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2002_Jul-31: Softbank Group to Launch Multi-Channel Broadcast Biz With ‘Yahoo! BB’ Service
2002_Jul-31: SK Telecom Offers GPS System to Subscribers
2002_Jul-31: Shipments of Wireless Communications-Enabled Products Rise 56 Pct. in First Half
2002_Jul-30: ACCA Networks Launches 10Mbps ADSL Service
2002_Jul-29: NTT DoCoMo Expanding FOMA Service Areas
2002_Jul-26: Matsushita, Hitachi to Use Echonet Standard for ‘White Goods’ Network
2002_Jul-25: Many to Migrate to 3G Mobile Phones in 2005: Gartner
2002_Jul-24: KDDI to Offer Corporate Location Tracking Service for GPS-Enabled Cell Phones
2002_Jul-24: [Wireless Japan] Taiwan’s DBTEL Exhibits Wireless IP Phones
2002_Jul-24: NTT-ME to Start Live Image Delivery Service for FOMA
2002_Jul-23: SK Global to Launch into Mobile Contents Biz
2002_Jul-23: ‘Needs Are High for Hotspot Service,’ Tully’s Coffee Japan Pres. Says
2002_Jul-23: Nokia Further Localizes to Increase Market Share in China
2002_Jul-23: [Wireless Japan] FOMA to Grow Gradually: NTT DoCoMo President
2002_Jul-22: Eastern Multimedia Signs Intent to Buy GigaMedia’s Broadband Subscribers
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] JRC Develops 54Mbps OFDM Device
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] Qualcomm Gives BREW Demo, Shows Prototype Phone Running Eight Kinds of Applications
2002_Jul-22: IIJ, PoweredCom Discuss Possible Integration to Rival NTT
2002_Jul-19: China’s Mobile Phone Users Surpass 176 Million, Ministry Says
2002_Jul-19: [Wireless Japan] J-Phone President Aims for Global Roaming of Sha-Mail Service
2002_Jul-18: NTT-East Sets Up New Firm to Offer Wireless LAN Service
2002_Jul-18: China Mobile Records 8.53 Billion Short Messages in June
2002_Jul-17: Fujitsu to Debut Compact PDA with Wireless Communications Capability
2002_Jul-16: Mitsubishi’s KASUMI Encryption Technology Adopted as GSM Standard
2002_Jul-16: Ericsson Begins to Develop Prototype High-Speed Bluetooth LSI
2002_Jul-16: KDDI to Conduct Trial of 5GHz Wireless Network
2002_Jul-16: Qualcomm to Demo First BREW-Based Content Distribution for Mobile Phones
2002_Jul-15: Agilent Opens Maintenance Center in Shanghai
2002_Jul-15: Usen to Get Type-1 Telecom License for HFC Service; Sept. Launch Planned at 3,000 Yen/Mo.
2002_Jul-15: China Telecom Market to See Double-Digit Growth, Morgan Stanley Analyst Says
2002_Jul-12: DoCoMo Aims for 1 Million I-Mode Users in Europe
2002_Jul-12: China Unicom Uses Cisco Routers in Video-Conferencing Network
2002_Jul-12: TCL, Ericsson Collaborate to Develop New Mobile Phones
2002_Jul-12: Chunghwa Telecom Debuts Taiwan-China Videoconference Services
2002_Jul-12: Hitachi Starts Distributing Electronic Books Jointly with NTT DoCoMo, Sharp
2002_Jul-11: KDDI to Offer IP Phone Service for Corporate Users in July, for Households this Fall
2002_Jul-11: Japan’s xDSL Subscribers Reach 3.3 Million, Showing Growth Slowdown
2002_Jul-11: NEC to Launch 5GHz Band Wireless LAN Products for Outdoor Use
2002_Jul-11: NTT DoCoMo to Release New FOMA PDA with Video Phone Function
2002_Jul-10: China to Import Wireless Internet Access Technology from Hughes Network Systems
2002_Jul-10: NTT DoCoMo Retakes Top Cell Phone Subscriber Slot in June
2002_Jul-10: NTT DoCoMo to Roll Out PHS Phone that Supports FOMA
2002_Jul-9: [N+I 2002] NTT-ME Develops Cordless Bluetooth Telephone
2002_Jul-9: Chunghwa Telecom Ranks Top with Seven Million Handset Subscribers in Taiwan
2002_Jul-9: [N+I 2002] WECA Establishes Wireless LAN Certification Lab in Japan
2002_Jul-8: [N+I 2002] PDAs Featuring Mobile IPv6 on Display
2002_Jul-8: [N+I 2002] Sanyo Debuts Digital Camera with Wireless LAN Capability
2002_Jul-5: Release of Third Batch of Chunghwa Telecom Shares Fails
2002_Jul-4: Demand for CATV Internet Declines Sharply in May; FTTH Doubles Over Previous Month
2002_Jul-3: Atheros First to Market Chipset for Outdoor 5GHz Wireless LAN in Japan
2002_Jul-3: Askey, D-Link Apprehensive About Uncertain NTT ADSL Bridge Tender
2002_Jul-2: HI Aims for Improved Business Model with BREW Technology
2002_Jul-2: SK Telecom Agrees to Acquire 76.5 Pct. of Lycos Korea
2002_Jul-1: NEC, Alcatel Collaborate in Virtual LAN Business
2002_Jul-1: KDDI to Test Access from Mobile Phone to IPv6 Network
2002_Jul-1: VoIP Cell Phones Wait in the Wings


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