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2002_Aug-30: Number of Phones Equipped with JBlend Mobile Java Environment Reaches 10 Mln.
2002_Aug-30: Yozan to Test Fixed-Rate Service for Data Communications Using PHS, Wireless LAN
2002_Aug-29: Samsung, LG Wireless Handsets Favored in World Wireless Handset Market
2002_Aug-29: MMAC Sets Up UWB Work Group, Aiming to Set ARIB Standard
2002_Aug-29: Thrunet to Participate in Powercomm Auction
2002_Aug-29: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Expected to Reach 420 Mln. Units in 2002: Gartner
2002_Aug-29: Toyota to Start CDMA2000 1x Information Service for Cars Called 'G-BOOK'
2002_Aug-28: Gric, Sanyo Team Up for International Roaming Service, Enabling Wireless LAN Access Overseas
2002_Aug-28: Japanese Official Proposes 'Asia Broadband Program' at Beijing Int'l Conference
2002_Aug-28: Heisei Denden to Ask FTC to Examine Possible Monopoly of Mobile Phone Operators
2002_Aug-27: W-CDMA Market to Reach 410 Billion Yen in 2005, Fuji Chimera Says
2002_Aug-27: Japan's Telecom Ministry to Name First Qualified User for IPv6 Support Program
2002_Aug-27: Asia-Pacific Broadband Users to Grow to 64.5 Mln. in 2006, Spearheaded by China: Yankee Group
2002_Aug-27: Location Services Revenue to Make Up More than 40 Pct. of Mobile Data Services in 2007: ARC Group
2002_Aug-27: KDDI Debuts Four Mobile Handsets Capable of Using Moving Images
2002_Aug-26: China Overtakes U.S. as Country with Most Phone Users
2002_Aug-26: Major Global Equipment Suppliers Compete for Taiwan 3G Contracts
2002_Aug-26: KDDI to Launch GPS Mobile Phone with Alternative 'Hello Kitty' Dress-Up Panels
2002_Aug-26: SK Telecom Blocked from Entering Credit Card Business
2002_Aug-26: NTT DoCoMo Aims to Use PHS to Boost Sluggish Demand for 3G Services
2002_Aug-23: Access to Provide Major Chinese Cell-Phone Service Provider with Browser Software
2002_Aug-23: Taipei International Telecom Show to Begin with Value-Added Services
2002_Aug-23: World Shipments of Imaging-Enabled Mobile Phones, PDAs to Hit 151 Mln. in 2006: IDC
2002_Aug-22: NTT, Olympus, JVC to Test Relay of Classical-Music Concert Via Fiber Optics
2002_Aug-22: CTC, Linc Media Cooperate to Build Call Centers
2002_Aug-21: Toshiba to Offer Location Information Service for KDDI GPS Phones
2002_Aug-20: Taiwan to Dominate Output of DSL Equipment in 2002, MIC Says
2002_Aug-20: Sony, Ericsson Establish Joint Venture for Mobile Phones
2002_Aug-19: Yahoo! BB Subscribers Exceed 20 Pct. of Japan's DSL User Population
2002_Aug-19: Japan's Mobile Phone Shipments Increase Again, Thanks to Camera-Mounted Models
2002_Aug-19: Rural Fixed-Line Phone Subscribers Boom in East China's Anhui Province
2002_Aug-19: NTT Group's Telephone Subscribers, Average Revenue Per User Decrease
2002_Aug-16: Matsushita Electric Works, Oki Electric Form JV for Location-Information Service
2002_Aug-15: Pia, NTT Com to Form Joint Company for Electronic Ticket Service
2002_Aug-15: Mail Server Needs More Functions with Plug-In, Sendmail CTO Says
2002_Aug-13: Japan's Monthly xDSL Contracts Grow in July on Yahoo! BB's Comeback
2002_Aug-12: China Telecom to Go Ahead with IPO Despite Global Economic Downturn
2002_Aug-12: Japan's Telecom Ministry to Promote Net Home Electric Appliances
2002_Aug-9: NEC to Introduce Small Optical Transceiver Modules for Long Distances
2002_Aug-9: First International Telecom Projects Ambitious Goals for PHS Subscribers in 2002
2002_Aug-9: Wireless Internet's Popularity Invigorates PHS Sales
2002_Aug-9: NTT DoCoMo Holds Lead in Getting New Users, Adds 299,000 Subscribers in July
2002_Aug-8: LG Electronics to Export GSM Handsets to South Africa
2002_Aug-8: 'We Will Establish an Asian Standard for Wireless Business,' KCCS Executive Says
2002_Aug-7: IBM Japan's Tokyo Research Lab Demonstrates Special Bluetooth Watch
2002_Aug-7: KDDI, Pioneer to Jointly Develop Car Navigation System with Built-In Communication Module
2002_Aug-6: Shanghai GE, Accton Establish Network Equipment Joint Venture
2002_Aug-6: SK Telecom Continues to Dominate Korea's Wireless Market in July
2002_Aug-6: Too Early to Allow 2M-30MHz Band for Power Line Communications, Study Group Says
2002_Aug-5: Access Develops I-Appli-Based, E-Ticket System
2002_Aug-5: KDDI, Three Others Launch Planning Company for Broadband Services
2002_Aug-5: Avaya Japan Issues Refunds to Users for Replacing Wireless LAN
2002_Aug-2: J-Phone's New Java Platform Could Be Proprietary
2002_Aug-2: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Pocket PC-Based PDA with Built-In FOMA Packet Capability
2002_Aug-2: Japan's Broadband Users Reach 5 Million: Ministry Report
2002_Aug-1: NTT Communications to Launch Fixed-Rate PHS Data Services in October
2002_Aug-1: Taiwan's Telecom Industry Performs Well in First Half
2002_Aug-1: Heisei Denden to Offer 12Mbps ADSL Service at Low Price
2002_Aug-1: Specs for 10GbE to be Integrated: Vice President of Extreme Networks Says


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