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2002_Jun-28: Omron Releases Chinese and Korean Input Program for Cell Phones
2002_Jun-28: NTT DoCoMo to Start ‘Mzone’ Wireless LAN Access Service in July for 2,000 Yen
2002_Jun-28: Showroom for IPv6 Trial Opens Near Tokyo Station
2002_Jun-28: China Telecom to Establish Branch in United States

2002_Jun-27: Taiwan’s Handset Makers to Boost World Share to 7.4 Pct.; Chinese Production Grows Significantly
2002_Jun-27: [Sales Rankings] NTT DoCoMo’s Camera/Cell Phone Ranks Second in Sales
2002_Jun-27: KCCS to Form Cell Phone Content-Distribution Business in Singapore
2002_Jun-26: ‘Mega Consortium’ Established Integrating 31 ISPs, Including ADSL Providers
2002_Jun-26: DDI Pocket Strengthens Function to Reject Unwanted E-Mails
2002_Jun-26: Sewon Telecom Wins Large Order from Legend Group of China
2002_Jun-26: KDDI to Simplify Content Provider Entry to EZweb’s Official Sites
2002_Jun-26: Data Volume Flowing Through Japan’s LANs/WANs Triples in Three Years
2002_Jun-25: Acca Networks, eAccess to Launch Higher Speed ADSL Services
2002_Jun-25: Au Group’s 3G Mobile Phones Top One Million Mark in Three Months
2002_Jun-25: The Price of Meeting ‘Future’ Demand Now: DoCoMo’s FOMA in a Dilemma
2002_Jun-21: ‘Dual Number Service’ for FOMA and PDC Phones to Start
2002_Jun-21: KTF Releases K-Merce Wireless Handsets
2002_Jun-20: Verizon Wireless Launches Nationwide Software Download Service for Cell Phones
2002_Jun-20: First International Telecom to Launch PHS System in China
2002_Jun-19: Plazmic to Distribute Free Content Development Tool for Mobile Phones
2002_Jun-19: KDDI, Digital Hollywood Award Creator for Mobile Contents
2002_Jun-18: Japan’s Internet Service Providers in Crisis Stage
2002_Jun-18: Skyley Networks to Debut Development Kit for Peer-to-Peer Bluetooth Applications
2002_Jun-17: Vodafone Group and J-Phone Expand Worldwide
2002_Jun-17: Studio Bullterrier, Others Launch Video Messaging Service for 2G Java Phones
2002_Jun-17: STM’s Real-Time Streaming, MP3 Bluetooth Wireless Handset Shown at Bluetooth Congress
2002_Jun-14: Au Starts Service to Update Status of ‘Team’ Fellows by Mobile Phone
2002_Jun-14: Generic Media Expands Support to Video Streaming for FOMA
2002_Jun-14: JR East Adds Wireless LAN Participants in Internet Connectivity Test
2002_Jun-13: Carriers are Making Money on BREW: Qualcomm Exec.
2002_Jun-13: Japan’s xDSL Subscribers Exceed 3 Million; NTT’s Market Share Rises
2002_Jun-13: Digital BS Receivers Rapidly Popularized by World Cup
2002_Jun-12: Mobile Phone Shipments for April Total 3.11 Mln. Units, Down for 11th Month, JEITA Says
2002_Jun-12: Qualcomm Launches BREW2.0
2002_Jun-11: Mitsubishi Electric to Offer Hints on Creating 3D Image Contents for D504i Cell Phone
2002_Jun-11: Mobile Phone Sales to Rise 5-10 Pct. in Taiwan
2002_Jun-11: Taiwan’s Formosa Exhibits Bluetooth Home Theater Device
2002_Jun-11: Tahoe Networks to Develop Mobile/IP Eedge Router with Oki
2002_Jun-11: Two Koreas to Jointly Push for CDMA-Based International Phone Services
2002_Jun-11: China Satcom, CITIC to Cooperate in Telecom Market
2002_Jun-11: Usen’s FTTH Subscribers Reach 10,000
2002_Jun-10: NTT DoCoMo Releases Camera-Equipped PDC to Compete with J-Phone’s ‘Sha-Mail’
2002_Jun-10: BREW, 1xEV-DO Said to be Best Combo for Wireless Internet Application Development
2002_Jun-7: BREW Will Win, Says Venture Capitalist Alsop
2002_Jun-7: Citrix Teams with DDI Pocket to Introduce MetaFrame for Mobile Products
2002_Jun-7: Verizon Wireless to Start BREW Service in U.S. Market
2002_Jun-7: Advent Networks, Mitsubishi Announce HFC Ultraband System Trial in Japan
2002_Jun-6: APEC TELMIN5 Stresses Telecom Cooperation in Asia-Pacific
2002_Jun-6: KDDI to Start BREW Downloading Service in FY2002
2002_Jun-6: Mobility, Location and Time Sensitivity are Keys to 3G Apps.
2002_Jun-5: Qualcomm to Take Every Measure to Boost Mobile Phone Industry, Company CEO Says
2002_Jun-5: SII Debuts Motion Picture Distribution Service for Java-Based Cell Phones
2002_Jun-5: Japan’s Telecom Market: Mobile Telecom Grows, Fixed-Line Telecom Decreases
2002_Jun-5: [Computex Taipei] Event Registers Largest-Scale Participants
2002_Jun-5: Pioneer Debuts Location-Information ASP for GPS Mobile Phones
2002_Jun-5: Broadband Service Subscribers Reach 4 Million: Ministry Report
2002_Jun-4: Qualcomm’s BREW Developers Conference Begins in San Diego
2002_Jun-4: Korean Gov’t to Cut Subscription Fees for Wireless Services
2002_Jun-4: Gov’t to Revise Telecom Biz Law to Abolish Classifications, Liberalize Fees
2002_Jun-4: Taiwanese Broadband Equipment Makers Expect Better Q2 Shipments
2002_Jun-3: ‘Mobile Video’ Changing Industry Outlook
2002_Jun-3: Telecom Ministry Proposes Guidelines on Terms of Use for High-Speed Net


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