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2002_Apr-30: Toyota to Provide Operation Control System Using GPS Cell Phones
2002_Apr-30: Mobile Phone Makers Pursuing Common Architecture
2002_Apr-29: Korean Telecom Firms to Expand Market Influence in China
2002_Apr-26: KDDI, Two Others Offer Broadband Karaoke Trial Service
2002_Apr-25: Telecom Ministry to Ease Regulations on 5GHz Wireless Communications
2002_Apr-24: J-Phone Puts Off 3G Service to Dec
2002_Apr-24: KDDI, Three Companies Offer Location Info Test Service Using Mobile Phones
2002_Apr-24: Samsung Electronics Releases Wireless Handset with Digital Camera
2002_Apr-24: Asia-Pacific Organizations Preparing for Rebound, Gartner Says
2002_Apr-24: Yozan to Launch Net Phone Service Using PHS Terminals
2002_Apr-24: Askey Eyes Record-High Sales in Second Quarter
2002_Apr-24: Asia-Pacific Accounts for 44 Pct. of World DSL Subscribers, RHK Says
2002_Apr-23: Windows XP to Support Bluetooth, Gates Says at WinHEC 2002
2002_Apr-23: KDDI Starts Trial Payment System by Credit Card Using CDMA2000 1x Mobile Phone
2002_Apr-23: China Railcom Selects Cisco Technology for Network Expansion
2002_Apr-23: Number of Internet Users in Japan Increases Almost 50 Pct. Y-O-Y
2002_Apr-22: NTT DoCoMo to Market Routers with Built-In FOMA
2002_Apr-22: Asustek Computer Advances into U.S. Cable Modem Market
2002_Apr-22: KDDI's 3G Mobile Phone Puts Feasibility First
2002_Apr-19: NTT DoCoMo, Bouygues Telecom to Commercialize I-Mode in France
2002_Apr-19: UWB Demonstrated for First Time in Japan
2002_Apr-19: Dacom Bids for Powercomm
2002_Apr-19: SK Telecom to Establish China Unit by June
2002_Apr-18: NTT Com to Employ KDDI's GPS Mobile Phones to Offer In-Car Data Service
2002_Apr-18: 'We Will be No. 1 with High-Valued Data Center Solution': Exodus Communications KK CEO
2002_Apr-17: NEC to Expand Services with PCs, Cell Phones
2002_Apr-17: Samsung Unveils Home Networking Set-Top Box
2002_Apr-17: DoCoMo to Offer I-Mode Internet Access Ops in France
2002_Apr-16: Total IPv6 Users in Japan Still Fewer Than 1,000
2002_Apr-16: Fujitsu Develops Antenna Technology to Cut Cost of 3G Wireless System
2002_Apr-15: Survey Says 36 Pct. of Users Don't Use FOMA Features
2002_Apr-12: Heisei Denden to Offer Inexpensive 8Mbps ADSL Service
2002_Apr-12: Highwest Unveils Router with Web Camera, Headset for Video Phone Use
2002_Apr-12: LG Cable Reports Improved Profits in Q1
2002_Apr-11: China Officially Launches CDMA Operations
2002_Apr-11: Hitachi Markets PCs with Wireless LAN-Capable Keyboard
2002_Apr-11: Free Internet Access Services Likely to Remain: CEO of FreeBit.Com
2002_Apr-11: Japan's DSL Subscribers Increase 2.3 Mln. in a Year
2002_Apr-10: NTT Communications Allies with Soma Networks to Test Wireless Broadband Technology
2002_Apr-10: Teco Group Plans to Invest in Yuan-Ze Telecom
2002_Apr-10: Three More ISPs to Join the Wireless LAN Experimental Service at Major JR Stations
2002_Apr-9: U.S. Caw Networks Establishes Japan Office; Aims to Double Sales in One Year
2002_Apr-8: Java Cell Phones Undergo Improvements for Business Use
2002_Apr-8: NTT Regional Companies Add New 100Mbps FTTH Service to Rival ADSL
2002_Apr-8: 'Hotspots' Attracting Attention as Potential Savior of Mobile Broadband
2002_Apr-8: X-traFun of U.S. Develops Bluetooth Cartridge for GameBoy
2002_Apr-8: Mobole Phone Subscribers Total 74.8 Million: J-Phone is Second in Market Share
2002_Apr-5: MOIC Mulling Methods to Privatize KT
2002_Apr-5: NTT Develops Chip Sets for IEEE802.11a, High-Speed Wireless LAN Standard
2002_Apr-4: Osaka Hotel to Adopt Cisco's Wireless LAN System
2002_Apr-4: Korea's Phone Charges for Fixed Lines to Mobile Handsets to Decline
2002_Apr-4: Yozan to Purchase TTnet PHS to Launch Wireless Hotspot Business

2002_Apr-3: KDDI Reveals Plans for CDMA2000 1x Cellular Phone Business
2002_Apr-2: Oki to Debut PCM-Based VoIP Gateway, Quality of VoIP Comparable to Regular Phone
2002_Apr-2: Vendors to Conduct USB On-the-Go Interconnectivity Test in May
2002_Apr-1: Diffusion Rate of Mobile Telecom Devices to Reach 70 Percent in 2005, MCPC Says
2002_Apr-1: Pioneer, Sharp, NSC, Others Form Joint Company for MPEG-4 Based Cable Systems
2002_Apr-1: Fujitsu Labs to Develop 562GHz-fT Transistor for 160Gbps Optical Communications
2002_Apr-1: LG Electronics Enters Brazil's Wireless Handset Market


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