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2001_Apr-27: Taiwan's OES Launches Optical Communications Industry Association
2001_Apr-27: Taiwan's Online Population Could Reach 10 Million
2001_Apr-26: Chunghwa Telecom to Delay Plans for ADR Issue
2001_Apr-26: Taiwan's Helix Technology Diversifies into Wireless Technology Business
2001_Apr-25: 14.1-Inch TFT-LCD Panels May See Price Rebound in Q4
2001_Apr-25: Acer Expects Own-Brand Computer Sales to Rise 30 Percent in 2001
2001_Apr-24: Philips, Sony Seek Individual CD-R Patent Fee Deals Locally
2001_Apr-24: TSMC Introduces Two Advanced Microchip Foundry Technologies
2001_Apr-23: Winbond Locates First 12-Inch Wafer Plant in Taiwan
2001_Apr-20: Motherboard Companies Mostly Report Healthy First Quarter Profits
2001_Apr-20: HiNet Forms Strategic Alliance with Systex to Support ADSL Business
2001_Apr-19: TSMC Expected to Produce at Half Capacity in Q2 2001
2001_Apr-19: Ritek to Scale Up CD-R Quotation after Renewing Patent Contract with Philips
2001_Apr-18: Micron Takes on Nanya Technology in DDR Chip Market
2001_Apr-18: TOCIA to Sharpen Competitive Edge for Optical Communications Players
2001_Apr-17: Ritek Seeks to Rank as Largest Maker of DWDM Filters
2001_Apr-16: PowerChip to Install 12-Inch Fab Pilot Line in August
2001_Apr-13: TSE-Listed IC Designers Report Encouraging First Quarter Sales
2001_Apr-13: TSMC Produces Graphic Chip for Xbox Game Console
2001_Apr-12: Quanta Performs Well in March Notebook PC Sales, Shipments
2001_Apr-12: Taiwanese LCD Maker Challenges Japanese Rivals in Advanced Product Production
2001_Apr-12: Motorola Looking to Transfer Maintenance Division in Taiwan
2001_Apr-11: SIS Deploys DDR Chipsets to Compete With VIA
2001_Apr-10: ET Webs Plans to Offer ADSL Service
2001_Apr-10: TSMC Likely to Be Drawn into SIS-UMC Dispute
2001_Apr-9: Hon Hai Cuts Dividend to NT$3.5, A Seven-Year Low
2001_Apr-9: Yulon Motor Group Acquires Two Local Microchip Companies
2001_Apr-6: CMC Yields to Philips on Royalty Disagreement
2001_Apr-6: First International Telecom to Sell PHS Handsets Via Arcoa
2001_Apr-5: Ultralife Taiwan Breaks Ground for New Factory at Hsinchu Industrial Park
2001_Apr-5: Taiwan's IC Testing Service Providers Expect Good Sales for March
2001_Apr-4: Taiwan's IC Testers, Assemblers See Rising Capacity Usage Percentages
2001_Apr-4: IT Products Face Low-Cost Era
2001_Apr-3: SMIC Executive Says No Need for Rivalry in China's Chip Market
2001_Apr-3: Philips' Renewal of Tax Exemption on Patent Royalty Rejected by Taiwan
2001_Apr-2: Telecom Providers to Engage in Price War in International Call Services
2001_Apr-2: LCD Display Makers Compete for Orders by Slashing Quotes and Cutting Profits


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