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2003_Jul-31: Philips' New Chips Lower Design Costs for Automotive Networks
2003_Jul-30: Sony NFC-Compliant Wireless Chip Could Debut Before Year End
2003_Jul-30: STM, TI, ARM, Nokia Form MIPI Standards Alliance for Mobile Application Processors
2003_Jul-30: HI to Provide 3D Software Solution to Motorola PCS Worldwide
2003_Jul-30: GPS Cell Phones Show Combine Drivers Where to Harvest Wheat
2003_Jul-29: Hitachi, Mitsubishi, NTT Develop New Encryption Technology
2003_Jul-29: AFLAC to Conduct Interviews via FOMA Wireless Phones
2003_Jul-28: Analog Devices Offers Crosspoint Solution for High-Speed Networking Applications
2003_Jul-25: NTT DoCoMo Services Will Not be Affected by Three-Hour Power Outages
2003_Jul-25: Consumer Device Makers Form 'CE SIG' for Short-Reach, High-Data-Rate Communications
2003_Jul-25: Maxon Telecom Wins Order to Supply Camera Phones to Russian Company
2003_Jul-25: SHARE SURVEY: Mobile/Car Phone Services
2003_Jul-24: HI Corp to Offer 3D Graphics to Motorola Mobile Phone Platform Customers
2003_Jul-24: Japan Mobile Phone Companies Band Together to Fight Spam
2003_Jul-24: Canada's ViXS Systems Demonstrates Simultaneous Transmission through Two Channels of HDTV on Wireless LAN
2003_Jul-23: Samsung Electronics Develops Digital Convergence Handset
2003_Jul-23: Cybird Uses Cell Phones for Online Marketing in Korea
2003_Jul-23: IDT Introduces New Processor for SME/SOHO Wireless Gateways
2003_Jul-22: INTERVIEW: DoubleClick Japan Eyes 1st Net Profit in FY03
2003_Jul-20: NTT Unveils Tech to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Wireless LAN
2003_Jul-18: Multiband OFDM Alliance Set Up to Become Biggest Force in UWB
2003_Jul-18: NTT-ME, Agere Systems Sign Agreement for Wireless IP Telephone Development; Services to be Launched in First Half of 2004
2003_Jul-17: Tech Potential Capped for Copyright Management Systems, Says Microsoft Windows Media Executive
2003_Jul-16: IP Telephone Services for Cell Phones Likely to Start in 2004
2003_Jul-16: Matsushita Electric Announces Development of A QVGA MPEG-4 Multi Codec LSI
2003_Jul-16: NEC to Supply Internet-Ready Cell Phones to AT&T; Wireless
2003_Jul-15: NTT Communications Successfully Tests iSCSI Access at Distance of 1,500km
2003_Jul-15: Fujitsu High-Pixel LCD Enables PDAs to Receive Digital TV
2003_Jul-14: Growth in Japan's DSL Subscribers Drops in June
2003_Jul-14: Matsushita's Antenna Handles All 3 Wireless LAN Formats
2003_Jul-14: Automobiles Expected to Bring Technology Breakthroughs, Market Expansion
2003_Jul-13: NEC to Supply Hutchison with Base Stations for 3G Phones
2003_Jul-12: Photo Developers Boost Services for Cell Phone Pics
2003_Jul-11: NEC Develops Prototype of Mobile Phone Capable of Receiving Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting
2003_Jul-11: Qualcomm Announces Multimedia Single-Chip Solution for Wireless Data Devices
2003_Jul-10: Multimedia Research Institute to Emerge as Fourth Provider of 3G Mobile Phone Services
2003_Jul-10: SnapTrack, Motorola to Support Location Services for China Unicom
2003_Jul-10: Fuji Photo Develops Small Printer for Mobile Phone Cameras
2003_Jul-9: ONLINE GAME: Market Swelling with Spread of Broadband
2003_Jul-9: Asia-Pacific WLAN Equipment Shipments Grow 75%, Says Gartner
2003_Jul-6: Toshiba, NEC Achieve Quantum Encryption Data Transfer over 100km
2003_Jul-5: Broadband Market to Top 10 Trillion Yen in '07: Govt White Paper
2003_Jul-3: Yamaha Expands Ringtone@YAMAHA Ringtone Distribution Service for China Nationwide
2003_Jul-3: Cisco Systems to Target FTTH Market: Cisco Senior Manager
2003_Jul-1: Japan's Broadband Users Reach 10 Million
2003_Jul-1: Fujitsu, Nokia to Provide Cellular Corporate Info Service


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