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2001_Nov-30: Bright Prospects Predicted for Taiwan's Optical Communications Industry
2001_Nov-30: Samsung Agrees with Oracle to Cooperate on Mobile Biz
2001_Nov-30: Council Details Field Test Plan for IPv6 Consumer Electronics Appliances
2001_Nov-30: Taiwan Sees Slowing of ADSL Subscription Growth
2001_Nov-30: Two Men Arrested for Using Unauthorized File-Exchange Software
2001_Nov-29: Macromedia to Offer Server-Interactive 'Flash' for Cell Phones, PDAs
2001_Nov-29: China's Mobile Phone Industry to Get Major Boost from WTO Entry
2001_Nov-29: Toshiba to Launch GPS-Based Location Navigation/Local Info Service
2001_Nov-29: China Reveals Telecom Split Plan
2001_Nov-29: Hong Kong's Big Challenge is to Woo Foreign Companies
2001_Nov-29: British Venture Firm to Introduce More European Technologies Used in Japan: nCoTec Ventures Partner
2001_Nov-28: DoCoMo to Begin Convenient Cell Phone Fixing Service
2001_Nov-28: NTT Communications Acquires Remaining Stake in Davtel
2001_Nov-28: Shanghai Bell, Samsung to Establish CDMA System JV in China
2001_Nov-28: Demand for Flash Memory Chips in 2005 to Reach 40 Pct. of DRAMs
2001_Nov-28: China to Introduce Digital TV Broadcasting
2001_Nov-28: China Netcom Promotes Commercial Wideband Network
2001_Nov-28: Major Global Handset Makers Attract Taiwan Companies to Northern China
2001_Nov-28: NTT Group, Other Telecom Carriers Show Opinion Conflict on NTT Business Expansion
2001_Nov-27: NTT DoCoMo Begins Position-Info Service for Companies, Providers
2001_Nov-27: EAccess to Build 10Gbps Ring for Metropolitan Area Using Ciena's Optical Switch
2001_Nov-27: Asia/Pacific Mobile Market Buoyant Despite Global Shipment Decline, Says Gartner
2001_Nov-27: Taiwan's Four Cell Phone Companies Fight for DoCoMo's I-Mode Handset Orders
2001_Nov-27: Nokia to Establish R&D; Center in Hangzhou
2001_Nov-27: China Railcom Builds China's Longest Broadband Telecom Network
2001_Nov-27: NTT-AT to Sell New User Authentication System for Java-Compatible Mobile Phones
2001_Nov-26: Beijing Shouxin, Agere Systems Develop Smallest GSM Mobile Phones
2001_Nov-26: China's Mobile Phone Users Hit 136 Million
2001_Nov-26: J-Phone to Launch Dual-Band Handsets for First IMT-2000 3G Service
2001_Nov-22: Generic Media, PacketVideo Develop Video Distribution Technology for FOMA Phones
2001_Nov-21: KDDI Unveils Mobile Communications Strategy for Second Half of FY2001
2001_Nov-21: Daewoo Telecom to Be Split into Five Units
2001_Nov-20: Average Users Spend 2,600 yen Monthly for I-Mode
2001_Nov-19: NTT DoCoMo Prepares to Launch FOMA Video Download Service
2001_Nov-19: China Mobile, China Unicom Begin Network Interconnection
2001_Nov-19: Foreign Telecom Firms Face Challenges in China Despite WTO Admission, Says Gartner
2001_Nov-19: Cisco Demonstrates Cdma2000 1x in China
2001_Nov-19: NTT DoCoMo's FOMA Still Lacks Luster
2001_Nov-16: NTT DoCoMo, Nokia Join Forces to Promote 3G Mobile Telecom Services
2001_Nov-16: Sharp, Cisco Systems to Team for 5GHz Wireless LAN
2001_Nov-16: Nokia Alliance Set to Shake Up Taiwan's Handset Manufacturing Industry
2001_Nov-15: Optical Communication Giants Focus on Ritek, Others
2001_Nov-15: Industry Should Create Open Platform for Cell Phone E-Payments: Visa Senior VP
2001_Nov-15: Pantech to Acquire Hyundai Curitel
2001_Nov-15: Hyundai Curitel to Export Wireless Handsets to Romania
2001_Nov-15: Juniper Networks Aims to Be Top Supplier in Mobile Data Market: Director
2001_Nov-14: First Mobile Phone of Sony Ericsson Brand Likely to Come in Q2 2002
2001_Nov-14: Samsung Selected as 3G Supplier for Shangahi
2001_Nov-13: Seven Operators to Serve in China Unicom's CDMA Test Networks
2001_Nov-13: Mobile Phone Shipments Decline in September for 4th Month, JEITA Says
2001_Nov-13: J-Phone to Start Packet Communications in Spring 2002
2001_Nov-13: NTT DoCoMo to Expand FOMA Service Area Nationwide by Spring 2002
2001_Nov-13: NTT DoCoMo Launches Dual-Band Handset for 800MHz/1.5GHz Frequency Services
2001_Nov-13: Vodafone Opens Office in Beijing
2001_Nov-13: KDDI to Offer GPS Navigation Service, Deliver MPEG-4 Video to Cell Phones in December
2001_Nov-12: NTT DoCoMo Takes Measures to Protect I-Mode Servers Burdened with Spams
2001_Nov-12: DDI Pocket, HP Japan, DreamArts to Collaborate on CRM Business
2001_Nov-12: Japan's Subscribers to CdmaOne Surpass 10 Million
2001_Nov-12: Matsushita Communication to Offer Super-Thin Speaker for Mobile Phones
2001_Nov-12: DSL Line Contracts Top 900,000 in Oct., Up 42 Pct. from Previous Month
2001_Nov-8: Matsushita Showcases Navigation System Using GPS Cell Phones
2001_Nov-7: Ericsson Gives Japan's First Demo of Bluetooth-Based VoIP for GSM Cell Phones
2001_Nov-7: Multinational Equipment Vendors Compete for China's CDMA Project
2001_Nov-7: Sichuan Mobile, SignalSoft, A-INFO Join to Run Location Services Trial in China
2001_Nov-7: Chunghwa Telecom to Purchase 3G Mobile-Phone Equipment
2001_Nov-7: NTT DoCoMo Gives I-Mode Specs in English, to Penetrate Overseas Mobile Content Services
2001_Nov-6: Taiwan's Cellular Providers Report Strong Year-to-September Results
2001_Nov-6: Hutchison Whompoa Places Order with NEC for 3G Wireless Devices
2001_Nov-6: NTT DoCoMo, TBS Test Realtime Digital TV Broadcasting for Mobile Phones
2001_Nov-5: Windows XP Pro to Rank 2nd for Corporate OS Installation in 2002: Survey
2001_Nov-5: Datang Telecom, Siemens Sign Agreement on TD-SCDMA Technology
2001_Nov-5: Mobile Phone Manufacturers Target China as Asia-Pacific Technology Base
2001_Nov-5: Trend Micro to Launch Home-Use Fire Wall
2001_Nov-2: Tokyo Motor Show: Future In-Car Systems Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show
2001_Nov-2: Fujitsu Tests Optical WDM Communication Spanning 7,400km at 2.4Tbps
2001_Nov-2: Internet Initiative Japan to Launch IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack Service
2001_Nov-1: TU-KA Group Launches Commercial 28.8kbps Packet Data Services on Motorola PDC Network


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