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2001_Jan-31: NTT to Start Experiment of 36Mbps Wireless Internet Service
2001_Jan-31: Konami to Deliver Baseball Game Contents for Java I-Mode Cell Phones
2001_Jan-31: Ericsson to Give Contract Orders to Taiwan's Handset Makers
2001_Jan-30: Taiwan's ISPs Explore Prospects in China
2001_Jan-26: Japan's Mobile Phone Operators to Adopt W3C's XHTML Basic
2001_Jan-26: Yokogawa Electric Subsidiary Debuts World's First IPv6-IPv4 Translator
2001_Jan-26: TU-KA Cellular to Debut E-Mail Device with Digital Camera
2001_Jan-26: IP-Based Telephony Service Firm Mulls International Service
2001_Jan-26: NTT Communications to Launch IP-VPN Service in 52 Countries
2001_Jan-25: Tokyo Metallic to Offer 3Mbps ADSL Service from March
2001_Jan-25: NTT to Stop Leasing ADSL Modems to Users, Reduce Monthly Fees
2001_Jan-25: U.S. Xpeed to Start Shipping ADSL Modems to Japan
2001_Jan-25: Tokyo Metallic Signs Pact with NTT East to Use Dark Fiber
2001_Jan-24: Korean Gov't Woos More Companies to Join IMT Auction
2001_Jan-24: Taiwan Anticipates Large-Scale Cell Phone ODM Orders from Motorola
2001_Jan-24: Tokyo Metallic Communications Boosts ADSL Services to 1.5Mbps
2001_Jan-24: Sun to Support Start-Ups with Free Provision of Server Environment
2001_Jan-23: KDDI Overtakes J-Phone in Number of Cell Phone Subscribers Thanks to Color LCD, Discount
2001_Jan-23: Asahi Net to Support NTT's FTTH Fiber-Optic Service
2001_Jan-23: Research Rejects Correlation between Cellular Phone Use, Brain Tumors
2001_Jan-23: First Digital TV Network Opened in Beijing
2001_Jan-23: Contents Site is Open for Java I-Mode
2001_Jan-23: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Dual-Standard Mobile Handset; Roams in Europe, Asia, Africa
2001_Jan-22: Secom to Offer Location Search Service Using GPS, Cell Phone Network
2001_Jan-22: NTT to Cut Monthly Fee for Flet's ISDN by US$7.6
2001_Jan-22: Undisputed Front-runner NTT DoCoMo Has its Limitations
2001_Jan-22: China Unicom Seeks Strategic Partners for Investments
2001_Jan-19: EAccess Cuts its ADSL Access Fees to Compete With NTT's 'Flet's' Service
2001_Jan-19: Distribution Company of EJB Components Starts Operation
2001_Jan-19: NTT DoCoMo Unveils 'I-Appli' Service for Java I-Mode with SSL
2001_Jan-18: Garnet Connections to Start 6Mbps ADSL Trial Service
2001_Jan-18: X21 Software to Transform Java-Compliant Cellular Phone to PDA
2001_Jan-18: NTT DoCoMo to Release Java I-Mode Cellular Phone on Jan. 26
2001_Jan-18: NTT DoCoMo Will Continue to be Pioneer, President Says
2001_Jan-17: Government Urges NTT DoCoMo to Open I-Mode System
2001_Jan-17: Zentek to Distribute I-Mode-Supported Java Development Environment
2001_Jan-17: NTT Com to Form Venture with Thai Communications Firms
2001_Jan-16: Matsushita Unveils Networked Future Home
2001_Jan-16: SGI, Singapore's 3ui to Enter Strategic Cooperation for WAP Technology
2001_Jan-16: Usen Unit Boosts Capital to Enhance FTTH Service in April
2001_Jan-16: ADC Eyes South China Telecom Market
2001_Jan-16: Disney to Launch Online Game Business Focusing on Japan, Asia
2001_Jan-15: Lucent to Supply Optical Networking Systems for Liaoning Telecom
2001_Jan-15: Telecom Carrier Selection System 'MyLine' Starts Registration Process
2001_Jan-15: NTT DoCoMo Unveils Java-Enabled I-Mode Phone
2001_Jan-15: IP Revolution to Launch Optical Access Service in February
2001_Jan-12: Design Is Main Factor in Internet-Capable Cell Phone Purchases: Gartner Survey
2001_Jan-12: Chunghwa Telecom Defends Dominance in Telecommunications Field
2001_Jan-12: Taiwan's Telecoms Production Estimated to Rise 44.5 Pct. in 2000
2001_Jan-11: Taiwan's Optical Companies Could Find Ethernet Networks Niche
2001_Jan-11: Japanese Gov't to Support Verification Test of IPv6 Home Electric Appliances
2001_Jan-11: EZweb WAP Browser Phone Service Users Reach 5 Mln.
2001_Jan-11: Qualcomm Announces Interest in Korean IMT License
2001_Jan-10: Bell Labs, Fudan University to Set Up Joint Laboratory
2001_Jan-10: NTT DoCoMo to Start Music Distribution to PHS Users
2001_Jan-10: Taiwan Mobile Phone Companies Register Good Year-to-November Results
2001_Jan-10: Japan's ADSL Users Reach 8,300 in One Year
2001_Jan-10: Konami Developing Java-Based Game on I-Mode
2001_Jan-9: Administrative Realignment Intensifies Spotlight on NTT
2001_Jan-9: Portal Software Wins Platform Contract from Shanghai Online
2001_Jan-9: Beijing Telecom Promises Compensation for Service Delays
2001_Jan-8: IA Industry in Taiwan Expected to Grow at Brisk Pace
2001_Jan-5: China's Military Hands Over CDMA Network to China Unicom
2001_Jan-4: ATM Network Built in Shanghai
2001_Jan-4: NTT DoCoMo Announces Java Specifications for I-Mode
2001_Jan-2: Adaptive, Hitachi Kokusai Tie Up on Wireless Broadband Access for Homes


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