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2001_Jul-31: KDDI to Merge with Au Cell Phone Co., Retain Au Brand Name
2001_Jul-31: Japan's Internet Users May be Beginning to Decline in Number
2001_Jul-31: Yahoo Japan to Delay ADSL Service
2001_Jul-27: SK Telecom Sees Market Share Surpass 50 Pct.
2001_Jul-26: Tottori Sanyo, Cisco to Launch Web-Enabled IP Phone
2001_Jul-26: Qualcomm Begins Sample Shipments of Chipsets for 1xEV-DO
2001_Jul-26: Taiwan's Three Mobile Phone Retailers Sell 1.85 Million Handsets in First Half
2001_Jul-26: CompactFlash Wireless LAN Cards Come of Age
2001_Jul-26: Japan Entry Comprises Stepping Stone in Asia: Pres. of Italian ISP Tiscali
2001_Jul-25: China's SARFT Declines MII's Plan to Converge Telecom, Cable Markets
2001_Jul-25: NTT Regional Cos. to Acquire Preliminary FWA License to Launch 10Mbps Wireless Internet Service
2001_Jul-24: Foreign Telecom Giants Keep Distance
2001_Jul-24: Anritsu Debuts Signal Tester to Verify 3GPP-Standard W-CDMA Mobile Handsets
2001_Jul-24: Nokia Elbows into 3G Applications in China
2001_Jul-24: AT&T; to Provide Frame Relay Service for China Telecom
2001_Jul-24: PDA Market to Expand Rapidly, NTT DoCoMo Chairman Says
2001_Jul-24: Multinational Telecom Companies Eye Beijing Olympic Opportunities
2001_Jul-23: Worldwide Production of Mobile Phones for Q2 Drops Substantially
2001_Jul-23: EZweb's Subscribers Exceed 8 Million
2001_Jul-23: AOLi Service to Help NTT DoCoMo Expand into Overseas Markets
2001_Jul-19: 'We Will Never Lose Out to Japan in Broadband Business': Hanaro Telecom Pres.
2001_Jul-19: NTT West, Toho Deliver Movie Content to Theaters via Optical Fiber Network
2001_Jul-18: Matsushita Develops Small Bi-Directional Antenna for IMT-2000 Base Station
2001_Jul-17: Lotus' New Domino to Enable Groupware Use from PDAs
2001_Jul-17: Subscribers to 'L-Mode' Service Increase at 500 Per Day
2001_Jul-16: Mobile Phone Subscribers in Asia-Pacific to Top 575M in 2005: Yankee Group
2001_Jul-16: Korea Telecom Japan, EAccess Partner to Provide xDSL Service in Japan
2001_Jul-16: Taiwan Cellular Reports Banner June Earnings
2001_Jul-16: IPv6 Internet Protocol Comes of Age
2001_Jul-16: Broadband Services Reach 6.25 Million Korean Homes: Ministry Report
2001_Jul-15: DoCoMo's Global Strategy Revolves around Asia: President
2001_Jul-13: Exports of CDMA Mobile Products Rise 37 Pct.
2001_Jul-12: Lines Used for Usen's FTTH Service Exceed 1,000, Topping NTT's Regional Operators
2001_Jul-12: LG, Hanaro Form IMT-2000 Consortium to Win 3G Telecom License
2001_Jul-12: Motorola to Deliver 3G Telecom Devices to Hutchison Whampoa
2001_Jul-12: SK Telecom Lowers Market Share to Below 50 Pct. at End of June
2001_Jul-11: Mobile Phone Usage in Large Companies Hits 74.2 Pct.: ECR Survey
2001_Jul-11: Number of DSL Subscribers to Reach 300,000; NTT Regionals Top 60 Pct.
2001_Jul-10: Korean Gov't to Lower Mobile Phone Fees by October
2001_Jul-10: KDDI to Offer 1xEV-DO Service at Low Flat Rate for Corporate Users
2001_Jul-10: Ambit Microsystems Lands ADSL Orders from Japanese Buyer
2001_Jul-10: Samsung Electronics to Enter Home Network Business
2001_Jul-10: Siemens to Invest US$60 Mln in China's Mobile Phone Production
2001_Jul-10: J-Phone Subscribers Top KDDI in June to Rank Second to NTT DoCoMo
2001_Jul-9: ACCA Networks Plans 8Mbps ADSL Service to Rival Yahoo Broadband
2001_Jul-9: NTT, Sharp, DNP Start Joint Study for Contents Distribution by Optical Network
2001_Jul-9: Pioneer Starts Map Search Service for Mobile Devices, PDAs
2001_Jul-9: Telecom Council Reports 'Beyond IMT-2000'
2001_Jul-6: Sony's Airboard to Support Broadband
2001_Jul-6: Oki, KDDI R&D; to Debut Voice-Recognition Navigation System for Cell Phones
2001_Jul-6: SK Telecom to Pull out of Fixed Line Telecom Market
2001_Jul-5: Sony Starts ADSL Service for Businesses
2001_Jul-5: New Bluetooth Platform to Augment Other Mobile Phone Systems: Ericsson GM
2001_Jul-3: Mobile Phones Used by 6.7 Pct. of Japan's Fifth-Graders
2001_Jul-3: Samsung, LG to Manufacture GSM Mobile Phones in China
2001_Jul-3: Level 3 Communications Launches 10Gbps H.K.-Japan Undersea Cable
2001_Jul-3: NTT Establishes New Firm for Broadband Content Distribution
2001_Jul-2: Samsung Electronics to Enter Internet Phone Market
2001_Jul-2: TBS, Two Others to Launch Broadband Video Distribution Business in 2002
2001_Jul-2: Access to Introduce IPv6-Compatible Bluetooth Protocol Stack
2001_Jul-2: Pantech to Export Cell Phones to Motorola
2001_Jul-2: Sony Sets Up Application Interface to Connect PCs to MDs, Eyes Music Distribution
2001_Jul-2: NTT DoCoMo Launches Area Information Service for I-Mode Using Users' Location


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