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2000_Oct-31: Sino-Overseas Telecom Operators to Construct Submarine Optical Cable
2000_Oct-31: Taiwan Consumers Reject Widely-Hyped Broadband Net Connection Service
2000_Oct-31: Fujitsu, TEPCO, Others to Unify Cable Businesses, Set Focus on CATV/Internet
2000_Oct-30: Bluetooth Technology Grabs Center Stage at CEATEC Japan 2000
2000_Oct-30: Could DoCoMo’s Oligopoly be Causing ‘Harmful Effects’ in Mobile Communication Market?
2000_Oct-30: Siemens Expands Mobile Business, Other Operations in China
2000_Oct-27: I-Mode’s Wireless Image Distribution Depends on Displays: DoCoMo Director
2000_Oct-27: Telecom Carriers Have High Hopes for China’s Mobile Industry
2000_Oct-27: VIA Tech, Acer Labs Cooperate to Develop Telecom Microchips
2000_Oct-27: NTT, Honda to Jointly Develop Next-Generation Car Navigation System
2000_Oct-26: NTT President Believes FTC Will Clear NTT East of Wrongdoing
2000_Oct-25: Matsushita, Toshiba, 12 Others to Standardize STB for Satellite Digital Broadcasting
2000_Oct-25: Taiwan’s Telecom Equipment Industry Sees Boom Fading
2000_Oct-25: Kyocera Wireless, Lucent to Collaborate on 3G Wireless Technology
2000_Oct-25: Beijing Sets Up Satellite Technology Applications Company
2000_Oct-25: FTC Investigates NTT Group Over Possible DSL Anti-Monopoly Activity
2000_Oct-24: [WPC2000] Olympus Exhibits I-Mode-Based Remote Control System for Digital Camera
2000_Oct-24: [WPC2000] Singapore Company to Sell MP3 Portable CD Player in Japan
2000_Oct-24: China Unicom to Become GSM, CDMA Provider
2000_Oct-24: China Unicom Mobile Users Top 15 Million
2000_Oct-24: [WPC2000] Sotec’s AFiNA AV Selected ‘Best of World PC Expo 2000’
2000_Oct-24: Japan, Korea to Unveil 3G Wireless Telecom Services
2000_Oct-23: Palm Preps Web Clipping Service for PDAs Based on Packet Communication
2000_Oct-23: Arima Communications Wins Mobile Phone Orders from Ericsson
2000_Oct-23: Marubeni Telecom to Offer Service to Save Melodies, Images on Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-23: [WPC2000] Billionton Systems of Taiwan to Enter Japanese Market
2000_Oct-23: Cybird Grows Rapidly By Distributing Wireless Internet Contents
2000_Oct-23: NTT Regional Carriers to Launch Internet Service for Landline Phones
2000_Oct-20: NTT’s Changes Will Let Carriers Provide Wider xDSL Coverage
2000_Oct-20: Lucent Technologies Boosts Investment in China
2000_Oct-20: Advantest Obtains Next-Generation CDMA Technology License from Qualcomm
2000_Oct-20: [WPC2000] Visor Draws Interest of World PC Expo Visitors with Info Devices
2000_Oct-20: [WPC2000] Common Industry Framework for Secure Mobile Commerce Vital, Nokia Japan VP Says
2000_Oct-20: [WPC2000] NTT DoCoMo President Says More Than 70 Pct. of Telecom Traffic Will Be Non-Voice by 2010
2000_Oct-19: Over 30,000 Sign Up for At Home Japan’s Broadband Net Service
2000_Oct-19: China Exhibits New Network Security Products
2000_Oct-19: MCI Worldcom Japan to Offer VoIP Service with Softswitch
2000_Oct-19: Long Way Till Era of Digital Broadcasting, International Univ. of Japan Professor Says
2000_Oct-18: Tomy to Launch Low-Priced Digital Camera for Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-18: [WPC2000] NICS Electronic of Korea Builds ‘End to Phone Line Blues’
2000_Oct-18: NEC, Hitachi Team Up to Develop Optical Transport Systems
2000_Oct-18: [WPC2000] New Pocket PC Model on Display in NTT DoCoMo Booth
2000_Oct-18: [WPC2000] The World in the Palm of Your Hand
2000_Oct-18: [WPC2000] Coals to Newcastle…or Audio Products to Japan?
2000_Oct-17: U.S. Telecom Boosts Wireless Internet Application in China
2000_Oct-17: Optical Cable Network Launched in Southern China
2000_Oct-17: Matsushita Assesses Outsourcing Phone Handsets from Taiwan
2000_Oct-16: Oki, Cisco, IBM Japan to Tie Up in Network Infrastructure Field
2000_Oct-16: Ericsson, Guangdong Mobile Pilot GPRS Network
2000_Oct-16: KDDI Intends to Be More Than Just Telephone Company
2000_Oct-12: NTT Group Heads Support NTT as Group, Other Groups Demand Break-Up: MPT Hearing
2000_Oct-12: DDI Pocket to Offer More Discounts for Datacom Users, Packet Service
2000_Oct-11: Chunghwa Telecom Boosts Submarine Cable Capacity
2000_Oct-10: TDK Shows Small Antenna for Bluetooth Technology
2000_Oct-10: Taiwan’s IT Manufacturers Invest in Production of Cell Phone Components
2000_Oct-10: JASRAC Tests Digital Watermark Technology, IBM, JVC, Three Others Shine
2000_Oct-6: Kenwood Exhibits PDA with Bluetooth to Challenge Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-6: TollBridge of U.S. Gears Up to Assist Taiwan’s Network Industry
2000_Oct-6: Sony Exhibits ‘Memory Stick Walkman’ Mobile Phone
2000_Oct-6: Sanyo PHS Phone with Bluetooth Module Transmits Images to Printer Wirelessly: CEATEC
2000_Oct-5: Omron, Bandai to Cooperate in Agent Technology for Mobile Devices
2000_Oct-5: Bluetooth, IMT-2000-Compatible Products Featured at CEATEC Japan
2000_Oct-4: China Unveils Comprehensive Telecom Regulations
2000_Oct-4: KDDI President States ‘Direct Rivalry’ with NTT
2000_Oct-4: Yusen Broad to Test Maximum 100Mbps Internet Access Service via Optical Fiber
2000_Oct-2: Carrier Heads Give Ministry Views on Dispute over NTT


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