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2000_Jul-31: Motorola Japan Obtains Gov’t Approval for Bluetooth PC Cards
2000_Jul-28: Sony Develops Stick Gum Size LCD Digital Camera
2000_Jul-27: Japan’s Telecom Laws to be Revised Drastically in 2003
2000_Jul-26: Korean IT Venture Group to Enter Japan’s B2C, B2B Markets
2000_Jul-25: IDO, DDI to Add Location-Info Service for CdmaOne Cellular Phones
2000_Jul-24: IT Leaders Advocate Proposals at Internet Conference in Tokyo
2000_Jul-21: Chartered to Start Full Production of RF CMOS IC for Bluetooth in Early 2001
2000_Jul-20: Linux Hits 4 Percent of Japanese Server OS Market: IDC Japan Survey
2000_Jul-19: Wireless Japan 2000 Showcases Bluetooth Device Prototypes
2000_Jul-18: NTT President Wants NTT Law Revised for Scope of Business, Management
2000_Jul-17: TSMC’s IC Production Capacity to be World’s Largest in 2001
2000_Jul-14: Keitaide-Music Delivery System to Spread Across Asia, MMCA Says
2000_Jul-13: Oracle Japan to Release HTML Conversion Middleware for Cellular Phones
2000_Jul-12: Intel to Slash Prices of Pentium III Microprocessors
2000_Jul-11: IDO Manager Suggests Ways to Use Bluetooth
2000_Jul-10: MSN Internet Access to be Moved to Plala; Firms to Integrate Content
2000_Jul-7: SGI Japan Stages an Entry Into Linux Business
2000_Jul-6: Japan Telecom Seeks to Enter Local Call Service, But NTT’s High Fee is an Obstacle
2000_Jul-5: NEC’s UNIX-Based Banking System to Go into Overseas Markets
2000_Jul-4: Matsushita to Begin Sample Shipments of Lightweight FDDs in October
2000_Jul-3: Rambus CEO Says Company Not Licking Lips at Prospect of DDR Royalty Payments from Hitachi


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