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2000_Sep-29: New Players to Deliver High-Speed Access Services in Japan Using Optical Fiber
2000_Sep-29: Intel's Japan Unit Beefs Up Solution Businesses
2000_Sep-29: Hanaro Telecom to Expand Investments in E-Businesses
2000_Sep-29: Guangdong Province Establishes Super-Speed IP Network
2000_Sep-29: China Mobile Has 23.9 Million Subscribers
2000_Sep-28: IDO/DDI Cellular Group to Offer Improved EZweb E-mail Functions
2000_Sep-28: Guangdong Province Surpasses 10M Mobile Phone Users
2000_Sep-27: TTNet Likely to Offer 10Mbps FTTH Service Ahead of NTT
2000_Sep-27: OpenLoop to Provide Security Software for 3G Mobile Phone Services
2000_Sep-27: China to Permit Foreign Participation in Telecom Markets
2000_Sep-27: DDI Pocket to Sell PHS Phone with Compact Digital Camera
2000_Sep-27: China's Telephone Subscribers Top 200 Million
2000_Sep-27: China Stresses Competition in Telecom Market
2000_Sep-26: Korea's PCS Servicers Vie to Bring in New Subscribers
2000_Sep-26: Sun Corp. Launches USB Cable to Connect PlayStation2, PHS Internet Services
2000_Sep-25: NTT DoCoMo Beefing Up Mobile Intranet System Offerings for IMT-2000
2000_Sep-25: Java to Open Up Possibilities for Mobile Phone Content
2000_Sep-25: EAccess Adds Six ISPs in ADSL Tests in Tokyo, Osaka
2000_Sep-25: Nortel Networks Delivers Optical Internet to China
2000_Sep-22: Satellite-Based IP Service for Intranets in The Works
2000_Sep-22: Fujian Province Builds TV, Radio Network
2000_Sep-22: DDI Group to Connect 'Ezweb' WAP Mobile Phone to Intranets
2000_Sep-20: Global Mobile Phone Shipments Near 100 Million Units in Q2
2000_Sep-20: Taiwan's Notebook Manufacturers Vie for Communications Market
2000_Sep-20: Ericsson, J-Phone Team for 3G Mobile Telecom Services
2000_Sep-20: China's Mobile Phone Users to Outnumber Conventional Phone Users, Says Motorola
2000_Sep-20: NTT East, NTT West to Delay Flat-Rate 128kbps ISDN Services
2000_Sep-19: Lucent Japan to Supply xDSL Equipment that Reduces ISDN Line Interference
2000_Sep-19: China Unicom, Hong Kong's Hutchison Set Up Joint Venture
2000_Sep-19: Matsushita to Launch Home Communication Modules Based on Echonet
2000_Sep-18: Mobile Phone Signals to Reach Shanghai Metro
2000_Sep-14: NTT's 10Mbps FTTH Service to Start in December
2000_Sep-14: Samsung to Show 3G Wireless Communications at Sydney Olympics
2000_Sep-14: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Windows CE Device in Zero Halliburton's Case
2000_Sep-14: J-Phone Group Targets 30 Pct. of IMT-2000 Market Share, CEO Says
2000_Sep-13: China Satellite Communication Joins Telecom Competition
2000_Sep-13: Centillium Communications Unveils 2 DSL Chipsets for Japan
2000_Sep-12: Nagoya Metallic to Postpone xDSL Service Due to Delay in NTT West's Construction
2000_Sep-12: NTT's Regional Phone Companies to Cut Price of Fixed-Rate ISDN Service
2000_Sep-11: Three PCS Firms, SK Telecom in Market Share Battle
2000_Sep-11: NTT DoCoMo Kansai, Genista Make Tool for Mobile Phone Voice Quality
2000_Sep-11: Bluetooth: Beyond Initial Stage of 'Cable Substitute'
2000_Sep-11: NEC Starts Shipments of 3G Mobile Communication Systems for NTT DoCoMo
2000_Sep-8: Japan's LAN Shipments Rise 39 Pct. in 1st Half, Dataquest Says
2000_Sep-8: Japan Telecom, Ericsson Japan Complete VoIP Mobile Phone Tests
2000_Sep-7: NTT Pres. Rejects Nationwide Fixed-Fee, ISDN Service Obligation
2000_Sep-7: MPT to Approve NTT's IP Connection Service for Enterprises in Sept.
2000_Sep-7: KDDI May Team with Overseas Telecom Carrier, DDI Pres. Says
2000_Sep-6: U.S., Japan Firms to Offer Mobile Device-Based Business Support Service
2000_Sep-6: AU-System of Sweden Provides WAP Browser to Samsung
2000_Sep-5: NTT East Chief Rejects Calls for Merger with NTT West, Sharing Fiber-Optic Network with Competitors
2000_Sep-5: Motorola Signs Another US$258 Million Worth of Contracts with China Unicom
2000_Sep-5: New Options Seen for Flat-Rate Home Net Access at Fast Speeds
2000_Sep-5: Hantong Multimedia of Korea Assists China with CDMA Expansion
2000_Sep-5: China Develops Routing Switch to Compete with Cisco
2000_Sep-4: China Launches Cable Box for Online Stock Trading
2000_Sep-4: MPEG-4 Ver. 2 Uses Real-Time Coding Tech from NTT, Oki, Fujitsu


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