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2000_Jun-30: Japanese Linux to Debut in U.S. Market
2000_Jun-29: Planning Company to Give Up Digital Satellite E-Commerce Business
2000_Jun-28: Jupiter Telecom, Titus Communications to Merge
2000_Jun-27: IDO, Cellular Phone Group to Start Location Information Service
2000_Jun-26: Seven-Eleven’s E-Commerce Site to Open in July, Offer 100,000 Items
2000_Jun-23: NEC Develops Server Software for Web Multi-Language Translations
2000_Jun-22: NKK to Withdraw from LSI Design Business, Transfer it to Fujitsu
2000_Jun-21: New Net Currency Service Launched in Japan
2000_Jun-20: World Bank Views E-Finance as a Boost to Democratization
2000_Jun-19: NTT East, NTT West to Expand Areas for IP Link Services
2000_Jun-16: HP Aims to Make Inroads in Japan’s Consumer PC Market with Softbank Group
2000_Jun-15: Sony’s PlayStation2 Attracts Adult Buyers, Few Teenagers
2000_Jun-14: Oracle Japan, KDD Enter Online Trading of IT Know-How
2000_Jun-13: Citigroup to Test Mobile-Phone Settlement-of-Payment Service in Japan First
2000_Jun-12: Amended Recycling Act Approved in Japan
2000_Jun-9: Environment Agency Expects Japan’s Eco-Business Market to Expand to US$380M by 2010
2000_Jun-8: DSL Poised to Become Mainstream Broadband Net Technology
2000_Jun-7: Ministry to Ask NTT to Open Copper Lines to Promote Nationwide xDSL Services
2000_Jun-6: China to Surpass Australia as Asia/Pacific’s Largest IT Market in 2000: IDC
2000_Jun-5: Cisco’s Japan IPO to be Delayed Until After 2001
2000_Jun-2: Seiko Epson to Buy TI’s Japan Plant to Ramp Up LCD Driver Chip Production
2000_Jun-1: IBM Japan Wins US$260 Bid for Government Procurement System


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