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2001_Mar-30: Sharp’s Zaurus PDA to Mount Java and Linux, to be Shipped to U.S., Europe
2001_Mar-30: Samsung Selected to Bid for CDMA Licenses in China
2001_Mar-30: Coca-Cola, Two Others to Experiment with Buying Coke from Vending Machine Using I-Mode
2001_Mar-30: DDI Pocket Adds Music Delivery Method to PHS Using SD Memory Card
2001_Mar-29: Korea-Japan to Establish High-Speed Undersea Cable
2001_Mar-29: Rim Net’s FTTH Service Canceled
2001_Mar-29: Disney to Put Pooh on I-Mode Phones
2001_Mar-29: Sony Develops Digital Content Rights Management, Distribution System
2001_Mar-28: NTT DoCoMo Outlines Next-Generation FOMA Service for European Market
2001_Mar-28: NTT DoCoMo Unveils I-Appli Development Toolkit
2001_Mar-28: China Develops First Core Router for Telecom Use
2001_Mar-28: Bluetooth Mobile Phones Showcased at CeBIT Show
2001_Mar-27: Outline of J-Phone’s Java-Capable Phone Unveiled
2001_Mar-27: NTT DoCoMo to Open I-Mode Mobile Network in Three Stages
2001_Mar-27: SpeedNet, Networks Gain Type I Telecom Licenses for Wireless Services
2001_Mar-27: Lotus to Upgrade Security for Notes Gateway on Java Cell Phone
2001_Mar-27: Cellular Phones Become ‘Membership Cards’ for Haruyama
2001_Mar-23: China Mobile Delays One-Way Charging System
2001_Mar-23: New Access Browser to Support Overseas Expansion of I-Mode Content
2001_Mar-23: Internet-Telephone Equipment Market Set to Grow Tenfold in 2001
2001_Mar-23: Nokia Begins Selling Mobile Phones in Korea
2001_Mar-23: Chinese Expert Urges Better Use of Cable Network
2001_Mar-23: Internet Access Via Mobile Phones to Expand in China: Strategis Group
2001_Mar-23: J-Phone to Strengthen PDC Services Following IMT-2000 Postponement
2001_Mar-23: 3G Licensing Ignites Interest in Taiwan’s Telecom Industry
2001_Mar-23: Sega Unit to Offer ADSL Service to Promote Broadband for Dreamcast
2001_Mar-23: Half of Mobile Net Users Discontented Due to Slow Access: Gartner
2001_Mar-22: Access Debuts SSL-Compatible Micro Browser for Mobile Devices
2001_Mar-22: Inprobe Demos Remote VCR from Cellular Phone
2001_Mar-22: Cable TV Users in China Surpass 90 Million
2001_Mar-21: China Telecom Rents Long-Distance Circuits to China Unicom
2001_Mar-21: Ambit Lands Large Chunghwa Telecom ADSL Equipment Purchase Order
2001_Mar-21: Information Product Sales Score High in China Market
2001_Mar-20: Hong Kong’s New World Telephone Launches New IP Broadband Network Powered by Cisco
2001_Mar-20: KT Freetel to Open Mobile Services in Indonesia
2001_Mar-20: NTT DoCoMo May Let Third Party Set Criteria for I-Mode Menu
2001_Mar-19: Vertex Link Ships Contents Conversion Server Software for Mobile Phones
2001_Mar-19: Japan’s 2000 DVD/WDM Production Increases 23 Pct.: Survey
2001_Mar-19: J-Phone Group to Start Delivery of 3D Images for Cellular Phones in June
2001_Mar-16: Hutchison, Smartone to Break Monopoly in Macau’s Telecom Market
2001_Mar-16: Most Telephone Subscribers Select NTT Group for MyLine Service, Association Says
2001_Mar-16: SK Telecom Opens Mobile Phone Services in Mongolia
2001_Mar-14: Nokia Opens Application Center for 3G Mobile Telecom in Hong Kong
2001_Mar-14: Eastern Broadband to Come On-Stream in April
2001_Mar-14: Subscribers to xDSL Service in Japan More Than Double to 34,000 in February
2001_Mar-13: Korea Telecom Service Providers Move to Install Caller ID Services
2001_Mar-13: New Century, Chunghwa Telecom Ink Network-Interconnecting Pact
2001_Mar-13: DDI Pocket to Use XHTML Basic in Web Browser for PHS Phones
2001_Mar-13: LG Electronics Enters Russia’s Telecom Market
2001_Mar-13: ISID to Introduce IPv6 for Its Enterprise Network Covering 5,000 Clients
2001_Mar-13: Severed U.S.-China Fiber-Optic Cable Partly Restored
2001_Mar-13: CRC Branch Enters Shanghai’s Telecom Market
2001_Mar-13: J-Stream to Provide Music Sampling Service for I-Mode Browser Phones
2001_Mar-12: Java Cellular Phones Blossom in Japan; Production to Reach 20M in 2001
2001_Mar-12: NTT DoCoMo Discloses New HTML Tag Set for 503i Series Handsets
2001_Mar-12: Japanese Subscribers to Internet Services for Mobile Phones Top 30 Million
2001_Mar-9: ITU-R Prepares to Give HDR Official Endorsement; with Clear Timetable
2001_Mar-9: Yamaha to Start Karaoke Music Distribution Service for I-Appli
2001_Mar-9: NTT Group Plans to Shift Focus from Voice to Data in FY2001
2001_Mar-9: Intel Sets Up Center to Support FTTH, DSL Technologies
2001_Mar-9: LG Electronics Forms Joint Telecom Company in China
2001_Mar-9: Tokyo Metallic to Expand ADSL Services, Provide Video Streaming and Server Housing
2001_Mar-9: CTM to Invest More Than US$37.5M in Macau
2001_Mar-8: Sony-Made I-Mode Phone with Over 65,000 Color TFT Display Goes on Sale
2001_Mar-8: China Telecom, Nortel Join Hands in New Network Development
2001_Mar-8: Matsushita to Replace Malfunctioning GD92 Mobile Phone in China
2001_Mar-8: DDI Pocket’s Java-Enabled PHS to Adopt MIDP
2001_Mar-8: U.S. FCC Promotes Competition Among Telecom Companies, Official Says
2001_Mar-7: J-Phone Postpones IMT-2000 Service till June 2002
2001_Mar-7: Japan to Lead World in 3G Mobile Telephony, Former Ericsson Executive Says
2001_Mar-7: SK’s IMT Unit to Launch 3G Services in May
2001_Mar-6: SK Telecom Joins Forces with China Unicom
2001_Mar-6: NTT DoCoMo to Start Push Information Service via I-Mode
2001_Mar-6: Samsung Electronics Selects Qualcomm 3G Chip for W-CDMA Mobile Phone
2001_Mar-6: DDI Pocket to Offer 128kbps Packet Communications Service in June
2001_Mar-5: Dacom to Establish Venture for Undersea Cable Network
2001_Mar-5: Motorola Tops China’s Mobile Phone Market
2001_Mar-5: Au’s Java-Capable Wireless Phones to Use Industry Standard MIDP
2001_Mar-2: NTT DoCoMo to Debut NEC-Made I-Appli-Compatible Mobile Phone with Speedy Display Screen
2001_Mar-2: China Unicom to Earmark US$193M for Tianjin Network Expansion
2001_Mar-2: Baltimore Issues Wireless PKI Certificates for DoCoMo’s SSL Handset: VP
2001_Mar-2: NTT East, NTT West Aim to Obtain 1.55 Mln. Flet’s ADSL Subscribers
2001_Mar-1: Sony Entertainment Unveils Network Business Strategy, Tie-Up with I-Mode
2001_Mar-1: KDDI’s High Data Rate System Test Confirms 2.4Mbps Maximum Throughput
2001_Mar-1: Taiwan’s Mobile Net Access Market Expected to Take Off in Q3


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