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2001_Mar-30: PDA Sales Heat Up on Price Cuts and Aggressive Promotion
2001_Mar-30: UMC Cuts Stock Dividend Issue to Preserve Profitability
2001_Mar-30: FIC Integrates Business Strategy to Adapt to Chinese Market
2001_Mar-29: Taiwan’s Handset Industry Sees Hope Ahead Through China Strategy
2001_Mar-29: Mosel-Vitelic to Produce MRAM Chips for USTC
2001_Mar-28: SiS Rolls Out Cheap Chipsets to Challenge VIA
2001_Mar-27: NetEase, Music.com.tw Partner to Tap Greater China Markets
2001_Mar-27: Taiwan IT Manufacturers Display Cutting-Edge Products at CeBIT Show
2001_Mar-26: U.S. GlobiTech to Build CMOS Epitaxial-Wafer Factory in Taiwan
2001_Mar-23: Internet-Telephone Equipment Market Set to Grow Tenfold in 2001
2001_Mar-23: Apacer Technology, United Test Ally on Advanced Memory Module Development
2001_Mar-23: 3G Licensing Ignites Interest in Taiwan’s Telecom Industry
2001_Mar-22: TSMC, UMC Cut Capital Expenditures More Than 40 Percent
2001_Mar-22: VIA Technologies, SIS See Intensifying Sales Battle
2001_Mar-21: Ambit Lands Large Chunghwa Telecom ADSL Equipment Purchase Order
2001_Mar-21: Win Semiconductors Debuts Six-Inch GaAs Wafers Using 0.15-Micron Process
2001_Mar-21: Information Product Sales Score High in China Market
2001_Mar-21: DRAM Chip Inventories Fall, Spot Price Rebound Seen: Merrill Analyst
2001_Mar-20: Taiwan’s Com2B, HK Partner Launch B-2-B Joint Venture in Kunshan
2001_Mar-19: Taiwan’s Two TFT-LCD Leaders Merge into World’s Second-Largest Maker
2001_Mar-15: Hou Hai Sees February Sales Climb Back to High Q4 Levels
2001_Mar-14: FIC Receives Large Orders from Hewlett-Packard
2001_Mar-14: Eastern Broadband to Come On-Stream in April
2001_Mar-13: New Century, Chunghwa Telecom Ink Network-Interconnecting Pact
2001_Mar-13: Chunghwa Introduces Hunet’s Color-Sequential TFT Panels
2001_Mar-12: Taiwan Motherboard Makers Perform Better in February
2001_Mar-12: Taiwan’s United Test Center Gets WBGA Packaging Service Orders
2001_Mar-9: Taiwan’s Notebook Makers Take Cooler View of Opportunities in China
2001_Mar-9: VIA to Give 0.13-Micron Microprocessor Orders to TSMC
2001_Mar-8: Taiwan’s TFT Panel Industry Sees Improving Fortunes
2001_Mar-8: Taiwan’s Motherboard, System Makers Fight for Barebones System Market
2001_Mar-7: First International Computer Gets Orders from Gateway, Micron
2001_Mar-7: Quanta Likely to Land Nokia’s Webpad Orders
2001_Mar-6: Hewlett-Packard Expands Partnerships with Lite-On IT
2001_Mar-6: Delta Electronic to Expand Operations into Servers
2001_Mar-5: Taiwan’s High Tech Computer Corp. Projects Profits
2001_Mar-5: Acer Communications & Multimedia Expands Sales in China
2001_Mar-5: Taiwan’s Hon Hai Lands PS2 Orders from Sony
2001_Mar-2: VIA to Introduce DDR DRAM Package
2001_Mar-1: Taiwan’s Mobile Net Access Market Expected to Take Off in Q3
2001_Mar-1: SinTek Becomes Member of DNP Group in TFT-LCD Color Filter Production


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