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2001_Dec-31: Always Prepare for Sudden Slowdowns: Nokia CEO Ollila
2001_Dec-31: PDA, Mobile Phone and Semiconductor Stories Stand Out: Annual Ranking

2001_Dec-31: Nokia to Double Investment in Beijing
2001_Dec-28: FTC Warns NTT Regionals for Unfairly Favoring Users of Its Own ADSL Service
2001_Dec-28: New USB Supplement Enables Point-to-Point Data Exchange for Mobile Devices
2001_Dec-27: SK Telecom to Lower Mobile Fees by 8.3 Pct. in 2002
2001_Dec-27: FTTH, Cable Network to be Used for PS2 Content Distribution Service
2001_Dec-27: Crucial Competition Will Occur at Sweet Spot of 10G/40G Solution: Infineon Vice President
2001_Dec-27: KDDI Releases Cellular Phone Developed by Sony Ericsson for Au Service
2001_Dec-26: SK Telecom Mulls Acquisition of Onse Telecom
2001_Dec-24: China Satcom Established for Telecom Services
2001_Dec-24: EAccess, Other ADSL Operators Clash with Softbank at Gov’t Telecom Hearing
2001_Dec-21: Hyundai Curitel to Supply CDMA Phones to India
2001_Dec-21: Softbank, SCEI Join Hands for PS2-Based Broadband Biz
2001_Dec-21: Softbank Advances Into Internet Phone Business
2001_Dec-20: Seven Groups Bid for Five 3G Licenses in Taiwan
2001_Dec-20: Zhongshan TV Station to Convert 33,700 Households to Digital TV Services
2001_Dec-20: Strengthening Position As Asia’s Top Carrier: Singapore Telecom Exec. VP
2001_Dec-19: KDDI’s CATV Internet Company to Start Field Trial for IPv6 Using Cable TV Network
2001_Dec-19: Taiwan’s Opto-Communications Industry Expects Rapid Growth
2001_Dec-19: NTT Com to Develop Prototype Controller for Home Appliances Using IPv6 Network
2001_Dec-19: SK Telecom Denies Rumor of Ending Talks with NTT DoCoMo
2001_Dec-19: Worldwide Demand for Mobile Phones in 2001 to Post Negative Growth
2001_Dec-19: China’s First Telecom Joint Venture to Start Service
2001_Dec-18: Taiwan Mobile Phone Shipments Expected to Grow in 2002
2001_Dec-18: JEITA Says Mobile Phone Shipments Decline for Five Consecutive Months
2001_Dec-18: Nifty, EAccess to Launch IPv6 Field Trial Service for Consumers in Jan.
2001_Dec-18: Pumatech, Sharp to Start Data Sync Service Between PCs, PDAs
2001_Dec-17: China Launches Project S219 to Guard Information Networks
2001_Dec-14: Sales of Motorola V60 Mobile Phones Suspended in Northwest Chinese City
2001_Dec-14: Broadband Services via PS2 to Roll Out Overseas: CEO of Sony Computer
2001_Dec-14: Taiyo Yuden, Hitachi Engineering Interconnect Three Different Bluetooth Chips at Expo
2001_Dec-13: Java-Based Video Distribution System Business Unveiled by i-Broadcast
2001_Dec-13: TechMatrix Launches Middleware for Cell Phone/PDA-Application Development
2001_Dec-13: Root Develops Wireless LAN Device Supporting IPv6
2001_Dec-12: XDSL Subscriber Contracts Reach 1.2 Mln. in Japan: Gov’t Report
2001_Dec-12: Matsui Securities Gets Award for Corporate Excellence: First Porter Prize
2001_Dec-12: Japan’s IT Strategy Headquarters Discusses Telecom Reform
2001_Dec-11: China Unicom CDMA Network Enters Final Preparation Stage
2001_Dec-11: C&W; to Acquire PSINet Japan; IP Service Sales in Japan to Top US$150 Million
2001_Dec-11: Taiwan Cellular to Set Up Offices in Beijing, Shanghai
2001_Dec-11: Ericsson’s Investment in China to Reach US$5.1 Bln. by 2005
2001_Dec-11: Mobile Phone Subscription Rates Slow in Japan
2001_Dec-10: Digital BS Receiver Sales Rise by 13,000 in October
2001_Dec-10: Fujitsu, Others Deploy Test Network to Enhance Wide Area Ethernet Usability
2001_Dec-10: Chunghwa Telecom to Procure ADSL End-User Equipment
2001_Dec-10: Competition Between Fixed Network, Cable TV Providers Heats Up in Taiwan
2001_Dec-10: Japan’s ISP Subscription Growth Rate Drops to 14 Pct. in First Half 2001
2001_Dec-7: KDDI to Launch Wide-Area Ethernet Service with Competitive Regional Rates
2001_Dec-7: China’s Internet Bandwidth Increases Sharply, Survey Reveals
2001_Dec-7: Toshiba Establishes CDMA Mobile JV in Nanjing
2001_Dec-6: Telecom Recession to End One-Stop-Shop Mode, Says Gartner
2001_Dec-6: Bandspeed, Open Interface Co-Develop Technology to Lower Wireless Interference
2001_Dec-6: Fuji Chimera Research Says Intelligent Traffic System Market to Hit US$130 Bln.
2001_Dec-6: Taiwan Reports World’s Second-Highest ADSL Penetration Ratio
2001_Dec-6: J-Phone Unveils Development Tool for Mobile Phone Java Applications
2001_Dec-6: Ericsson, Sony to Assist Each Other, Says Ericsson CEO Hellstrom
2001_Dec-4: Secom, KDDI to Provide Emergency Notification Service by GPS Cell Phones
2001_Dec-4: Korea’s Cyberbank Picks Citrix MetaFrame to Run Windows Applications on PDA
2001_Dec-4: China to Abolish Laws Banning Overseas Presence in Telecom Sector
2001_Dec-4: NTT Develops Prototype Terminal Capable of PHS/Wireless LAN Protocol
2001_Dec-4: Advanced Micro Devices Develops Transistor of 15nm Gate Length
2001_Dec-3: A Variety of Security Technologies Target Net-Enabled Cell Phones
2001_Dec-3: How Will NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA Service Best be Used?
2001_Dec-3: NTT East, NTT West to Debut ISDN Video Phones Linking to FOMA Video Phones
2001_Dec-3: Far EasTone Telecommunications to Go Public in December
2001_Dec-3: Telecom Council Reports Technical Aspects of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Implementation
2001_Dec-3: KDDI Launches Next-Generation EZweb Services


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