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2002_May-31: SK Telecom Plans to Expand PDA Biz
2002_May-31: Fujitsu Introduces Small CMOS Camera Module with High Image Quality
2002_May-31: U.S. Aligo, Fuji Electric to Collaborate on Software Sales for Mobile Devices
2002_May-31: World Cup Info in Korean, Chinese Offered via Rental Mobile Phones in Japan
2002_May-31: Agilent Technologies to Become First WiFi ICL in Japan
2002_May-31: TTNet, Poweredcom to Consolidate Management in 2003
2002_May-31: Int'l Media Center for World Cup Home to 12,000 Journalists, Wireless LAN System
2002_May-30: Chunghwa Telecom to Release 550 Million Shares in June
2002_May-30: China's Telecom Sector Opens Wider with Alcatel Shanghai Bell Launch
2002_May-30: Mobile Phone Software Development for Half the Normal Cost: India's Sasken
2002_May-29: Samsung Electronics Launches Trial Service for 3G Mobile Phones
2002_May-28: Usen Broad to Launch Coax-Based Internet Access Service Priced Lower Than ADSL
2002_May-28: NTT DoCoMo to Conduct Trial of Multipoint Video Conferencing with FOMA
2002_May-27: Japan Telecom Denies Report of Fixed Line Department Sale
2002_May-24: Mobile Phone Sales in Asia/Pacific Increase 8 Pct. in Q1 2002: Gartner Dataquest
2002_May-24: NTT-ME's Home Server Features Camera, Wireless LAN Functions
2002_May-24: KDDI, Others Succeed in IP Communications Between 3G, Wireless LANs
2002_May-24: J-Phone Invites Consumers to Test 3G Mobile Telecom Services
2002_May-24: Shanghai Prepares for APEC Telecom, Information Meeting
2002_May-23: SK Telecom, Verizon Wireless Agree on Int'l Roaming Service in Korea, U.S.
2002_May-23: Shanghai to Host APEC Ministerial Meeting on Telecommunications
2002_May-23: Three Wireless LAN Standards to Become Seamless: CEO of Atheros Communications
2002_May-22: NTT DoCoMo's Cellular Phone with Camera Unveiled at Tokyo's Business Show
2002_May-22: KDDI Starts Fixed Mobile Convergence Service
2002_May-22: NTT West to Offer FTTH Service for 5,400 Yen
2002_May-22: Zhongxing, Agere Join in R&D; for Telecom Product
2002_May-21: LG Electronics Unveils Set-Top Box to Record Digital Broadcast
2002_May-21: SK Telecom Emerges as Biggest Shareholder of KT
2002_May-21: 'Yahoo! BB Mobile's' Trial Service at Mister Donut Starts at End of May
2002_May-20: D-Link Teams Up with TI to Consolidate Position in Wireless LAN Market
2002_May-20: China's Telecommunications Reforms Near Completion
2002_May-20: Openwave Systems to Support J-Phone with Short Movie Clip Attachment
2002_May-20: EU Urges Scrapping Investment Ceiling on Taiwan's First-Type Telecom Business
2002_May-20: Q1 Sales at Hanaro Telecom Soar 53 Pct. Year-On-Year
2002_May-17: Asia/Pacific Telecom Service Market to Reach US$137 Bln. in 2006: Gartner Japan
2002_May-17: Taiwan FITEL, DDI Pocket Tie Up on International Roaming, First for PHS Users
2002_May-17: LG Reveals Plan to Purchase 3 Pct. Equity Stake in KT
2002_May-17: Japanese Gov't Revises E-Japan Program to Promote Competition in Private Sector
2002_May-17: Samsung Group to Buy About 3 Pct. of KT Shares
2002_May-17: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments Decline in March, JEITA Says
2002_May-16: EAccess to Increase ADSL Subscriptions to 1 Million by End of Fiscal 2002
2002_May-16: IMEC Ties Up with Sony in Developing 5GHz-Band WLAN Module
2002_May-16: KDDI Allies to Kick Off Emergency Call Service Employing GPS Mobile Phones
2002_May-16: Telecom Ministry Announces Revised Regulation to Promote IP Telephones
2002_May-15: XDSL Contracts Reach 2.7 Mln. in April with 40 Pct. NTT Share
2002_May-15: Macau Telecom Yields Profits Despite Loss of Monopoly
2002_May-14: Au to Test 1xEV-DO for 2GHz 3G Mobile Phone System
2002_May-14: Novell Announces Plans for Tackling Japanese Market
2002_May-13: Telecom Ministry to Officially Announce 5GHz Band for Outdoor Wireless Networking Use
2002_May-13: NTT DoCoMo Plans to Add Wireless LAN Function to FOMA Card, President Says
2002_May-13: Top Three Chaebols Likely to Participate in Korea Telecom Equity Sale
2002_May-13: GPS Handsets to Revitalize Sluggish Mobile Phone Market
2002_May-13: Au Retakes Second Position in Japan's Mobile Phone Market in April
2002_May-10: Chunghwa to Introduce Wireless Broadband Online Services
2002_May-10: Dacom Enjoys Slight Increase in Operating Profits for Q1
2002_May-10: Japan's Broadband Users Soar Five-Fold in One Year: NRI Report
2002_May-10: Japan's Government Forms Study Group on Power Line Communications
2002_May-10: NTT DoCoMo Sees Increased Sales, Profits for Fiscal 2001; Focuses on FOMA
2002_May-9: Gov't to Support Entrants to Optical-Fiber Lease Business
2002_May-9: Taiwan Cellular Gears Up 3G Business Deployment
2002_May-9: Gov't Aims to Complete Privatization of KT within May
2002_May-9: Softbank to Offer Wireless LAN Service at McDonald's Japan Outlets
2002_May-8: First-Quarter Profit at SK Telecom Rises 11 Pct.
2002_May-8: ADSL Rises as Broadband Mainstay in Taiwan
2002_May-8: CATV, FTTH Subscribers Climb in Japan: Ministry Report
2002_May-7: Taiwan's Communication Components Makers Lure Attractive Orders
2002_May-7: Alps Electric Poised to Enter Power Line Communication Modem Market
2002_May-6: KT Sees First-Quarter Profits Soar
2002_May-6: Ericsson Expands CDMA Contracts with China Unicom
2002_May-6: Synq Develops Push E-Mail to Make PDAs Smarter
2002_May-6: Mobile GPS for Business; Providing Navigation Service
2002_May-6: Intel Aims to Deliver 500Mbps with Ultra-Wideband Wireless, Co. Manager Says
2002_May-3: Canon, HI Develop Flash Player for Mobile Phones
2002_May-3: Eastern Multimedia Group Consolidates to Upgrade in Broadband Market
2002_May-2: Taiwan's IT Hardware Output Value Set to Grow by 15 Pct. in 2002
2002_May-1: Telecom Rivalry Intensifies as Samsung Mulls Bid for KT Stake
2002_May-1: Softbank Group Launches Wireless LAN Service Via Yahoo! BB
2002_May-1: Nortel Networks Builds Production Base in South China


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