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2001_Sep-28: [WPC2001] D2 Communications Pres. Analyses Effectiveness of Mobile Ads
2001_Sep-28: [WPC2001] Giga Reveals the Secrets of Success in the Ring Melody Business
2001_Sep-28: China to Commercialize Its 3G Cellular Technology in 2004
2001_Sep-28: NTT DoCoMo to Provide Servers for FOMA Moving-Image Distribution Experiment
2001_Sep-28: Sega to Develop Games for Qualcomm's BREW Wireless Platform
2001_Sep-27: NTT DoCoMo Debuts FOMA Devices for Voice, Data Transfer
2001_Sep-27: [WPC2001] Korea Harex InfoTech Unveils Mobile Payment System by Infrared Data Transfer
2001_Sep-27: Tianjin Aims to Become Largest Mobile Phone Production Base in Asia
2001_Sep-27: Mobile Phone Users Exceed Five Million in Shanghai
2001_Sep-27: Nokia to Enable Multimedia Message Delivery to Non-Multimedia Mobile Phones
2001_Sep-27: Korea's KT Freetel to Launch First Commercial BREW Services in November
2001_Sep-27: ADSL Spreads Faster in Japan Than in U.S., Centillium Director Says
2001_Sep-26: Nortel to Build Multi-Service Backbone for China Unicom
2001_Sep-26: [WPC2001] Bluetooth-Related Products Exhibited at World PC Expo 2001
2001_Sep-26: Japan Telecom to Enhance Intranet Access Security from J-Sky Mobile Phone
2001_Sep-26: Korea May Introduce TD-SCDMA for 3G Mobile Phone Standard
2001_Sep-26: NTT Faces Difficulty Finalizing Fair Competition Plan
2001_Sep-26: Chinese SMEs Encouraged to Enter Value-Added Telecom Market
2001_Sep-26: NTT DoCoMo, IBM Japan Co-Develop Advanced Video Transmission Control Technology
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] NEC President Predicts Integration of Broadband, Mobile Networks
2001_Sep-25: Singapore to Expand Mobile Business Partnership with Japan
2001_Sep-25: EAccess to Offer IP Telephony, Enable Calls to Public Networks from Windows XP
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] 3G Key Players Look Into the Crystal Ball
2001_Sep-25: No Copying of Cellular Phone Content Makes for Difficult Business Strategy
2001_Sep-25: [WPC2001] Phase Two of Mobile Java Content Service with GPS to Come, Bandai Network CTO Says
2001_Sep-25: Telecom Firms See Business Opportunities in Chinese Market
2001_Sep-25: Vodafone Aims to Take Over Japan Telecom/J-Phone Management
2001_Sep-21: KDDI to Delay Start of Its Third-Generation Mobile Phone Service Till April 2002
2001_Sep-20: [WPC2001] Intel KK President Stresses Need to Invest, Improve Network Infrastructure
2001_Sep-20: Mitsubishi Electric to Market Power Amplifiers for cdmaOne Mobile Phones
2001_Sep-19: China to Accelerate Building of Urban Information Infrastructure
2001_Sep-19: [WPC2001] World PC Expo Invites Visitors to Try Out Future Cell Phones
2001_Sep-19: Beijing Bell, Portal Software Partner to Deliver Telecom Service Platform
2001_Sep-18: Access's New Browser for 3G Mobile Phones Will be Compatible with WAP 2.0
2001_Sep-18: Nihon Ericsson, Others to Add Position Info Services to Bluetooth Field Trial
2001_Sep-18: China's Optoelectronics Industry Projected to Reach US$10 Billion
2001_Sep-18: Vodafone in Talks with Japan Telecom for Possible Takeover Bid
2001_Sep-17: China Netcom Expects Profit by Year-End, President Says
2001_Sep-17: I-Appli-Capable Cellular Phones Prove Popular: Nikkei BP Survey
2001_Sep-17: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments for July Drop Versus 2000
2001_Sep-17: DNP Develops New Data Distribution System for Cell Phones
2001_Sep-17: Au to Debut CdmaOne PC-Card Supporting 64k Packet Transfer
2001_Sep-17: Recalls of Mobile Phones Continue
2001_Sep-14: Taiwan to Hike Foreign Ownership in Telecom Enterprises
2001_Sep-14: Cdma 1x Shipments for Fiscal 2001 to Distance FOMA's, Says Yano Report
2001_Sep-13: Oki to Debut VXML-Compliant Software for Easy Computer Telephony Integration
2001_Sep-13: Powertel Expected to Complete Privatization in 2001
2001_Sep-13: SCEI to Launch LCD Monitor for PSone Game Console
2001_Sep-13: Cisco to Launch 'Hot Spot' Business in Japan: Vice President
2001_Sep-12: Yahoo! BB Gains Third Place in Market Share
2001_Sep-12: NTT Com to Offer IPv6 Net Access Service for Unlimited Number of Terminals
2001_Sep-12: NEC's Biglobe ISP to Support P3P Privacy Protection Standard
2001_Sep-11: NTT DoCoMo to Give 'I-Appli' Handsets More Applications Capacity
2001_Sep-11: LG Electronics Steps Up as Biggest CDMA Handset Supplier in Australia
2001_Sep-11: CEO Claims NTT DoCoMo Has 'No Bandwidth to Spare for MVNOs'
2001_Sep-11: J-Phone Pressing Hard on Au in New Mobile Phone Subscribers
2001_Sep-10: Cellular Phone Users Say Hardware Most Important Choice
2001_Sep-10: I-Appli Boosts Users' Spending on Data Communication: Nikkei BP Survey
2001_Sep-10: Flex-Firm to Offer Mobile Phone Specs for Converting Carriers' Contents
2001_Sep-10: SK's, Shinsegi Telecom's Combined Shares Rebound to 50 Pct.
2001_Sep-10: Taiwan's Info Appliance Industry Sees First-Half Production Rise 42.7 Pct.
2001_Sep-10: NTT DoCoMo to Develop Corporate User Market First for FOMA
2001_Sep-7: Japan Telecom, JR East to Test Wireless LAN Access at Tokyo Station
2001_Sep-7: Taiwan's Mobile Phone Producers Slash Full-Year Shipment Goals
2001_Sep-7: Samsung Breaks into China's Broadband Home Network Market
2001_Sep-6: Chunghwa Telecom Reports Banner First-Half Revenues
2001_Sep-6: NEC, Matsushita Tie-Up Seeks to Cut IMT-2000 Development Costs
2001_Sep-6: New Measures Introduced for Telecom JV in China
2001_Sep-6: Ericsson to Serve as Engine for Western China, Says Pres. of Ericsson China
2001_Sep-6: Yahoo! BB Attracts 1 Million-Plus Subscribers, Yet Not All Can Use Service
2001_Sep-5: Internet Data Center Service in Japan to Top US$9.3 Bln. in 2005: Report
2001_Sep-5: SKC Set to Expand into Mobile Phone Production
2001_Sep-5: Taiwan's DWDM TFF Firms May Exit Market on Dismal Prospects
2001_Sep-5: Nortel to Build US$8 Mln. Backbone Networks for China Telecom
2001_Sep-5: NTT DoCoMo Sets 'FOMA' 3G Mobile Service Launch for Oct. 1
2001_Sep-4: Chunghwa Telecom Prepares to Invest in China
2001_Sep-4: Yamaha to Distribute Polyphonic Ring Melodies for Mobile Phones in Taiwan
2001_Sep-4: China Unicom Readies Terminals for CDMA Operation
2001_Sep-4: Sanyo to Offer Unit to Control Air-Conditioner via Mobile Phones
2001_Sep-4: Japan Telecom to Test Large-Scale Video Content Distribution System
2001_Sep-3: Japan Telecom to Own 15 Percent of eAccess
2001_Sep-3: Korea Aims to Export US$10 Bln. in Mobile Telecom Equipment
2001_Sep-3: Cellular Carriers Begin Countdown to IMT-2000


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