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2002_Jul-31: Compal Electronics Strives to Replace Quanta in Notebook Shipments, Executive Says
2002_Jul-31: Shipments of Wireless Communications-Enabled Products Rise 56 Pct. in First Half
2002_Jul-30: UMC Expects to Outperform TSMC in Third Quarter
2002_Jul-29: Winbond Electronics Gets Largest Slice of China’s SMS-Enabled Chip Market
2002_Jul-29: Global Integrated Device Makers Expected to Boost Outsourcing from TSMC, UMC
2002_Jul-26: Taiwan’s IT Retailers Are Optimistic About Third Quarter of 2002
2002_Jul-26: Taiwan’s IDM Companies Suffer Relatively High Inventories
2002_Jul-25: Acer Outsources New Server from Quanta
2002_Jul-24: Taiwan’s Chip Industry Should Enhance R&D; to Lift Competition: Executive Yuan
2002_Jul-23: Taiwan High-Tech Equipment Makers Will Tie Up with Seven World-Class Powerhouses
2002_Jul-22: Eastern Multimedia Signs Intent to Buy GigaMedia’s Broadband Subscribers
2002_Jul-22: Ritek Debuts Products Featuring OLED
2002_Jul-19: Ritek Consolidates Marketing Unit to Tap Chinese Brand-Name Market
2002_Jul-19: Quanta Storage Expects Combination Models to Replace CD-RW, DVD-ROM Drives
2002_Jul-18: Greatek, Siliconware Eclipse Peers with First-Half Performance
2002_Jul-17: Hon Hai Considers Entering Fifth-Generation TFT-LCD Production
2002_Jul-17: Acer Adopts Single-Tier B2B Strategy to Boost Low-End PC Sales
2002_Jul-16: CD-R Makers Predict Prices Will Rebound in September
2002_Jul-16: China’s IC Design Industry Still in Its Infancy
2002_Jul-15: Taiwan’s Online Shopping Market Reaches Nearly NT$9 Bln.
2002_Jul-15: Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Moves into Wafer Foundry Market
2002_Jul-12: Hot Sales of PS2 May Favor Hon Hai, Asustek as Outsourcers
2002_Jul-12: Chunghwa Telecom Debuts Taiwan-China Videoconference Services
2002_Jul-11: Intel Decides to Set Up IC Design Service Center in Taiwan
2002_Jul-11: Taiwan Seizes Largest Share in Global Large-Sized Flat Panel Market
2002_Jul-10: Formosa Plastic Group Moves into Nanotechnology, PDP TVs
2002_Jul-9: Chunghwa Telecom Ranks Top with Seven Million Handset Subscribers in Taiwan
2002_Jul-8: U.S. Stock Markets Invite Listing of Taiwan’s Electronics Companies
2002_Jul-8: Microsoft to Establish Hardware Expert Center in Taiwan
2002_Jul-5: Walsin Lihwa Remains Enthused About Micro-Electro-Mechanical System Development
2002_Jul-5: Release of Third Batch of Chunghwa Telecom Shares Fails
2002_Jul-5: Taiwan’s June Shipments of TFT-LCD Panels Down Sharply
2002_Jul-3: Taiwan’s Xander International to Embark on M&A; Strategy
2002_Jul-3: Askey, D-Link Apprehensive About Uncertain NTT ADSL Bridge Tender
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan LED Makers Ask for Government Aid for Better Technology Development
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan IC Makers Look Toward High-End Bumping Process for Chip Packaging
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan Fertilizer Expands High-Tech Special Chemical Investment
2002_Jul-1: Taiwan’s DVD-R Companies Struggle to Survive in Cutthroat Competition


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