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2000_Nov-30: DRAM Makers Poised to Enter IC Contract Manufacturing Market
2000_Nov-30: Taiwan’s IC Foundries Face Unexpected Spare Capacity
2000_Nov-30: China to Host 69M Users of Wireless-Internet Service by 2004
2000_Nov-30: China, Taiwan Both Authorize Chinese Domain Name Registration
2000_Nov-29: Quanta Display Plans to Expand Production Capacity
2000_Nov-29: Nintendo to Increase Procurement of Macronix Microchips
2000_Nov-28: DRAM Spot Price Finally Outstrips Contract Price
2000_Nov-28: CMC Wins CD-RW, CD-R Orders from Mitsubishi Chemical
2000_Nov-28: Motherboard Makers Reconsider Plans Due to PC Uncertainties
2000_Nov-27: TSMC’s 12-In. Wafer Fab Begins Pilot Production
2000_Nov-27: VIA Tech Lifts 2000 Pretax Profit Forecast a Second Time
2000_Nov-27: Taiwan’s Wireless Telecom Output to Reach US$6B in 2005
2000_Nov-24: Bursting of Net Bubble Slows Development of Information Appliances
2000_Nov-22: Acer Communications FY2000 Revenue Won’t Reach Earlier Estimate
2000_Nov-21: TI, Conexant to Source More Devices from TSMC, UMC in 2001
2000_Nov-21: Ericsson to Buy US$310M of Telecom Components in Taiwan this Year
2000_Nov-20: Taiwan to Open Telecom Market under U.S. Pressure
2000_Nov-20: TSMC to Speed Up Implementing 0.13-Micron IC Processing Tech
2000_Nov-16: Taiwan Company Forecasts Cell Phone Production Excess in 2003
2000_Nov-16: Technology Difficulties Hurt Taiwan’s LCD IC Foundries
2000_Nov-16: NTT DoCoMo to Buy 20 Pct. Stake in KG Telecom, Report Says
2000_Nov-15: Testing Industry’s 2000 Output Value Likely to Increase 42 Percent
2000_Nov-14: Yahoo-Kimo Acquisition Heralds Consolidation of Taiwan’s Net Industry
2000_Nov-14: Taiwan CD-R Makers Post Losses in October, But Remain Confident
2000_Nov-13: Rambus CEO Predicts RDRAM Can Win 40 Pct. of Memory Market in Three Years
2000_Nov-13: Beijing to Host Comdex/China 2001
2000_Nov-13: Sony Makes Strategic Choice in Favor of Taiwan’s IC Makers
2000_Nov-10: Packaging Industry to Report Output Value of US$2.8B for 2000
2000_Nov-10: Taiwan’s DGT Encourages 3G Mobile Phone Operators
2000_Nov-9: Sony to Give PS2 Microchip Orders to Taiwan’s TSMC, UMC
2000_Nov-9: Taiwan’s Chip Giants Abandon RDRAM Contract Manufacturing
2000_Nov-9: China Steel Forecasts Lower Steel Prices in 2001
2000_Nov-8: Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Makers Expand on Improving Global Growth
2000_Nov-7: Acer Expects Thriving PC Market Share in China Next Year
2000_Nov-7: Inadequate Infrastructure May Drive High-Tech Firms Out of Taiwan
2000_Nov-7: Inventec Appliances Vies for PDA Orders From Palm, Sony
2000_Nov-7: Taiwan’s Digital Camera Makers Upgrade Production Lines
2000_Nov-6: Taiwan’s Mobile Phone Makers to Double Production in 2001
2000_Nov-6: Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Makers Search for Alliance Relations with Color Filter Makers
2000_Nov-3: 12-In. Wafer Production Delay Could be Good News for DRAM Industry
2000_Nov-2: Acer to Get First Permission to Sell Broadband Networking Devices in China
2000_Nov-2: China’s Attractions Hold Allure for Taiwan’s Motherboard Industry
2000_Nov-1: Walsin Technology Adopts Advanced MLCC Manufacturing Process


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