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2002_May-31: TSMC Likely to Build 8-Inch Wafer Plant in Shanghai
2002_May-31: Taiwanese Electronics Investors Help Create Chinese Silicon Valley
2002_May-30: Chunghwa Telecom to Release 550 Million Shares in June
2002_May-30: LG.Philips Will Take over The Lead from Samsung in 5G Panel Production
2002_May-29: CD-R Prices Predicted to Rebound in Second Half
2002_May-29: Mosel-Vitelic Reassesses Acquisition of Hynix Eight-Inch Fab
2002_May-29: Cross-Strait Technology Forum Opens in Beijing
2002_May-28: Display Maker Cautious of Market Demand in Second Half
2002_May-28: Apple Said to be Shifting iMac Orders from Quanta to Hon Hai
2002_May-24: New Hewlett-Packard Sets Up Bio-Computing Company in Taiwan
2002_May-24: TSMC Defends Patent Ownership Before Plant Establishment in China
2002_May-23: FIC Expands Shenzhen Plants on Rising Demand
2002_May-23: Lite-On IT Advances into Optical Pick-Up Head Production
2002_May-23: Taiwan's PC Companies Take Advantage of Heating Game Player Battle
2002_May-22: IDM Companies Follow UMC Into IC Design Industry
2002_May-22: Taiwan Notebook Producers Boost China Direct Shipment Ratios
2002_May-21: Notebook Computer Makers Expect a Harvest Second Quarter
2002_May-21: Restructuring Causes Only Moderate Effect on VIA in the Short Term
2002_May-20: D-Link Teams Up with TI to Consolidate Position in Wireless LAN Market
2002_May-20: Gallant Moves into IC Front-End, TFT-LCD Packaging Equipment
2002_May-20: EU Urges Scrapping Investment Ceiling on Taiwan's First-Type Telecom Business
2002_May-17: TSMC Says Taiwan to Host World's Largest 12-Inch Wafer Cluster
2002_May-16: Powerchip to Integrate into Japan's DRAMs Production Center
2002_May-16: AU Optronics Pulls Back from Formosa Plastic's PDP TV Investment
2002_May-15: Pressure Grows on Taiwan's DRAM Makers to Stop Production
2002_May-15: Optical Storage Chipmakers Face Price-Slashing Battle
2002_May-14: Asustek, Micro-Star to Debut Wireless-Enabled Motherboard
2002_May-14: LCD Panels to Yield More Than NT$230 Bln. in 2002
2002_May-13: Information Products Distributors Explore New Channels in Taiwan
2002_May-13: TSMC, UMC Report One-Year High Sales in April
2002_May-13: Solomon Technology to Make Small GPRS Modules in October
2002_May-10: Chunghwa to Introduce Wireless Broadband Online Services
2002_May-10: Linux Operating System Boosted by Chinese Government
2002_May-10: Intel to Launch DDR333 Chipsets, Boding Ill for DDR266
2002_May-9: Taiwan Cellular Gears Up 3G Business Deployment
2002_May-9: TSMC Sees Value of Q2 Orders Grow by 10 Pct.
2002_May-9: China's Changhong Keen on Partnering with Taiwan's LCOS Makers
2002_May-8: Taiwan Memory Technology Set to Develop Logic ICs
2002_May-8: Chi Mei Optoelectronics Expects Panel Prices to Continue Rising
2002_May-8: ADSL Rises as Broadband Mainstay in Taiwan
2002_May-7: Taiwan's Communication Components Makers Lure Attractive Orders
2002_May-7: Nanya Technology Wins Dell DRAM Production Contract
2002_May-6: Synq Develops Push E-Mail to Make PDAs Smarter
2002_May-3: Eastern Multimedia Group Consolidates to Upgrade in Broadband Market
2002_May-2: Taiwan's IT Hardware Output Value Set to Grow by 15 Pct. in 2002
2002_May-1: TSMC Reports Four-Quarter-High EPS in First Quarter


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