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2003_Sep-30: Sanyo Electric to Offer LCD, Terrestrial Digital TVs Abroad
2003_Sep-29: Motorola, Nintendo Join Forces for Wireless Portable Gaming Device
2003_Sep-29: KDDI, Others Obtain Certification from Infrared Data Assn
2003_Sep-29: Philips' Two-Chip Solutions Deliver High Throughput for WLAN Applications
2003_Sep-26: Kyocera Announces Industry's Smallest SAW Filter for CDMA Handsets
2003_Sep-25: NTT to Join Efforts to Develop Linux for Telecom Use
2003_Sep-25: [WPC] 'Transition to 3G Will Definitely Go Forward,' Darryl E. Green of J-Phone Says
2003_Sep-24: Avaya to Bring IP Wireless Phones to Japan
2003_Sep-22: [WPC] JATE-Certified Tiny AirH" Module to Debut; Certification Process to be Eliminated
2003_Sep-22: Korean Handset Makers Pay Substantial Royalties to CDMA Inventor Qualcomm
2003_Sep-19: [WPC] DoCoMo FOMA Phones to Offer International Video Phone
2003_Sep-19: Huawei and Infineon Work Together in China's W-CDMA Market with Low-End Handsets
2003_Sep-19: G.I.T.-Japan Becomes First Japanese Maker to Give Public Ultra Wideband Demo
2003_Sep-19: SK Telecom, Alcatel Join Hands for Mobile Commerce
2003_Sep-19: [WPC] DDI Pocket Showcases Handset for CF AirH" Card
2003_Sep-18: Korea Leads in Global Broadband Subscribers, Says ITU
2003_Sep-18: 'Single Chip Will Dominate Market Over Next Few Years,' Broadcom Predicts
2003_Sep-16: Mobile Phone Bugs to be Fixed via Wireless Networks, NTT DoCoMo Says
2003_Sep-15: PHS Manufacturers Eye China as Domestic Market Matures
2003_Sep-15: China Mobile, Motorola Team Up to Expand GSM Services
2003_Sep-14: ANALYSIS: Au Cell Phone Music Proves Popular despite High Price
2003_Sep-13: Videophone Cartridge Developed for Game Boy Advance
2003_Sep-12: NEC Establishes Laboratories in China to Try Again with 3G Mobile Business
2003_Sep-12: Renesas Releases One-Chip LCD Driver for Two-Screen Mobile Phone Supporting QCIF+
2003_Sep-11: Broadband Subscribers Reach 11 Million in Japan, FTTH Subscribers Grow
2003_Sep-11: YEN & YUAN: Japanese Firms Scramble to Land Chinese IT Engineers
2003_Sep-10: Au's Subscribers Outpace DoCoMo with Monthly Increase of 200,000
2003_Sep-10: FCI Unveils Shieldless High-Speed Connector
2003_Sep-9: Frequency Shortage Poses Big Problem for Wireless Telecom
2003_Sep-8: NEC Interchannel to Launch Business Providing Mobile Phone Contents in China
2003_Sep-8: Hitachi Develops Wireless LAN-Based Positioning System for Release in October
2003_Sep-8: Samsung Electronics Takes 9.9% of World Wireless Handset Market
2003_Sep-8: Matsushita to Build R&D; Facility in Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor
2003_Sep-8: Visa Launches Password Authentication Service in Japan
2003_Sep-6: Sony to Start Internet Music Services in US, Europe
2003_Sep-5: Sony Gets Aggressive with Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting-Compliant TV
2003_Sep-5: Huawei, Siemens to Form Joint Venture for TD-SCDMA Mobile Communications
2003_Sep-4: Create New Value-Added Services Before 'Blowing Yourself Up' with PtoP, Ellacoya CEO Recommends
2003_Sep-3: Car Navigation Systems, Image Processing Gear Performed Well in July, JEITA Says
2003_Sep-3: Taito, Nokia to Join Hands on Cell Phone Karaoke
2003_Sep-2: Toshiba Tec Develops System to Manage Commodities With Coin-Sized Tag
2003_Sep-2: JR East, Japan Telecom to Test Distribute Moving Images in Train Coach
2003_Sep-2: Sharp Develops Smallest CCD 1.1 Megapixel Camera Module for Mobile Phones, PDAs
2003_Sep-1: NEC Group Installs IP Phone System Using Wireless LAN/PHS, in Osaka Hotel
2003_Sep-1: Murata Ships Smallest 2GHz Band Isolator for Mobile Phones
2003_Sep-1: Alcatel Invests Heavily in China's 3G Development
2003_Sep-1: Power over Ethernet to Grow with Increased Popularity of IP Telephony


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