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2000_May-31: VeriSign Japan to Expand 128-Bit SSL License to Japanese Businesses
2000_May-30: Matsushita to Sell BS Digital Hi-Vision TV, Tuner
2000_May-26: Oracle Japan, Hitachi Collaborate for SAN Business
2000_May-25: [Business Show 2000] Mobile, Wireless Communications Take Center Stage
2000_May-24: Recruit to Start ASP Service for Mobile Phones
2000_May-23: DDI, IDO to Use 1X, HDR Technologies for IMT-2000 Services
2000_May-22: Japan’s LAN Equipment Shipments in 1999 Rise 10.4 Pct. to US$2.45 Billon: Dataquest
2000_May-19: Hitachi Starts to Sell Secure, Small-Sized Memory Card
2000_May-18: IBM Japan Means Business With Linux Operating System
2000_May-17: Sony to Debut Small Walkman Player in June
2000_May-16: Large TFT-LCD Market Shared by Samsung, LG.Philips LCD, Hitachi: DisplaySearch
2000_May-15: IDO, DDI Cellular Group to Start IMT-2000 Service in Sept. 2002
2000_May-12: ‘Palm’ to Lead in Japan as Well?
2000_May-11: Half of Desktop PCs Equipped With DVD Drives, BCN Says
2000_May-10: Pioneer, Sony, Sanyo Establish DVD-RW Promotion Group
2000_May-9: Nasdaq Japan to Start Trading June 19; Eight Firms Seek Listings
2000_May-8: Intel VP Discusses Itanium Microprocessor Strategy
2000_May-5: Hollowing Out in Japan is Boon to China’s High-Tech Production Base
2000_May-4: J@pan Inc. Fosters Relationship Between Japanese Ventures, U.S. Investors
2000_May-3: Signs of IT Investment Increase in Fiscal 2000, Survey Says
2000_May-2: LAN/WAN Traffic at End of 2000 to Rise 60 Pct.: Nikkei Survey
2000_May-1: Sharp to Make Substantial Capital Investment in TFT-LCD Biz


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