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2003_May-30: IBM Japan to Move Net-Related Software Development to China
2003_May-30: IDT Partners with SafeNet, Cavium to Deliver Security Platforms for SME/VPN Gateways
2003_May-29: Sanyo to Supply Cell Phones to Haier to Tap China Market
2003_May-28: Sony Unit to Test Delivery of Copyrighted Video Content
2003_May-27: Samsung, LG Maintain Position as World's Biggest CDMA Handset Suppliers
2003_May-26: Qualcomm Unveils WCDMA (UMTS)/GSM/GPRS Multimode Solution
2003_May-25: ANALYSIS: Ripplewood Confident about Plans for Japan Telecom
2003_May-23: J-Phone Begins Marketing First Phone with Megapixel Camera
2003_May-23: KDDI, NHK Develop PDA Receiving Terrestrial Digital Broadcast, Wireless Data Signals
2003_May-23: Govt to Consider Changing NTT Fiber-Optic Line Rules
2003_May-23: TI's IP Phone Solution Offers Expandability to Next-Generation Comm Devices
2003_May-22: NTT DoCoMo to Sell First Handset in New 505i Series
2003_May-22: RF Micro Devices, Silicon Wave Announce Bluetooth Solutions Agreement
2003_May-22: Hitachi Seeks to Launch IPv6 Service in China in 2003
2003_May-21: NEC's Cell Phones Move Toy Car by Infrared Communications
2003_May-21: Alcatel to Supply DSL Equipment for Zhejiang Telecom, Shanghai Telecom
2003_May-20: NTT DoCoMo to Start International Roaming Service for FOMA
2003_May-20: ST, TI Enter cdma2000 Joint Development with Nokia
2003_May-17: PHS Service Covers China's 3 Largest Cities in 2 Months
2003_May-16: NEC Boosts TCP/IP Protocol Processing with 10 CPU Cores on One Chip
2003_May-16: China to Have 52% of Asia Pacific's Total Cellular Connections in 2007, Says Gartner
2003_May-14: Personal Authentication Tech Using Facial Shots Captured on a Camera Phone
2003_May-14: Japanese Govt to Reallocate Radio Frequencies to Promote Wireless LAN
2003_May-13: Fujitsu Laboratories Establishes New Lab to Leverage Broadband, Ubiquitous Technologies
2003_May-13: NTT DoCoMo Sees More Subscribers Boost Income, Profit; Expects to Push FOMA in 2004
2003_May-12: BREW is in a Practical Stage: Qualcomm QIS President
2003_May-12: Sony to Debut Separable, Portable Video-Conference System
2003_May-12: NHK Deploys MPEG-4 Video Streaming Solution with SGI
2003_May-12: RF Micro Devices Launches GPS Receiver for Telematics, Automotive Navigation
2003_May-12: Use of IPv6 Becoming More Widespread in Devices Other Than PCs
2003_May-9: SK Telecom Posts Profits of 450 Billion Won
2003_May-9: DoCoMo May Have Hard Time Cultivating 3G Cell Phone Service
2003_May-9: Contec, Beijing Xiejin to Support Mobile Data Launch for China Unicom
2003_May-9: Lucent, Juniper Networks Join to Deliver Solutions for Service Providers
2003_May-8: Mobile Phone Production in China Surges 42.3% to 172 Mln. Units; Move to Color Screens Underway: Nikkei Market Access
2003_May-8: KDDI to Provide Wireless LAN Service Enabled by One-Time ID, Password Issued to Mobile Phones
2003_May-8: Japan's Broadband The World's Fastest, Cheapest: ITU
2003_May-8: Access Charge Hike Unfairly Secures Revenues for NTT, Says KDDI President
2003_May-7: SiGe Semiconductor Launches Power Amplifiers for CDMA Cellular Handsets
2003_May-7: EMC, Cisco Join to Deliver Next-Generation SAN Technology
2003_May-6: China Unicom to Start BREW Service Nationwide in May
2003_May-6: Cisco Announces Wireless LAN-Enabled IP Phone Similar to Mobile Phone
2003_May-6: Internet in Schools: 10% of Japan's Schools Have Broadband Access
2003_May-6: BenQ Launches Multimedia Handset with iaSolution's Java Technology
2003_May-6: 'Mobile TV' to Start MPEG-4 Alternative in 2005
2003_May-5: New Technology Enables Wireless Device to Use Various Formats
2003_May-3: IPv6 Router Standard Gives Japanese Makers A Second Chance
2003_May-2: Japan, US Firms Develop Next-Generation Router Software
2003_May-2: Real-Time Wireless Information to Change Business, Futurist Says
2003_May-2: US Wireless Carriers Bullish on BREW's Capabilities
2003_May-1: 8 Million BREW Handsets of 50 Types Running on 7 Carriers on the Globe: Paul Jacobs


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