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2001_Aug-31: NTT Fixed-Rate ISDN to Top 1M Circuits, But ADSL Charge Reduction May Slow Growth
2001_Aug-31: China Unicom, Motorola Ink US$260 Million Deal on GSM Expansion
2001_Aug-31: LG Electronics Opens CDMA Wireless Telecom System in Uzbekistan
2001_Aug-31: 3GPP to Advance DS-CDMA Specs, Enabling 10Mbps with 5MHz
2001_Aug-31: KDDI to Start New Settlement Service for M-Commerce
2001_Aug-30: Taiwan Cellular, Disney Tie Up for Wireless Content Distribution
2001_Aug-30: J-Phone Group Companies to Merge in Nov. to Rival NTT DoCoMo, KDDI
2001_Aug-30: Access Distributes Free Web Browser for PlayStation2 That Runs on Linux
2001_Aug-30: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Pilot Live Streaming Service via FOMA Network
2001_Aug-29: KDDI Group to Release Mobile Phone-Connectable Digital Camera with Flash
2001_Aug-29: Japan Communications to Resell PHS Data Network
2001_Aug-29: LG Chosen to Provide Synchronous IMT-2000 Services
2001_Aug-29: Wind River of U.S. Dominates Market For Japan’s FOMA Base Station OS Products
2001_Aug-29: Bandai to Launch PC-Shaped L-Mode Terminal for Children
2001_Aug-28: MOTC Plans to Launch Five 3G Licenses Before Year End
2001_Aug-28: Mobile Data Subscribers to Reach 400 Million in 2006: Yankee Group
2001_Aug-28: Chinese TV Makers to Benefit from Digital TV Broadcasting
2001_Aug-28: TV Programs Encourage Audiences to Participate by Cell Phone
2001_Aug-28: Privatization of Powercomm to Be Delayed
2001_Aug-28: China’s WTO Entry to Fuel Telecom Market, Says CEO of China Motion Telecom
2001_Aug-24: Ambit, Kinpo Top Taiwan’s ADSL and Cable Modem Shipments
2001_Aug-24: NTT DoCoMo to Debut Windows CE Handheld Capable of Packet Communications via FOMA
2001_Aug-23: TU-KA Group to Launch 28.8kbps Packet Data Communication Service in October
2001_Aug-23: Singapore Airlines to Offer In-Flight E-Mail Service for Japan Flights
2001_Aug-23: KT, China Unicom in CDMA Alliance
2001_Aug-23: Wireless LAN Service to Help Boost Roaming Demand: GRIC Communications CEO
2001_Aug-22: Samsung Electronics Wins Supply Contract with Orange Telecom
2001_Aug-22: DDI Pocket to Resell PHS Packet Network to Third Parties Offering Own Service
2001_Aug-22: ITU Recognizes CDMA2000 1xEV-DO as IMT-2000 Standard
2001_Aug-21: Compal Lands Mobile-Phone Contracts from Big Chinese Brands
2001_Aug-21: China’s Telecom Market Expected to Expand Further
2001_Aug-21: LG Releases Modem for 3G Wireless Devices
2001_Aug-21: Lotus Japan to Release Domino Gateway Software for PHS in September
2001_Aug-20: Korea’s Digital TV Broadcasts to Begin in November
2001_Aug-20: Coca-Cola to Start Experiments to Combine Vending Machines With I-Mode
2001_Aug-20: China Surpasses U.S. to Lead World’s Mobile Users List, MII Says
2001_Aug-20: Half of ADSL Users in Japan Prefer to Switch to FTTH: ASCII Survey
2001_Aug-17: Taiwan’s Mobile Phone User Growth Falls Below 20 Pct. in First Half
2001_Aug-17: Alcatel Expands Mobile Network in Tibet
2001_Aug-17: China Railcom Launches Nationwide Operations
2001_Aug-17: Dongah Elecomm to Export US$22 Million Worth of Mobile Equipment
2001_Aug-17: Japan’s xDSL Lines Exceed 400,000 at End of July: Gov’t Report
2001_Aug-16: EAccess to Reduce ADSL Connection Rate
2001_Aug-16: Shanghai Mobile Communications Reports Brisk Growth in New Users
2001_Aug-16: Japanese Movie Distributor to Offer Movie Contents for FOMA 3G Service
2001_Aug-16: Japan Telecom to Enter Broadband Content Distribution Business
2001_Aug-15: Culture Convenience Club Begins Marketing New Singers Using Mobile Phones
2001_Aug-13: Chunghwa Telecom to Set Up Investment Affiliate to Develop Cross-Pacific Market
2001_Aug-10: Taiwan’s State-Owned Companies to Abandon 3G Cellular Phone Business
2001_Aug-9: Taiwan’s Fixed-Network Telecom Companies Establish Distribution Channels
2001_Aug-9: NTT DoCoMo to Procure Experimental System for ‘4G’ Mobile Communications
2001_Aug-8: IIJ Completes Connection to IPv6-Based IX ‘6TAP Palo Alto’
2001_Aug-8: LG Telecom, Hanaro to Pursue Joint Marketing, Product Development
2001_Aug-8: Korean Companies Increase Exports of GSM Phones
2001_Aug-8: China’s MII to Cease Mobile Phone OEM Licensing
2001_Aug-7: LG IMT Consortium Applies for License
2001_Aug-7: KDDI Group Extends International Roaming Service to New Zealand
2001_Aug-7: Kodensha to Offer Translation, Speech Service for Mobile Phone Users
2001_Aug-7: DDI Pocket to Start Fixed-Rate PHS Data Communications Service
2001_Aug-6: NTT to Offer Bluetooth-Enabled Wireless Terminal Adapter
2001_Aug-6: China Unicom Selects Cisco for Building World’s Largest VoIP Network
2001_Aug-3: WAP Forum Releases WAP 2.0 Specification for Mobile Phones
2001_Aug-2: Pumatech Japan VP Expects More PDAs on the Business Scene
2001_Aug-2: NTT DoCoMo Announces Customer Evaluation Survey for Trial FOMA Service
2001_Aug-2: Monopoly Broken in Macau Telecom Market
2001_Aug-2: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Data-Card PHS with Mobile Phone Connectivity
2001_Aug-1: Mobile Phone Contents to Make Inroads into China
2001_Aug-1: So-net to Cut ADSL Rates to Compete with Yahoo! BB
2001_Aug-1: Taiwan’s Cell Phone Retailers Report Banner July Sales
2001_Aug-1: KDDI Reluctant to Introduce 1xEV-DV, Future Version of 1xEV-DO, for IMT-2000
2001_Aug-1: China Unicom to Launch Wireless Data Service
2001_Aug-1: Yahoo Japan’s Target for New ADSL Service Revised Downwardly to One Fourth of Initial Estimate


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