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2000_Sep-29: IBM Japan, Toshiba Cooperate on Linux Cluster System Sales
2000_Sep-28: Home Users Unsure of Win Me Purchase: Nikkei BP Survey
2000_Sep-28: NEC-Hitachi DRAM Joint Venture Named ‘Elpida Memory’
2000_Sep-27: Mobile Commerce Market to Grow to US$7.6B in 2003: Jupiter Research
2000_Sep-26: Tokyo Game Show Focuses on Connectivity with Mobile Phone, PS2, Music Player
2000_Sep-25: Microsoft’s Ballmer Talks Up Pocket PC with Fujitsu President
2000_Sep-22: DDI Group to Connect ‘Ezweb’ WAP Mobile Phone to Intranets
2000_Sep-21: Japan’s First Internet-Based Bank to Launch in October
2000_Sep-20: NTT East, NTT West to Delay Flat-Rate 128kbps ISDN Services
2000_Sep-19: TSMC Takes Major Step toward 0.13-Micron IC Technology
2000_Sep-18: Windows 2000, Linux Not Necessary in HP High-End UNIX Server: Companies
2000_Sep-15: TDK to Launch Software for MP3 With Sound Quality Enhancing Technology
2000_Sep-14: Europe’s Largest ISP T-Online Ties Up with Nifty
2000_Sep-13: Intel to Launch Data Center Hosting Business in Japan
2000_Sep-12: NTT’s Regional Phone Companies to Cut Price of Fixed-Rate ISDN Service
2000_Sep-11: NEC Starts Shipments of 3G Mobile Communication Systems for NTT DoCoMo
2000_Sep-8: Japan Telecom, Ericsson Japan Complete VoIP Mobile Phone Tests
2000_Sep-7: Printer Shipments in Japan Rise 17.4 Pct. in First Half
2000_Sep-6: EZweb to Add Online Securities Trade Service
2000_Sep-5: NEC to Sell DSP Chips Based on CMOS 0.13-Micron Rule Tech
2000_Sep-4: MPEG-4 Ver. 2 Uses Real-Time Coding Tech from NTT, Oki, Fujitsu


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