17: Japan's DoCoMo Eyes 20 Pct VoiceStream Stake-Source
2000_Jul-17: 'Single-Chip-Mobile-Phone IC Inside' May Replace Bluetooth
2000_Jul-14: NTT-ME Begins ASP Service for Location Info Using Compact GPS Device
2000_Jul-14: Astel to Debut PHS Phone with Web Browser
2000_Jul-14: Keitaide-Music Delivery System to Spread Across Asia, MMCA Says
2000_Jul-13: Compaq, NTT DoCoMo, DreamArts to Co-Market I-Mode-based Business Systems
2000_Jul-12: NTT DoCoMo, NTT Com to Launch PHS-Capable Remote Access Service for Corporate Networks
2000_Jul-12: China Telecom Beijing Focuses on Net Infrastructure Construction
2000_Jul-12: Siemens WAP Phone to Access Chinese Web Sites
2000_Jul-11: China Mobile, China Unicom Assure Inter-Network Connection
2000_Jul-11: IDO Manager Suggests Ways to Use Bluetooth
2000_Jul-10: J-Phone Group's Mobile Internet Access Service Sees Surge in Subscribers in June
2000_Jul-10: NTT DoCoMo Issues Call for Handset Prototype with Memory Stick Slot
2000_Jul-7: IDO/DDI to Enhance 'EZweb' Mobile Internet Service to Challenge I-Mode
2000_Jul-6: More Wireless Internet Access Services Start in Japan
2000_Jul-6: Japan Telecom Seeks to Enter Local Call Service, But NTT's High Fee is an Obstacle
2000_Jul-5: China Telecom Establishes Subsidiary in Shanghai
2000_Jul-4: Govt. Approves Licenses, Frequencies for 3G Cell Phones
2000_Jul-4: MPT to Support Development of Quantum Information for Future Telecom Technology
2000_Jul-3: Taiwan's Wireless Handset Output Likely to Reach 500,000 in 2000


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