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2001_Aug-31: Winbound Remains Cautious, Eyes Toshiba’s Drastic Streamlining
2001_Aug-30: Sales at Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park Drop 13 Pct.
2001_Aug-29: DRAM Makers Expect a Difficult 2001
2001_Aug-29: PowerChip, Mitsubishi to Co-Found Chip House
2001_Aug-28: MOTC Plans to Launch Five 3G Licenses Before Year End
2001_Aug-24: Ambit, Kinpo Top Taiwan’s ADSL and Cable Modem Shipments
2001_Aug-24: Downturn in Microchip Sector Hurts Taiwan’s Electronics Industry
2001_Aug-23: Taiwan’s Brand-Name CD-R Producers Lead World
2001_Aug-23: Elitegroup Meets 60 Pct. of Profit Target in First Half, Better Future Seen
2001_Aug-22: UMC, Hon Hai to Set Up Joint Handset PCB Plant in Beijing
2001_Aug-22: Taiwan’s ASE Maps Out Investment Strategy After Losses
2001_Aug-21: Compal Lands Mobile-Phone Contracts from Big Chinese Brands
2001_Aug-21: Intel’s Price-Cutting Strategy to Impact Taiwan’s Motherboard Firms
2001_Aug-20: Shanghai Belling Sounds Out UMC to Jointly Build 8-inch Wafer Plant
2001_Aug-20: Taiwan’s Mosel-Vitelic Reports Substantial Loss in First Half
2001_Aug-17: Taiwan’s Mobile Phone User Growth Falls Below 20 Pct. in First Half
2001_Aug-17: International Sematech Holds Industry Executive Forum in Taiwan
2001_Aug-17: Taiwan’s HTC Receives Wireless PDA Orders from British Telecom
2001_Aug-16: Taiwan Electric Fiber Firms Encounter Challenges in China’s Market
2001_Aug-16: Taiwan Sees First Decline in Hardware Output Value in First Half of 2001
2001_Aug-13: Chunghwa Telecom to Set Up Investment Affiliate to Develop Cross-Pacific Market
2001_Aug-10: Acer Brand Operation to Set Up PC R&D; Center in Beijing
2001_Aug-10: Taiwan’s Chipmakers Won’t Cut Production in Wake of Toshiba’s Move
2001_Aug-10: Taiwan’s State-Owned Companies to Abandon 3G Cellular Phone Business
2001_Aug-9: Shanghai CeBIT Opens; Taiwan’s Motherboard Companies Absent
2001_Aug-9: Taiwan’s Fixed-Network Telecom Companies Establish Distribution Channels
2001_Aug-8: Price-Slashing Revamps Buying at Taipei Computer Application Show
2001_Aug-8: ALi Diversifies into Bluetooth, Network Microchip Design
2001_Aug-7: Compal Wins 17-Inch LCD Monitor Orders from Compaq
2001_Aug-7: Intel Introduces P3-M, 830 Chipsets
2001_Aug-6: Buying Interest Sluggish at Taipei Computer Applications Show
2001_Aug-6: Taiwan’s Waffer Tech Forecasts Record High 2001 Revenue
2001_Aug-3: UMC to Shift from 8-Inch to 12-Inch Wafer Production
2001_Aug-3: Asustek, Giga-Byte Tech to Ramp Up Pentium 4 Motherboard Production
2001_Aug-2: UMC Suffers Heavy Losses in Q2
2001_Aug-1: Taiwan’s Cell Phone Retailers Report Banner July Sales
2001_Aug-1: Taiwan’s Airline Companies to Move into China


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