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2001_May-31: LG Electronics to Supply US$50M in CDMA Equipment to U.S.
2001_May-31: Tokyo Metallic Faces Fund Shortage, But xDSL Operation Continues
2001_May-31: Survey Says NTT DoCoMo's FOMA 3G Service Recognition Rate is 50 Pct.
2001_May-31: Sharp to Provide Free Moving Character Images for Cell Phone
2001_May-31: Lucent, Motorola, Nortel, Ericsson Win China Unicom's CDMA Contracts
2001_May-31: JASRAC Usage Fees Surge on Higher Melody-Sound Alert for Mobile Phones
2001_May-31: KT ICOM Selected to Lead 3G Mobile Services
2001_May-31: Mobile Commerce to be 'A-Rated': Nokia Survey
2001_May-31: Korea Gov't to Boost Exports of CDMA Mobile Products
2001_May-31: Tokio Marine, Omron Develop Anti-Theft Car Security System Using Cell Phone
2001_May-30: Korea to Develop 4G Mobile Technology in Partnership with Japan
2001_May-30: NTT to Start L-Mode Service, Accessible from Public Phones Using Special Card
2001_May-30: NEC to Launch 5GHz Band Wireless LAN
2001_May-30: Chunghwa Telecom Likely to Buy More ADSL Lines
2001_May-29: Cybird to Launch Instant Messaging Service Targeted at KDDI's EZweb
2001_May-29: Dacom Spins Off Telemarketing Business Unit
2001_May-29: Taiwan's 3G Bandwidth Users May Have to Return Bandwidth by Year End
2001_May-29: NTT Develops Optical MPLS Router
2001_May-29: Pearl River Delta Region Becomes China's 'Optic Valley'
2001_May-29: Sony's Online Games to Give Gamers Multilingual Experience
2001_May-28: Changes on the Horizon for Digital Appliance Software Development in Japan
2001_May-25: Japan Telecom to Launch Net Service for Fixed-Line Phones, Challenging NTT
2001_May-25: China Telecom Expected to Face Further Reform
2001_May-25: [Business Show 2001] KDDI Demos Cdma2000 1xEV-DO, High-Speed Communications
2001_May-24: NTT DoCoMo, AOL Partner on E-mail Service Linking Mobile Phones, PCs
2001_May-24: TurboComm Aims to Ship 50 Percent More Cable Modems in 2001
2001_May-24: [Business Show 2001] Next-Generation Mobile Telecom Products Spotlighted
2001_May-23: KT Joins Forces with China Netcom
2001_May-23: DDI Pocket to Launch AirH" Packet-Switched Data Service in June
2001_May-23: Real-Time OS Maker Enea Looks for Opportunities in Japanese Market
2001_May-22: Shanghai Bell Seals US$157M CDMA Contract with China Unicom
2001_May-22: KT Freetel's Mobile Phone Subscribers Exceed 9 Million
2001_May-22: NTT DoCoMo FOMA Monitor Recruitment Attracts 147,000 Applications
2001_May-21: Teenagers Pay a Third of Allowances for Mobile Phone Bills: Survey
2001_May-21: Taiwan's PC, Telecom Industries See Sales Rise in March
2001_May-21: [Sales Rankings] NEC's Mobile Phone Sales Strong; Three Models in Top Five
2001_May-21: Sony Computer, Cisco to Team Up to Make PS2 Ready for IPv6
2001_May-21: China to Build World's Largest Fixed, Mobile Phone Networks
2001_May-21: Japan's DSL Operators' Shares Make Move; NTT Jumps, EAccess Catches Metallic
2001_May-18: Cross-Strait Telecom Forum to be Held in Beijing
2001_May-18: Mobile Phones Dominate China Telecom Sector as Users Surpass 100M
2001_May-18: LG Innotek to Produce Laser Optical Communications Systems
2001_May-18: KDDI to Launch Sales of Bluetooth-Equipped cdmaOne Phone Handset in June
2001_May-17: Sega to Link Vertua Fighter Arcade Video Game with I-Mode Service
2001_May-17: Ten Companies Win CDMA Equipment Bid in China
2001_May-17: Sony Computer, AOL Tie-Up Gives PlayStation2 Users Access to AOL Services
2001_May-17: IBM Wireless Business Chief Discusses Popularization of Mobile Equipment
2001_May-16: Taiwan's Handset Shipment Forecasts Slashed by 40 Pct. for 2001
2001_May-16: China Unicom Targets 100M Subscribers by 2005
2001_May-16: Japan Telecom, Others to Offer Intranet Link Service by J-Sky Mobile Phones
2001_May-15: [BREW 2001] BREW to Help KDDI Fight NTT DoCoMo: Qualcomm EVP
2001_May-15: [BREW 2001] KT Freetel to Launch BREW-Compliant Service
2001_May-15: NTT DoCoMo to Buy IMT-2000 Transmission Equipment for Underground Areas
2001_May-15: [BREW 2001] KDDI to Support BREW on All Its Handsets Within 2002
2001_May-14: U.S. Firm to Build Broadband Cable Network in Yantai
2001_May-14: NTT Regional Firms Face Disharmony as New FTTH Service Arises
2001_May-14: Acer Communications & Multimedia Cuts Estimate for Handset Shipments
2001_May-14: Chinese Experts Cautious About 3G Development
2001_May-14: J-Phone Keeps J-Sky Network Closed, Fears Revenue Decrease
2001_May-14: Virgin Atlantic to Enter Mobile Phone Business in Japan
2001_May-14: [BREW 2001] Navitime Japan, Mitsui Unveil Map Viewer for Wireless Phones
2001_May-11: [BREW 2001] Industry Luminaries Support BREW, Technical Details Emerge
2001_May-11: [BREW 2001] Bandai Networks to Develop BREW-Based 3D Animation Services
2001_May-11: [BREW 2001] K Laboratory Shows Instant Messenger for Mobile Phones
2001_May-11: LG Telecom in Talks with Canadian Operator to Get 3G Mobile License
2001_May-11: Qualcomm, Mitsubishi Partner for CDMA Infrastructure in Japan, China, Taiwan
2001_May-11: NTT DoCoMo to Combine FOMA and PDC into One Service
2001_May-11: NTT DoCoMo Enjoys Sharply Higher Sales, Profits
2001_May-10: Microsoft, Aplix to Form Business for Windows CE Java Technology
2001_May-10: Nortel to Build First Optical Metro Network in Shanghai
2001_May-10: Taiwan Cellular to Take Over TransAsia Telecom
2001_May-10: NTT DoCoMo to Invite Monitors for 'FOMA' Test Service
2001_May-10: [BREW 2001] Qualcomm's BREW Developer Conference Begins in San Diego
2001_May-10: IPv6 is Gaining Popularity: IETF IPNG Working Group Co-Chair
2001_May-9: World's Mobile Phone Production in 2001 Faces Significant Slowdown: Survey
2001_May-8: TEPCO to Start Wireless Internet Service, FTTH by Summer; to Challenge NTT
2001_May-8: Vodafone to Become Japan Telecom's Largest Stockholder
2001_May-7: China Prepares for 3G Mobile Utilization
2001_May-7: Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson Join to Build IM Protocol Standard for Mobile Phones
2001_May-7: Taiwan's Telecom Carriers Scramble to Unleash Sales Promotion Programs
2001_May-7: Bandai Networks Ties Up with AboveNet Japan to Develop Content for IPv6
2001_May-7: Japan's IMT-2000 3G Mobile Phone Service to Launch Soon (Part II)
2001_May-4: Samsung Electronics Enters Home Networking Market in Hong Kong
2001_May-4: Wireless LANs, PHS Don't Impact Medical Gear in Operating Rooms: Ministry Report
2001_May-4: Will the IMT-2000 Change the Cell Phone Market Map?
2001_May-3: Advanced Wireless Access Tech to Realize Mobile Broadband in 5.2GHz Band: NTT Manager Says
2001_May-3: Taiwan's Information Hardware Output Value Set for Zero Growth in 2001
2001_May-2: Telecoms Ministry Orders NTT Units to Offer Convenience to xDSL Providers
2001_May-1: NTT DoCoMo to Delay Start of 3G Mobile Phone Service


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