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2002_Jan-31: NTT Com Acquires HKNet as Springboard into Greater China
2002_Jan-31: NTT East, NTT West to Offer Cable Information for Free
2002_Jan-31: China Develops Technology to Access Internet Via Power Lines
2002_Jan-31: MBCC Develops Middleware for Microsoft's COM and Mobile Device Connection
2002_Jan-31: Broadband Customers Use Internet More Than Narrowband Users, NetRatings Finds
2002_Jan-30: NASDA to Start Testing Satellite Broadband Internet Access, Aims to Eliminate 'Digital Divide'
2002_Jan-30: Toshiba to Introduce Software for Seamless, Continuous Wireless LAN Connections
2002_Jan-30: Korea Telecom Japan to Debut ADSL Modem Priced As Low As US$75
2002_Jan-29: Korean Mobile Carriers to Offer Cellular Service in Cambodia
2002_Jan-29: Taiwan's Broadband Net Service Subscribers to Reach 2 Million in 2002
2002_Jan-29: SK Telecom to Begin IMT-2000 Service
2002_Jan-29: Taiwan's Optical Communication Industry Grows Faster Than Expected
2002_Jan-29: China's First Undersea Fiber-Optic Cable Technology Passes Evaluation
2002_Jan-29: NTT DoCoMo to List on New York, London Stock Exchanges to Enhance Recognition
2002_Jan-28: J-COM Enjoys 127 Pct. Y-O-Y Increase in Broadband Subscriptions
2002_Jan-25: 'USB On-The-Go Training Seminar' Attracts Eager Technologists
2002_Jan-25: Toshiba Develops Compact Fuel Cell for Mobile Devices
2002_Jan-25: Qualcomm Signs CDMA License Pacts with Many More Chinese Telecom Makers
2002_Jan-25: Accenture, GLOCOM See Possibility of Success in Free Mobile Communications
2002_Jan-24: Hanaro Joins Kyocera on Wireless Communications
2002_Jan-24: Korea Set to Develop Fourth-Generation Wireless Phones
2002_Jan-23: Taiwan's Broadband Equipment Companies Tipped to Win Japan's FTTH Orders
2002_Jan-23: DDI Pocket to Offer 128kbps Flat-Rate Packet Data Service in March
2002_Jan-23: Sewon to Challenge Mobile Phone Giants in China
2002_Jan-23: Japan's Fiber-to-the-Home Circuits Increased by 1,600 by End of December 2001
2002_Jan-22: At Home Japan to Start Hot-Spot Service
2002_Jan-22: Fujitsu Showcases 40Gbps Optical Transmission Module
2002_Jan-22: Samsung Electronic Releases TFT-LCD Wireless Handset
2002_Jan-21: LAN Equipment Demand Bottoming Out, Growth Seen in 2003 or After: Gartner
2002_Jan-18: Omron to Roll Out PC Card Modem for Use in 24 Countries
2002_Jan-18: Mitsubishi to Offer Power Line Modem Capable of 10Mbps or Faster Speed
2002_Jan-17: SOK, Omron Develop Anti-Theft Car System That Notifies Owner Via E-Mail to Cell Phone
2002_Jan-17: Ready to Stand Up for the Cause: Junichiro Miyazu, President of NTT
2002_Jan-16: China's First Broadband Portal Site Powered by Vignette
2002_Jan-16: Microsoft Japan to Start Trials of Mobile Terminal Data Delivery Service in February
2002_Jan-16: NTT DoCoMo Provides Graphic Billing Information Service for I-Appli Phones
2002_Jan-15: KCCS Launches Fixed-Rate Data Communication Service Using DDI Pocket's PHS Network

2002_Jan-15: More Than 80 Pct. of Japan's Broadband Users Want 24-Hour Connections
2002_Jan-15: Samsung Electronics Succeeds in Independent Development of ADSL Chip Sets

2002_Jan-11: Plug-In to Boost Features of Mobile Terminals to be Ready in Mid-2002, UI Evolution Says
2002_Jan-10: China Begins CDMA Service
2002_Jan-10: Qualcomm Offers Free Japanese BREW SDK for Cell Phones
2002_Jan-10: CDMA Network Operations Begin in China
2002_Jan-10: Sony's Global PS2 Shipments Register 5 Million in December 2001
2002_Jan-10: Experience in Broadband Biz in Korea is an Advantage to Gaining Share: Hwang Ji-Yun, Drimone CEO
2002_Jan-9: Zhejiang Mobile to Cooperate with Multinational Equipment Suppliers
2002_Jan-9: J-Phone's Mobile Phones with Built-in Cameras Top 3 Million
2002_Jan-8: NTT DoCoMo, Three Others Mull Ad Distribution for Digital Broadcasting
2002_Jan-8: KDDI Invites Volunteers for Web-Monitoring Service
2002_Jan-7: Worldwide Demand for Mobile Phones to Start Running Out of Steam in 2003
2002_Jan-7: Shanghai Mobile Users Exceed Fixed Line Users
2002_Jan-7: Taiwan's ADSL Subscriptions Slip
2002_Jan-7: Korea Telecom to Cooperate With KSNET on E-Pos Service
2002_Jan-4: Compaq, KDDI Jointly Develop System for Wireless Remote Operation
2002_Jan-4: Internet TV Set to Spur Growth of Broadband Cable Net Connections
2002_Jan-4: Telecom Operators to Interconnect Services Networks in Shanghai
2002_Jan-4: Keisuke Kuwata's Ballad Song Is Most Downloaded Ring Melody for Mobile Phones; Mariah's for Christmas
2002_Jan-3: Net Connection of 1Gbps Line is Coming to Condos in Japan
2002_Jan-3: Rapid Expansion of Broadband Presses Web Sites to Upgrade


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