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2001_Apr-30: Korea's Broadband Internet Reach Exceeds U.S., Japan
2001_Apr-30: LG to Export CDMA Telecom Equipment to India, Vietnam
2001_Apr-30: Wireless 3G Market Not for Companies with Shallow Pockets: In-Stat Predicts Bleak Prospects
2001_Apr-30: SK Telecom to Start Mobile Internet Services
2001_Apr-27: Intel, HP Japan to Conduct Video Content Delivery Experiment via Broadband Network
2001_Apr-27: Taiwan's OES Launches Optical Communications Industry Association
2001_Apr-27: NTT DoCoMo Unveils PHS Phone Compatible with Music Service
2001_Apr-26: Taiwan's Helix Technology Diversifies into Wireless Technology Business
2001_Apr-26: Matsushita's 'Let's Note' Notebook PCs to Get Wireless Features
2001_Apr-26: Palm's Japan Unit to Enter Corporate Mobile Market
2001_Apr-26: Samsung Selected as One of Six Winners in CDMA Auction in China
2001_Apr-26: J-Phone to Launch Java Service by End of June
2001_Apr-26: J-Phone to Develop Electronic Settlement Service for Browser Phones
2001_Apr-25: NTT DoCoMo Delays Launch of FOMA Next-Generation Mobile Service
2001_Apr-25: Sony, Ericsson to Combine Mobile Phone Handset Businesses
2001_Apr-24: TU-KA Group to Deliver 64-Chord, 492-Tone MIDI Music Files for Mobile Handsets
2001_Apr-24: Sewon Telecom Develops CDMA-Based PDA Devices
2001_Apr-24: Content Distribution Council to Test Distributed Video Content Delivery System
2001_Apr-23: Japan's IMT-2000 3G Mobile Phone Service to Launch Soon
2001_Apr-20: KDDI to Launch Bluetooth Mobile Phone within 2001
2001_Apr-20: Hitachi Adds Embedded Wireless LAN Function to Internet Terminal with Midori Linux
2001_Apr-20: Most Companies Boost IT Capital Investment Despite Economic Downturn: JUAS Survey
2001_Apr-20: HiNet Forms Strategic Alliance with Systex to Support ADSL Business
2001_Apr-19: NTT to Provide 10Mbps Optical Network at Half Price or Less
2001_Apr-19: OMP to Offer ADSL Service for Corporate Users for Less Than US$400 Monthly
2001_Apr-19: Nomura Research Develops Content Distribution System Based on Multicast Tech
2001_Apr-19: Au to Evolve to 'Next-Generation' Service in October: KDDI Exec. VP
2001_Apr-19: Sega, J-Phone to Jointly Develop Games for Java-Capable Cellular Phones
2001_Apr-18: [Sales Rankings] Sony's Clie PDA with Built-In Music Player Sells Well
2001_Apr-18: TOCIA to Sharpen Competitive Edge for Optical Communications Players
2001_Apr-18: China Debuts 'TD-SCDMA' 3G Wireless Technology
2001_Apr-18: Amazon Japan Launches Bookselling, Book Information Service for I-Mode Users
2001_Apr-17: Ritek Seeks to Rank as Largest Maker of DWDM Filters
2001_Apr-17: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce I-Mode at PT Supercomm Asia 2001 in Shanghai
2001_Apr-16: China's Mobile Subscribers Hit 85 Million in 2000, Gartner Says
2001_Apr-13: Public Key Cryptosystem 'NTRU' Slated for Japan's Cell Phones
2001_Apr-13: KDDI Unveils Plans for Java-Compatible Mobile Phone Service
2001_Apr-12: Bluetooth-Compliant IMT-2000 Handset Sales Postponed Till End of 2001
2001_Apr-12: Motorola Looking to Transfer Maintenance Division in Taiwan
2001_Apr-12: J-Phone Group Subscribers Exceed 10 Million
2001_Apr-12: Sharp to Market Cell Phone with GF Color LCD Panel
2001_Apr-11: U.S. Planetweb to Collaborate with Nifty for PS2 Browser
2001_Apr-11: Korea's Telecom Industry Suffers from Overlapping Investments
2001_Apr-10: China Announces Top 100 Electronics and Information Companies
2001_Apr-10: Korea to Use IMT-2000 License Fees for Investments in Domestic IT Industry
2001_Apr-10: DDI Pocket to Market CompactFlash Card with Built-in Data Comm Function
2001_Apr-10: ET Webs Plans to Offer ADSL Service
2001_Apr-10: Nokia Adopts Sanyo's OEM Folding Mobile Phone for J-Phone
2001_Apr-10: U.S. WiredPocket, NEC Collaborate on Web Conversion Software
2001_Apr-10: China to Grant Network Leasing and Sales Licenses
2001_Apr-10: Japan's Mobile Phone Users Surpass 66.8 Million, TCA Says
2001_Apr-9: Access Develops Web Browser for PlayStation2
2001_Apr-6: IIJ to Launch IPv6 Dual Stack Connection Service in Fall
2001_Apr-6: Wireless Handset Sales Plummet During First Quarter
2001_Apr-6: First International Telecom to Sell PHS Handsets Via Arcoa
2001_Apr-6: Ericsson JV Starts Operation in China
2001_Apr-6: EAccess Receives Applications for Over 30,000 ADSL Lines
2001_Apr-5: Cram School to Distribute Tests for Students via Mobile Phones
2001_Apr-5: Nokia to Enter Korea's CDMA Mobile Phone Business
2001_Apr-5: Powercomm to Invest US$740M in Telecom Networks
2001_Apr-5: Optical Networking Parts to See Intense Price Competition: OpNext COO
2001_Apr-4: Power Line Communications to Enable White Goods to Form Home Network
2001_Apr-4: Toshiba Establishes New Company for Location Information Service
2001_Apr-4: IT Products Face Low-Cost Era
2001_Apr-4: Matsushita, NEC Display Commercial IMT-2000 Handsets at CeBIT
2001_Apr-2: Chinese Firms, Foreign JVs Start China's CDMA Bidding
2001_Apr-2: Telecom Providers to Engage in Price War in International Call Services
2001_Apr-2: NTT DoCoMo Discloses Method to Obtain 503i Handset ID from Web Site
2001_Apr-2: NTT DoCoMo Opens Web Site for FOMA Service Slated to Start in May
2001_Apr-2: HomePlug Power Alliance Establishes Working Groups in Europe and Japan
2001_Apr-2: Tokyu Cable to Ally with Sony to Accelerate CATV Internet


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