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2003_Dec-31: China to Begin Building IPv6 Network Due for Completion By End of 2005
2003_Dec-31: Extended Specifications of 1xEV-DO to be Decided in Spring 2004
2003_Dec-31: Japanese School Girls Prefer Cell Phone with Camera
2003_Dec-29: Triple Point to Provide Technology for India's First Online Electricity Trading Exchange
2003_Dec-29: Emergency Telephone Call Capability a Necessity: Vice President of Vonage
2003_Dec-26: Panasonic to Launch IP Phone Solution Using Mobile VoIP Handsets as Internal Phones
2003_Dec-26: Anritsu, China Univ Tie Up on 3G Cell Phone Devices
2003_Dec-24: China's TechFaith, NEC Establish Joint Venture for the Design and Development of 3G Handset
2003_Dec-23: NTT DoCoMo, 27 Others to Test Services Using Mobile Phone with Non-Contact Card
2003_Dec-22: Hutchison 3G HK to Start 3G Mobile Phone Service in Hong Kong from January
2003_Dec-22: NTT DoCoMo Unveils New 3G FOMA 900i Series Handsets
2003_Dec-22: US Net2Phone to Debut Mobile Phone-Like Handset
2003_Dec-22: DoCoMo Systems to Launch Cell Phone Home Monitoring Service
2003_Dec-22: Countdown to Flat Rate Plans for Mobile Communication Begins
2003_Dec-21: DoCoMo to Defray Some Costs for 3G FOMA Handset Developers
2003_Dec-20: DIGITAL TV: Electronics Makers Mend, Upgrade Software via Airwaves
2003_Dec-19: Korea Plans to Auction 4G Mobile Licenses in 2004
2003_Dec-18: Ripplewood Holdings Mulls Entry into 3G Mobile Services in Japan
2003_Dec-18: I-Mode Brand Lacks Punch in Europe: Sony Ericsson Director
2003_Dec-17: Taiwan's Far EasTone, Yuan-Ze to Deploy Ericsson's W-CDMA Network
2003_Dec-17: Hong Kong Opens Wireless Development Center
2003_Dec-15: STM, TI Developing 1xEV-DV Chipset
2003_Dec-15: China Mobile Selects Alcatel's Optical Fiber for Backbone Project
2003_Dec-12: EAccess to Join TD-CDMA 3G Services
2003_Dec-12: NS' New Bluetooth 1.2 Compliant Products Optimized for Mobile, PDA Apps
2003_Dec-12: KDDI to Use Sony Smart Card Tech for Its 3G Cell Phones
2003_Dec-11: Alcatel Announces US$40 Million Mobile Contracts from China Unicom
2003_Dec-10: Ubiquitous ID Center Incorporates Wireless Tag Reader/Writer in PHS
2003_Dec-10: Samsung Electronics Enjoys Increased Demand for Wireless Handsets
2003_Dec-10: Renesas Develops SOI CMOS Device Technology with New Structure
2003_Dec-10: Near Field Communication Technology of Sony, Philips Approved as ISO/IEC Standard
2003_Dec-10: NTT Communications Testing IP 3G Mobile Communication
2003_Dec-10: ST, TI Join to Develop New cdma2000 1X Solution
2003_Dec-9: Mega-Pixel Camera Phone Users to Spend More Money: MRI Survey
2003_Dec-8: Mobile Phones Continue to Advance as Business Stations
2003_Dec-5: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Handset Compatible with FOMA, Wireless LAN to Expand Customer Base
2003_Dec-5: Israel's Metalink is Developing Chipset for 150Mbps Wireless LANs
2003_Dec-5: Zenrin to Go After Car Navigation Business in China
2003_Dec-4: SingTel Announces Completion of Thailand-Indonesia-Singapore Cable
2003_Dec-4: Vodafone Group Strategy Director Says 3G is Just Another Technology, Not Like Service that Counts
2003_Dec-3: NTT DoCoMo to Promote Symbian OS for FOMA 3G Phones
2003_Dec-2: Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting Launched in Japan
2003_Dec-2: Softbank, Acca to Start 40Mbps ADSL Service in January 2004
2003_Dec-1: Sony to Separate Part of a Business for FeliCa Joint Venture with NTT DoCoMo
2003_Dec-1: Samsung Joins Hands with Telecom Italia to Boost Prospects in Europe
2003_Dec-1: NS Launches Hot Swap Controller for Communications Systems
2003_Dec-1: Vodafone KK of Japan Striving to Recover from Setback


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