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2001_Jun-29: Speed for Korea-China Internet Service Bumped Up to 155Mbps
2001_Jun-29: Shares of Blue-Chip SK Telecom Fall Below 200,000 Won
2001_Jun-29: Qualcomm, VIA Inject Capital Into VIA's Mobile Computing Arm
2001_Jun-29: NEC Announces Content Conversion Software for Mobile Phones
2001_Jun-28: LG Telecom Forges Strategic Alliance with Powercomm
2001_Jun-28: Garnet Connections Abandons xDSL Business; Liquidation Starts
2001_Jun-28: Access Co.'s Compact NetFront Browser Tech for L-Mode Generates Big Royalties
2001_Jun-27: ICBC Lends US$1.2 Billion for Unicom's CDMA Construction
2001_Jun-27: SK Telecom to Consolidate Shinsegi Telecom in January 2002
2001_Jun-27: Beifang Bo'er Technology Develops Mobile Satellite Multimedia System
2001_Jun-26: Argogroup's Server Software to Auto-Reformat I-Mode Content to Ezweb, J-Sky
2001_Jun-26: KDDI to Start 'Ezplus' Java-Compliant Mobile Internet Service
2001_Jun-25: Mobile Java, BREW Start to Become Popular
2001_Jun-25: Index Corp., Open Loop Develop Content Protection Tech for FOMA Phones
2001_Jun-25: Andrew Corp. Expands Antenna Output at Plant in Suzhou, China
2001_Jun-22: Taiwan Paging Network to Compete for 3G Telecom License
2001_Jun-22: BREW Outclasses Java in Run-Time Speed and Location Services: Qualcomm EVP
2001_Jun-22: Konami Provides Java Contents to All Three Japanese Cell Phone Carriers
2001_Jun-22: Softbank to Buy Tokyo Metallic, to Rival NTT's ADSL Service
2001_Jun-21: Taiwan's Telecommunications Liberalization Expected in July
2001_Jun-21: Shanghai Unicom Partners With Shanghai Bell, Lucent for CDMA
2001_Jun-21: KDDI to Open EZweb Cell Phone Service Network
2001_Jun-21: AT&T; Japan President Plans to Dig into Japanese Market by Integrating Multiple Business Operations
2001_Jun-21: Yahoo Japan to Launch Low-Cost ADSL Service
2001_Jun-20: NTT East to Offer Web Content Conversion Service for PDAs, L-Mode
2001_Jun-20: Taiwan's KG Telecom to Launch I-Mode Wireless Services in 2002
2001_Jun-20: SK Telecom to Begin 2.5G Services Before May 2002
2001_Jun-20: Lucent Eyes China's 3G Market
2001_Jun-19: Telecom Council Reveals Plan for 4th Generation Mobile Communications System
2001_Jun-19: [3G Congress] Japan, Korea to Lead in Implementing 3G Telecom Networks
2001_Jun-19: China Unicom to Link 13 CDMA Telecom Networks
2001_Jun-19: Taiwan's Cable Modem Service Providers Lose Ground
2001_Jun-19: JVC to Introduce 100Mbps Optical Wireless LAN System
2001_Jun-19: NTT DoCoMo to Combat I-Mode-Only Spam E-Mail
2001_Jun-19: NTT DoCoMo, Sony, NTT Data to Start Joint Experiment on Mobile Commerce
2001_Jun-18: IEEE1394 Being Adopted in Automobiles
2001_Jun-18: [3G Congress] Korea's 3G Coverage to Reach 88 Pct. by Year End
2001_Jun-18: Samsung Starts CDMA Shipments to China Unicom
2001_Jun-18: [3G Congress] Three Asian Mobile Operators to Launch Qualcomm's Applications Platform
2001_Jun-18: Nortel Networks to Expand Chongqing Unicom's GSM Capacity
2001_Jun-18: ADSL Service Less Expensive in Japan Than in U.S.: InfoCom Research Report
2001_Jun-18: LG Electronics Develops VoDSL Technology to Replace ADSL
2001_Jun-18: Ministry to Form Reliability Guidelines for IMT-2000 Mobile Networks
2001_Jun-15: Hanaro, Powercomm Move to Join Forces
2001_Jun-15: Unico Develops Data Compression System for Lower Packet Data Charges
2001_Jun-15: LDP to Collect Donations from Individuals Using I-Mode Phones
2001_Jun-15: Far EasTone to Join Compaq Computer in Mobile Commerce Venture
2001_Jun-15: CDMA Adoption Promises Phone Boost in China
2001_Jun-15: ADSL Future Overshadowed by Short Funding, Emergence of FTTH
2001_Jun-15: [3G Congress] China to Deploy Voice Services in 3G Phase One
2001_Jun-14: KDDI to Offer Flat-Rate, Best-Effort Service Using 1xEV-DO
2001_Jun-14: [3G Congress] Qualcomm Advancing Toward 3G with Partners
2001_Jun-14: SK Telecom Slashes Market Share to 49.99 Pct.
2001_Jun-14: Access Develops Web Browser for Sharp's Linux PDA for Overseas Markets
2001_Jun-14: China Telecom, CRC Collaborate in Network Development
2001_Jun-13: [Bluetooth Conference 2001] Sony Wants Bluetooth to be Faster
2001_Jun-13: LG, Hanaro Face Obstacles on Negotiations for Synchronous IMT-2000 Service
2001_Jun-13: [Bluetooth Conference 2001] NTT DoCoMo, Mitsubishi Electric to Propose Bluetooth Spec for 3G Cell Telephony
2001_Jun-13: [N+I 2001 Tokyo] Nokia Shows IPv6 Mobile Communication Technology
2001_Jun-13: Softbank Will Start High-Speed Data Communications Using 'Power Line'
2001_Jun-13: [3G Congress] Telecom Makers Seeks Killer Applications to Support 3G Technology
2001_Jun-13: Sony Computer Entertainment Says PS2 to Support Java
2001_Jun-12: JCI to Provide Mobile Service for Enterprises
2001_Jun-12: AGC Slashes 60 Pct. from Trans-Pacific, Leased-Line Charges
2001_Jun-12: [3G Congress] 3G World Congress Opens in Hong Kong
2001_Jun-11: CDMA Subscribers Reach 90 Million Worldwide
2001_Jun-8: LG Telecom Extends Deadline for Forming IMT-2000 Consortium until June 13
2001_Jun-7: Fudan University's Network Uses Optics-Based Transmissions
2001_Jun-6: China's Broadband Services Expected to See Rate Cuts
2001_Jun-6: SK Telecom Exports CDMA Technologies to China
2001_Jun-6: Vertex Link Releases Automatic HTML Generation Software for Mobile Terminals
2001_Jun-5: KDDI to Integrate New WAP Version in Au-Brand Cellular Phones
2001_Jun-5: KDDI to Boost Security for Browser Phone-Enabled 'EZweblink' Intranet Service
2001_Jun-5: China's Mobile Phone Makers Form Alliance to Win in Domestic Market
2001_Jun-5: SK Telecom Provides VOD Services on Mobile Phones
2001_Jun-5: Telecom Council Begins Deliberations on New Cdma Standard
2001_Jun-4: Hubei Telecom Selects Infranet for Merged Data Networks
2001_Jun-4: LG Electronics Aims to Export US$20 Million of Telecom Equipment in 2001
2001_Jun-4: Kyocera Communication to Open Program for Web Pages for Various Cell Phone Formats
2001_Jun-4: [Computex Taipei] Broadband Routers to Make an Uprising
2001_Jun-4: U-CONN, U.S. Terra Form Partnership
2001_Jun-4: KDDI to Start Network Service Targeting Communication Battle Games
2001_Jun-4: China Mobile to Rival China Unicom's CDMA with 2.5G Services
2001_Jun-1: Hitachi to Launch IPv6 Network Building, Operation Services
2001_Jun-1: Hanaro Opposes Consortium Formation Led by LG
2001_Jun-1: CdmaOne Mobile Phone Handsets with 'Hello Kitty' Character to Debut
2001_Jun-1: J-Phone East to Conduct Research for Service to Link Cellular Phone with Wireless LAN
2001_Jun-1: China Sees Rapid Growth in VoIP Usage
2001_Jun-1: PowerComm May be Sold to Non-Telecom Company


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