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2001_May-31: Export-Oriented Electronics Companies Welcome Fall in NT Dollar’s Value
2001_May-30: HannStar Display May Expand into Downstream Monitor Sector
2001_May-30: Taiwan’s Spending On Chip-Making Equipment Falls
2001_May-30: Taiwan’s IT Alliance Plans to Break into VoIP Market
2001_May-30: Chunghwa Telecom Likely to Buy More ADSL Lines
2001_May-29: Taiwan’s 3G Bandwidth Users May Have to Return Bandwidth by Year End
2001_May-29: Taiwan IEEE1394 Alliance to Get Showcase at Computex Taipei 2001
2001_May-29: Hoshin GigaMedia Boosts Wide Broadband Services to Expand Market Share
2001_May-25: Israeli High-Tech Companies Seek Business Opportunities in Taiwan
2001_May-25: Computex Taipei 2001 to Open in Early June
2001_May-24: Battle for Taiwan’s PDA Market to Begin in Second Half
2001_May-24: TurboComm Aims to Ship 50 Percent More Cable Modems in 2001
2001_May-23: New MSCI Taiwan Index Constituents Mainly Electronics Companies
2001_May-23: TSMC to Hold Down Capacity Expansion
2001_May-22: Notebooks Equipped with VIA’s Microprocessor to Hit Market in July
2001_May-21: PDAs Become Cheaper, More Popular in Taiwan
2001_May-21: Taipei’s Spring Computer Show Spotlights Software, PDAs
2001_May-18: Cross-Strait Telecom Forum to be Held in Beijing
2001_May-18: Nokia Places Web-Pad Orders with Quanta
2001_May-18: TSMC Sets Dividend at NT$4, Raising Concerns Among Foreign Investors
2001_May-17: ProMos Technologies to Construct Second 12-Inch Fab
2001_May-17: RDRAM Regains Ground from DDR Chips
2001_May-16: Taiwan’s Handset Shipment Forecasts Slashed by 40 Pct. for 2001
2001_May-16: Infoserve Technology Presents Smart VPN Service
2001_May-16: Taiwan’s Electronics Companies Report Mixed April Sales
2001_May-14: CD-R Companies Enjoy Growing Sales in April
2001_May-14: Acer Communications & Multimedia Cuts Estimate for Handset Shipments
2001_May-11: Kaohsiung’s Luchu Science-Based Park Ready for Ground Breaking
2001_May-11: Linux Players Call for Government Support
2001_May-10: Philips Suspends Manufacturing Licenses of Most Taiwan CD-R Companies
2001_May-10: UMC, TSMC Sought by Heavyweight Microprocessor IDMs
2001_May-10: Taiwan Cellular to Take Over TransAsia Telecom
2001_May-10: VIA to Unveil High-Performance Microprocessor by December
2001_May-9: UMC Forms Partnership With Hon Hai Via PCB Four-in-One Merger
2001_May-9: Top Taiwanese Chipmakers Boost R&D; Spending in Q1
2001_May-9: Union Chemical Labs Develops Advanced Optical-Disk Material
2001_May-8: Taiwan’s Mould and Die Industry Takes Road to China
2001_May-8: Ritek to Make Advanced Optical Discs for Teijin
2001_May-7: Taiwan’s Telecom Carriers Scramble to Unleash Sales Promotion Programs
2001_May-4: Ultralife Boosts Lithium-Ion Battery Production Capacity
2001_May-3: Taiwan’s Information Hardware Output Value Set for Zero Growth in 2001
2001_May-2: VIA’s PDA Unit Diversifies into Smart Phone Production


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